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Check out code from CVS


cvs co -P -d v1 -rMOZILLA_UPDATE_1_0_BRANCH mozilla/webtools/update 


cvs co -P -d v2 mozilla/webtools/addons

For CVS instructions, see the devmo page on CVS.

Server Requirements

v1 and v2

  • A server
  • mysqld
  • apache2
  • php4.x
  • php-mysql


  • zzlib PHP extension (for inflating xpi's in additem.php)


  • Smarty
  • PEAR::DB

v2 Enhancements

Without these, the app will still run, but it will be slower than optimal. We should plan on managing these, even if it is a PITA.

  • APC 3.x.x
  • memcached
  • PECL PHP memcache extension (--enable-memcache[=DIR])

v2 Server Notes

  • Apache
    • Prod
      • Copy contents of ./public/htaccess.dist into vhost conf file.
    • Dev/Testing
      • If you are using a singular vhost to test multiple instances of AMO, you'll have to adjust the vhost to use .htaccess files, so you'd have to add "AllowOverride FileInfo" then restart httpd.
    • Make sure mod_rewrite is installed
  • MySQL
    • 4.1.x+
    • When we move things forward we will need to import a mysqldump from production
    • We then will need to run ./shared/sql/v2.sql -- This was already completed in the v2 release, so if you have an access to the chameleon dump, using that should be adequate.
  • PHP
    • php-mysql - PHP packages for mysql support, this is a basic package
    • APC (optional, production only)
    • PECL memcache extension (optional, production only)
      • This involves adding a C extension to PHP and recompiling it.
      • The INSTALL file offers instructions on how to do this using PHP utils and make.
    • PEAR::DB -- This is a basic package.
    • Smarty -- https://intranet.mozilla.org/AMO -- Only the /lib directory is needed, the rest doesn't really need to be extracted.
      • In the past, it was helpful to just make symlink that was /usr/local/share/php/Smarty --> /usr/local/share/php/Smarty-2.x.x
      • When you configure the application, you will point at the lib directory not the base directory for Smarty -- so be aware of the distinction.

v1 Installation

  • copy core/config-dist.php -> core/config.php
  • Fill in the proper variables, see the comments in config.php for help
  • Your server needs to have a previews directory containing add-on previews
  • Find this directory (or contact morgamic if you don't have it)
  • Symlink the previews directory from ./images:
$ ln -s /data/previews/ previews
  • Your server needs to have a files directory containing the right .xpi's
  • You'll want to do something similar to set up the xpi directory:
$ ln -s /data/amo/files/ files

v2 Installation

Application Config

The application is split into sections on purpose. The goal here was to:

  • segregate public, private and backend pieces
  • hide non-public scripts from the world by not having php includes in the webroot

Directory Structure

The main directories we should be aware of:

  • ./shared/bin - backend scripts are stored here, and use the config.php in this directory
  • ./shared/sql - sql structure along with a v2.sql for migrating v1 to the new structure live here
  • ./shared/lib - all php libs and dependencies that are central live here (class defninitions, etc.)
  • ./public/inc - wrappers live here, like config.php, init.php and finish.php
  • ./public/htdocs - this should be the webroot of the site
  • ./public/tpl - this is the template directory, not stored in the webroot
  • ./public/templates_c - this is where smarty stores compiled templates
  • ./public/cache - this is the smarty cache dir, not really needed but config requires it
  • ./public/configs - this is the smarty configs dir, not really needed but config requires it

Setting things up, permissions, etc.

  • ./public/(templates_c, cache, and configs)
    • These should be writeable by apache
  • ./public/inc/config.php
    • Copy config-dist.php to config.php and follow the instructions in the comments.
  • ./public/htdocs/htaccess.dist
    • Copy to .htaccess then set the rewrite base to the proper value.


  • As with v1 you will have to create a symlink to the previews directory from images/:
$ cd public/htdocs/images
$ ln -s /data/previews/ previews