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The AMO API allows you to get information about addons hosted on addons.mozilla.org. The API supports REST. At present, it is a read only API (GET only) although this is planned to change in later versions.

No developer id or authentication is currently required to use the AMO API.

Responses are returned in XML format.

For further information, you can read the original PRD for the API: [[1]]

Terms of Use

URL Format

API calls are served via


The current API version is 1.3.

You may localize the returned content by adding a locale string to this URL as follows:


for example


Available Methods


Invoke as: https://services.addons.mozilla.org/api/[version]/addon/[id] Returns details of an addon


Invoke as: https://services.addons.mozilla.org/api/[version]/search/[searchterm]/[optional:searchtype]/[optional:maxresults]

Returns addons that match the searchterm. Uses the same search engine as the rest of the site, so only exact match is supported. The searchtype may be one of 'extension', 'theme', 'plugin', 'dictionary', 'searchengine'. If no searchtype is entered, or if searchtype 'all' is entered, extensions and themes will be returned. The optional maxresults parameter limits the number os results returned.


Invoke as: https://services.addons.mozilla.org/api/[version]/list/[optional:listtype]/[optional:addontype]/[optional:number]

Returns a [randomized] list of addons. Listtype may be 'recommended' or 'new' - default is 'recommended'. Addontype may be 'all'/'extension'/'theme'/'plugin'/'dictionary'/'searchengine'.Default is 'all'. Number is the maximum number of results to return. Default is 3.


Invoke as: https://services.addons.mozilla.org/api/[version]/cumulative_downloads/[id]

Retrieves cumulative downloads for the specified addon.

This call is not supported in API version 1.1, although it is implemented.


Invoke as: https://services.addons.mozilla.org/api/[version]/update_pings/[id]/[optional:period]/[optional:querydate]

Returns update pings for the specified addon. Period may be 'day', 'week', or 'month' and defaults to 'day'. Querydate will be the last date in the period you wish to query. Default is today. Date format is YYYY-MM-DD. Invalid dates will default to today.

This call is not supported in API version 1.1, although it is implemented.