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The Front Page

The front page contains an overview of the different kinds of addons available from the site: extensions, themes, and plugins.

Along the top are shortcuts to the addons for each supported application. The website attempts to guess your current application and operating system from your UserAgent.

On the right side are top 5 most popular Firefox Extensions (based on number of downloads), top 5 most popular Firefox Themes, and top 8 recent additions (based on Date Added?)

Following most of the links on this page will append your OS and/or Application to the URL. This is to show you compatible addons as you navigate to the other pages.


The top navigation bar remains the same, as it will throughout the site. Choosing Firefox extensions leads you to /extensions/.

Along the left side of the page are categories of extensions for that application. At the bottom of the cateogory sidebar are the special categories. The content of the page shows a short description of extensions. There are three sections: Top Rated (based on user feedback), Most Popular, and Newest. Note that Top Rated merely picks the first 5 alphabetically when the ratings are the same.


Just like extensions, the themes directory (/themes/) has the category list in the sidebar. The body of the document shows Top Rated, Most Popular, and Newest.

Item Lists

Selecting a category from the sidebar present a list of addons in that category. The list contains a short summary of each item as well as compatibility.

Along the top of the listing is a filtering bar. This bar lets you choose the number of items to show per page (5/10/20/50), OS compatibility (All/BSD/Linux/MacOSX/Solaris/Windows), and supported version of a given application (Firefox 0.8/Firefox 0.9.x/etc).

Note: Selecting OS of ALL shows those that are cross-platform compatible, not every item regardless of OS.

Note: You are forced to pick a version of the application. There is no way to show all extensions. If you are looking for a particular item, you must know what version of the application it supports.

Note: The summaries do not specify the OS supported, or if it works for any other application

Item Details

This is the "home page" on the site for each addon. Currently located at moreinfo.php?id=$mainID, this page lists the author, description, and compatibility of the addon. Buried at the bottom, below the feedback section, are supplemental details such as category, addon homepage, and a link to all releases for that addon.


Users are encourage to rank an addon an provide feedback. moreinfo.php?page=opinion allows you to choose between 0 and 5 stars and leave a review of your experience.

Item Releases

If you want to see all releases of an item, moreinfo.php?page=releases will show them to you. Linked from the bottom of item details, this page displays all versions that have been uploaded to the site. The compatibility of each item is provided.

Supported Applications

  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • Mozilla Suite
  • Nvu (future)


On the left side of many screens is a sidebar containing categories. Categories differ betwen application and addon type. A category may appear for Firefox Extensions, but not Firefox Themes and not for Thunderird Extensions.

At the bottom are the special categories: Editor's Pick, Popular, Top Rated, and Newest.


Along the top of each screen are shortcuts to addons for each application. A search box provides a site search. Sidebars and context-sensitive links also appear.