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Here we explain what is the setup needed to run and test Mozilla Update code


Supported Apache configuration (version, modules, permissions and so on)


2.0 (1.3.x?)


Apache user should have write permission on these directories

  • /files/temp
  • /files/approval
  • /images/previews
  • ...


We need the following Apache modules to run:

  • mod_php
  • mod_rewrite (to make beautiful URL) ?
  • ...


Supported PHP configuration (version and settings like register globals, magic quotes and so on...)


4.3.2 or above

Build-time options

  • --with-zip (though, if is used only to parse XPIs, I have a workaround --Maotzetung 05:13, 23 Jan 2005 (PST))
  • ...

Runtime configuration:

  • register_globals = off
  • magic_quotes_gpc = off
  • ...


We support the following RDBMS product(s), in the specified version/configuration:


  • Version 4.1 or above (has this definetly been decided then; the last discussion I saw was that it hadn't been? If it has, can someone make the reasons clear. --Csogilvie 06:59, 23 Jan 2005 (PST))
  • Max (InnoDB)