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Development Tools

This section will serve to outline what frameworks and tools we will be using for the development of the UMO service.

Database Abstraction

There is discussion. We need to find the best tool for the job.


We need a DB abstraction layer to:

  1. Ensure portability to different RDBMS products/version
  2. Ensure a single and manageable practice to perform variable sanitizing against SQL-injection (i.e. binding in prepared statement fashion)
  3. Put your reason here


Why ADOdb

  • Meets goals 1 and 2
  • More performant (and partially ported in C)
  • Put your reason here

Why Pear::DB

  • Meets goals 1 and 2
  • It is old, stable and widely used
  • Put your reason here

Why Pear::MDB

  • Meets goals 1 and 2
  • More portable
  • Put your reason here


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