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OOP or not?

It has been discussed on the #umo channel that we may want to use OOP design to develop v2.0 of the UMO service. The following documents discuss the use of OOP with PHP:

Functions We Need

  • isSpecialCategory($categoryName)
  • addMain() returns $mainID
  • deleteMain($mainID)
  • addVersion() returns $versionID
  • deleteVersion($versionID)
  • disableUser($userID)
  • addRating($versionID)
  • deleteRating($versionID)
  • sendEmail($userID)
  • mainTypeToName($mainType) returns string such as "extensions", "themes", or "plugins"

Global Variables We Need

  • CSS Path
  • Image Path
  • Mirror Path

Functions We Have

Global Variables We Have