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Bugzilla Cleanup

Lets clean this baby up already! :D Have a read of bug 342447 if you're interested in what changes have been made.


  • Move bugs to new components
    • Policy bugs -> Policy (self explanatory)
    • Search Plugins bugs -> Search Plugins (likewise)
    • Problems with rating totals, download counts, etc. -> Maintenance Scripts
  • Resolve P5 bugs. These are old bugs that need attention. Look them over and resolve if possible. Otherwise, twiddle the bits on them until they're correct and then remove the p5.
  • For all components except the developer section, INVALID all 1.0 bugs related to public pages (unless the bug was carried over of course, in which case, update the version to 2.0)
  • Set all trivial template bugs to 2.1 TM so we can fly through these.
  • Set non-trivial template bugs to 2.2 TM.
  • Reassign NEW/UNCO bugs that morgamic is not working on (he was the default assignee for a while) to nobody@mozilla.org
  • Ensure only bugs about specific add-ons are in the Add-ons component.
  • Add more things to this list


  • Send out lots of bugspam
  • Send out more bugspam
  • Remove bugs referenced to the OLD QA contact, mozilla-update@update.bugs
  • Change references to UMO & Update to AMO or Add-ons


Please remember when you change a bug's component to also change the QA contact! :)


The current version is 2.0. Any bugs that are actually current should have their version changed to 2.0 to help with tracking. In this way, anything that has a version of something lower can be assessed and resolved.

It is my understanding that since the developer area has not yet been rewritten, these are still in version 1.0. However I'm really very unsure about this. Can someone please confirm? Cameron 13:23, 24 June 2006 (PDT)

QA Contacts

Want to stay up to speed with what's happening to all the bugs in addons.mozilla.org? Don't just CC yourself to everything, instead - watch the QA contacts.

From your User Preferences page, enter the QA contacts you want to watch. QA contacts are assigned on a per-component basis.

You can see a list of components in addons.mozilla.org and decide which QA contacts you want to watch. All the addresses end in @add-ons.bugs

If you want to watch everything, just copy and paste this comma separated list: