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Scott Kveton kveton AT osuosl org

Mike Morgan morgamic ON irc mozilla org
Giorgio Maone g.maone at informaction,com
Mike Connor mconnor AT steelgryphon com
Chris Thomas cst at andrew,cmu,edu

This is not meant to be a final or immutable list. This is a small core, but we will expand as and when it is appropriate. Please note that technical prowess alone is not sufficient here. Sound judgement and communication skills are equally important in the project management process. If someone demonstrates the appropriate set of qualifications, they will be asked to join.

Code Review

In order to drive 2.0 development, UMO's featureset will not be expanded, save for certain and specific changes to ensure stability/security in an ongoing manner. To that aim, all checkins to 1.0's branch will require two peer reviews and approval from Scott. This is a high standard, but necessary at this stage.

For 2.0 development, once we have an established plan/architecture/source layout, we'll want to open this process up a little more to keep progress quick. A larger group of community reviewers can be pooled to form the first tier of review, with the second tier handled by the peers/owner

Getting closer to beta/final timeframes, we'll either a) have enough peer review coverage to lock this down more by using the 1.0 branch setup, or b) filter everything for approval.