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Smaller improvements are tracked in Bugzilla.

Larger Feature/Project Ideas

  • Using site data via Prio to improve heuristics and determine current accuracy
  • Using site data via Prio to determine a valid generated password for the site
  • Import passwords from password managers and more browsers (e.g. Chrome on Linux)
  • Better onboarding for new users seeing the capture doorhanger
  • Support for non-web logins
    • Start with non-web schemes (e.g. ssh:, totp:, etc.)
  • Password manager parity between our browsers
  • Capture doorhanger captures multiple username/passwords candidates found in the page (parity-chrome)
  • Permanent scheme upgrades using HSTS data (http: => https:)
  • Password security report/dashboard - re-use warning, breach warning, password strength
  • Improve setUserInput to dispatch other events
  • Refactor LoginManagerContent to work on iOS and other non-Gecko extensions
  • Handle multi-page login forms
  • Recipes in Remote Settings (aka. Kinto)
  • Share autofill and management UI between Firefox and Lockwise apps
  • Or share HTML management UI between desktop and mobile
  • In-context password re-use prevention (including pasting/typing prefixes)
  • Password change without visiting site
  • Link to password change forms
  • Use shared Rust login storage/sync backend
  • Modern architecture for the autocomplete popup to fix security and UX issues
  • Password sharing?
  • Multi-Factor Auth (2FA/TOTP) - manage WebAuthn?
  • Credential mgmt. API?
    • WebOTP?
  • Credit Card Autofill
    • Then share key storage with logins
  • HTTP auth dropdown with multiple logins
  • Secure notes