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about:logins page in Desktop Firefox, not mobile.


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Priority ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
P1 1649940 Login CSV import report/log page
P1 1650675 Login CSV import summary dialog petcuandrei

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Priority ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
P2 1576876 Intermittent browser/components/aboutlogins/tests/browser/browser_sessionRestore.js | Uncaught exception - Waiting for login to be displayed in page - threw exception: TypeError: loginList is null [stockwell disabled] Andrei Ciure[:aciure]
P2 1553184 Cannot manually add http authentication logins in about:logins
P2 1590520 Adding a new login while the list contains a breached login changes the sort to Breached and selects the first breached login
P2 1604820 Monitor Integration: offer to monitor all email addresses used in saved logins
P2 1611093 Proxy credentials show the "Discard" dialog for saving changes
P2 1624255 about:logins asks for my Windows password but not my PIN or fingerprint
P2 1626247 [macOS] The operating system’s authentication dialog accepts the empty password only at the second attempt
P2 1626778 Remove the pref once we are satisfied with stability/coverage
P2 1628643 The newly created vulnerable logins are not marked as vulnerable without refreshing the page after syncing logins on a new profile
P2 1630858 about:logins Windows re-authentication dialog seemingly randomly asks for the username and/or password rather than biometrics
P2 1634402 Date information are shown in about:logins page for RTL builds only after the page is refreshed
P2 1636466 Show passwords in about:logins asks for wrong Windows credentials (smart card instead of user-password)
P2 1640925 [Windows] Blank username and password is the default option of the OS auth when having an OS account linked to Microsoft Account
P2 1655435 Update single login delete confirmation dialog
P2 1658766 Page load for about:logins is slow on Windows [fxperf:p3]
P2 1675284 Lockwise does not report website breaches or alerts
P2 1208194 Implement multi-select deletion of logins Tim Giles [:tgiles]

17 Total; 17 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);



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Priority ID Summary Whiteboard Status firefox70 Assigned to
-- 1678333 The color of the checkmark is blue and the background of the checkbox is white from the "Remove all <no of logins> logins?" dialog ---
-- 1678335 The warning icon is missing from the "Remove all <no of logins> logins?" dialog ---
-- 1678336 The “Remove All” strings are displayed on the button from the "Remove this login?"/”Remove this login from all devices?” dialog ---
-- 1678338 The description displayed under the title from the "Remove all <no of logins> logins?" dialog is black ---
-- 1678616 The elipsis menu can no longer be dismissed after clicking on a separator line or the greyed out "Remove All Logins" option --- kenrick95
-- 1678633 A blank page is wrongly displayed on the “about:logins” page after signing out from Firefox Sync and checking the option to delete all data ---
-- 1678984 [Enhancement] Consider centering the "Remove all <no of logins> logins?" dialog on the page ---
-- 1678985 The elements from the "Remove all <no of logins> logins?" dialog are not correctly rendered when the browser is horizontally resized to 25% ---
-- 1678986 The “Login Item” view wrongly remains displayed after removing all logins if a selected login was in Edit mode ---
-- 1679131 Remove all confirmation modal - icon and close button icons can be dragged ---

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