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Processing Review Queues

Pending versus Nominated

When you first go to the Editor Tools area, you will start at a Pending Updates tab. You'll also see tabs for Moderated Reviews and Nominated Add-ons. As explained in the sandbox model, pending updates are new versions of add-ons that have already been made public. Nominated add-ons are new add-ons that the author has nominated to become public.

Understanding the UI

When you click on an add-on to review, you'll see a review page with the following elements:

  • Authors - A listing of the add-ons authors with links to their user pages
  • Categories - A listing of the add-on's categories.
  • Compatibility - A listing of the target applications and their compatible versions
  • Files - A listing of all files for this version with a link to install and a link to view the source. Only checked versions will be processed. If a checkbox is disabled, the associated file has already been reviewed.
  • Action box - this is where you'll push the add-on/version public, retain it in the sandbox, or request super review.
  • Information the author has entered, such as summary, description, version notes, developer comments, EULA, Privacy Policy
  • Item History - any previous reviews of the add-on. This is important to look at.
  • Previews - display of the add-on's previews


Push to Public

If you are reviewing a pending update, pushing public will cause the sandboxed version of the public add-on to appear on the public side.

If you are reviewing a nominated add-on, pushing public will cause both the add-on and its most recent version to appear on the public side.

Your action and comments entered will be e-mailed to the author.

Retain in Sandbox

If you are reviewing a pending update, retaining in sandbox will keep the version in the sandbox. The author will have to submit another update to be reviewed again.

If you are reviewing a nominated add-on, retaining in sandbox will keep the add-on in the sandbox. The author is able to immediately nominate it again. If the author abuses this and does not make any changes, please flag for super review and indicate the reason.

Your action and comments entered will be e-mailed to the author.

Request Super-Review

Requesting super review will cause the add-on to be flagged for admin review, which will appear in an admin queue and dispatch an e-mail to the administrators.

Super review should be requested for the following reasons:

  • Security concerns
  • Copyright/trademark concerns
  • Repeatedly nominating add-on without any changes
  • Add-on contains binary components
  • Other issues that an administrator should look into

Your comments will appear in the item history and be e-mailed to administrators, not the author.

Comments to Author

Remember that your comments go to a *real person*, so try to be friendly.

If you are pushing the add-on public, thank the author for the time and effort they have put in. Remember that they're enhancing the usefulness and the appeal of the products! Tell them which features you like the most, and mention anywhere you think they could improve.

If you are retaining in the sandbox, be polite in pointing out any problems. Provide suggestions as to what they could do or should fix before re-submitting it and encourage them to re-submit it if it could ever be public. It's also a good idea to tell the author what you liked about the extension/theme even though you've retained it.

If you think it should be translated, you can add a hint for submitting it to BabelZilla, even if it has no locale structure.