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Enabling Gloda

Currently, Gloda is disabled by default. To enable it, you must change preferences via Config Editor.

  1. Bring up the "Preferences" window by selecting the "Advanced" tab and "General" sub-tab.
    • If you see Enable Global Search and Indexer, tick it on, or if not ...
    • Use about config
      1. Click on the "Config Editor..." button. You may need to click through a warning page.
      2. Once the about:config window is visible, type "global" into the "Filter" text box. You may need to increase the size of the window or alter the column widths to be able to see the full Preferences Names.
      3. Locate the preference labeled and set it to true if it is currently false. (right+click and toggle, or double click)
  2. To assist in debugging, you may also want to enable the preference, which also requires browser.dom.window.dump.enabled be enabled. To enable that latter, change the config filter to "dump" or something else. Note that because of the way the Mac pushes console output from applications through syslogd, having the GloDa logging enabled adds system load on a Mac in a noticeable way.
  1. Restart Thunderbird.

Prototype Toolbar

The "experimental toolbar" (extension).