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about:logins page in Desktop Firefox, not mobile.


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Priority ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
P2 1810154 [about:logins] Warning panel links cannot be focused by using Tab key Issam Mani [:issammani]
P2 1809222 Optional gear icon at generic autocomplete items Micah [:mtigley] (she/her)
P2 1624255 about:logins asks for my Windows password but not my PIN or fingerprint [passwords:os-reauthentication]
P2 1630858 about:logins Windows re-authentication dialog seemingly randomly asks for the username and/or password rather than biometrics [passwords:os-reauthentication]
P2 1636466 Show passwords in about:logins asks for wrong Windows credentials (smart card instead of user-password)
P2 1655435 Update single login delete confirmation dialog
P2 1658766 Page load for about:logins is slow on Windows [fxperf:p3]
P2 1697319 Add CSV import telemetry to the dashboard
P2 1702149 [Enhancement] Consider automatically adding the protocol for URLs that don’t have it when importing a CSV file
P2 1706886 The show/hide password icon still has the old design in about:logins page [proton-aboutpages] [priority:2c]
P2 1756498 Support for opening about:logins with custom login entry filter Sergey Galich [:serg]

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Priority ID Summary Whiteboard Status firefox70 Assigned to
-- 1626778 Enable the pref by default once we are satisfied with stability/coverage [passwords:os-reauthentication] ---
-- 1865170 When making new AWS account you do not get a Firefox generated secure password ---

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