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This document is a list of upcoming features for addons.mozilla.org (AMO). In the list below:

  • P1 means that we really need to have this for the next AMO release
  • P2 means that it would be nice to have
  • P3 means whenever we get to it

Ease-of-Use & Navigation

  • Fix the user experience for non en-US locales. See L10n/HomePage/Status/2007-04-18#AMO_requirements_for_l10n
  • Smooth the multi-addon download/install experience (perhaps a shopping cart?)
  • Smart download buttons/areas
    • Non-Firefox users
    • Bundling of Fx + extension(s)
    • Version compatible offerings
  • New Addon Metadata
    • Allow off-AMO hosted support forums (One link per add-on) [P2]
    • Fix the project home page button/URL [P2]
    • Enable RSS for Discussion feeds
    • Allow for tutorial or overview links to videos, etc...
  • Replace Vanilla forums
  • Theme browser (a la Apple Dashboard widget browser) [P2]
  • Conflict resolution & dependency presentation, e.g. yslow, locale packs
  • Highlighting signed addons


  • Search Engine fixes
    • Replace with full text search engine
    • Allow special results (e.g. Thunderbird add-on found, or selected terms such as category names)
    • Allow for "did you mean?"/search suggest/spell check results
    • Find-as-you-type searching
  • Recommendation Lists
    • Multi-recommended list (based on user types)
    • Recommendation List Maker/List Hosting
    • Advanced recommendations (complementary, similar)
  • Pre-generate Search Results Pages (SRPs)
    • SEO these search results pages
  • Identify what users have already installed
    • Based on collab filtering (or other technique) recommend based on what others have installed
  • Badges
    • UI, security, subject matter reviewer, privacy - complies or send data, performance


  • Allow stub entries to be created for non-AMO hosted addons
  • Build crawler to discover non-AMO hosted stuff
  • Expand PFS
  • Support Locale Add-on Packs
  • Clean up Languages/Dictionary area (arrange by language/region?)
  • Support Bugzilla addons/themes/etc...
  • Make search engines first class citizens/allow developers to upload them, allow locale specific and categories
  • Fix the Dictionaries/Language Packs with English/English thing

Metrics & Stats

  • Offer Addons section on the Mozilla Dashboard
  • Migrate from Urchin to Google Analytics
  • See trends over a week's span, include per day
  • Provide support for Google Analytics as a tracking option

Developer Tools/Improvements

  • New role for sandbox [P1]
  • Revised approval process - for companies, for mozdev, etc... [P1]
  • Stats Control Panel
  • Localization Data / Upload API
  • Addon Upload API (e.g. for MozDev)
  • Enable optional Google Analytics for addons authors
  • Revitalizing Community
  • Developer leaderboard/Amazon-like ranking
  • Allow HTML in the addon descriptions
  • AMO iFrame (or paypal-like) distribution for pushing AMO far and wide
  • Use design patterns to create a benign conduit (?)
  • Identify binary components via script iterating over all addons
  • Allow Ext Devs to check if binary components exist in their addon
  • For logged in editors, provide links to review queue from add-on pages an search results


  • Mozilla Lab's Weave integration for allowing addon list to be hosted and accessible from a Mozilla web service
  • Allow a Mozilla ID to be used on AMO [P2]
  • Can we offer performance tools for addons (Talos, other)?

Community Building

  • Editor Leaderboard
  • Editor tools feature requests
    • Make it easier to search for an add-on in a queue, with the results providing links to the review page
    • If you are logged in as an editor, and go to a page for an add-on in the sandbox, then somewhere on the page there should be a 'Review' link
  • AMO Treasure Hunt
  • AddOns Planet for article publishing
  • Mozilla Point system/ TikiWiki/Clearspace
    • Update your addon
    • Write knowledge base articles
    • Submit bugs
    • Productive forum comments
    • Editor got points
    • Localization
    • Being an editor, reviewing
  • Give the Gift of Addons

User Profiles


  • April Fools Prank