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Feedback from the initial Remora release in 2007.

xeen's comments



  • "Construction Site" background for the title bar makes text hardly readable
  • Red install button has "dots" in the lower left and right corner.
  • browsing of Sunbird extension/themes doesn't seem to be possible (always being redirected to "Category" page: https://preview.addons.mozilla.org/de/sunbird/browse/status:1 )

Developer Pages

  • I do get an "An Error Occured" message when trying to update my extension's details. Even if it's just temporarily, adding reasons for failure would be nice.
  • Numbers for download counts are unclear (Currently looks like "Downloads: 3287 / 92995".). Adding "(this week/total)" after the numbers or in the tooltip (or both) would surely help.
    • has been fixed, although I don't know by whom
  • When editing one of my addons I have two scrollbars - one for the iframe and one for the whole page. If I fullscreen on 1280x1024 everything's fine, but it gets worse if I resize Firefox.
  • Although all of my extension releases were tagged "(public)" I was offered a "nominate for public" (or similar) link (probably import bug?). If there there is a difference between sandbox-public and real-public, then it's not clear to me and probably should be explained somewhere to (new) users.
  • The interface should show nomination status always. I have a link to nominate if it hasn't been nominated but doesn't show any info if it's still being refused or declined.

fligtar's comments

Public Pages

  • http://remora.stage.mozilla.com/en-US/addons/versions/15004 three of those versions are STATUS_NULL which means they are incomplete and should not appear *anywhere* on the public side
  • Sandbox should not have "We Recommend" section - should be renamed. Also, I just saw an add-on in that section with "This add-on is not available." surrounded by a red border - shouldn't be shown if it's not available.

Developer Pages

  • Small previews should not be resized to be larger
  • Additem escapes fields with quotes sometimes
  • Ability for public add-ons to go to sandbox if requested
  • New feature implementation (not listing all here)


  • The application and platform shortnames are wrong. In the migrated dump, the shortnames are all equal to the regular names.

Archaeopteryx' comments

  • The navigation bar contains too many text: The text gets wrapped and then it's getting ugly.
  • For the first time a user logs into the sandbox, there should be a confirm box that he/she has read what the sandbox is (and there also should be no add-on on the page for this time).
  • Only add-ons compatible with the user's Firefox and OS should be offered (saw Smoke, but no version for Win)
  • Please don't waste so many space, starting the text in the add-on lists so much on the right. I would prefer starting it directly below the add-on title.
    • At least make the space to the left equal. Currently the description seems to have a random left-marign --xeen
  • Search box in sandbox should also reviewed add-ons.
  • Sandbox add-ons are shown in the developer page of public pages (redirected to not found).
  • Probably, most developers will still ask for review for their add-on(s) because this will stay the only way for (anonymous) users to install an add-on without adding permission for add-on install from another server to their preferences.
  • Maybe the min- and maxVersion for add-ons in the feed summary would be useful especially when new milestones are being released.
  • German translation: "E-Mail" is the only correct version of this word.
    • Fixed in trunk. Eigentlich weiß ich das: War wohl eher ein mehrfacher Tippfehler von mir... --wenzel 15:53, 5 February 2007 (PST)


  • Link to Dev CP not yet localized (de-DE)
  • Target application not detected (not shown during upload), categories for other applications should be hidden, allowed categories sorted by name
    • Categories are now filtered by application and sorted alphabetically. As for the target app, I would need more specifics because it works for me. Fligtar 12:44, 9 February 2007 (PST)
  • Step 3: Above first box, there are "Target application" and "Version notes" - something broken?
    • Again, this looks fine for me, can you post a screenshot? Fligtar 12:44, 9 February 2007 (PST)
  • I am not a friend of localized add-on names.
  • Link from the overview over my add-on to the author (me), gives a 404: [1]
    • Fixed Fligtar 12:44, 9 February 2007 (PST)
  • Add-on name too long for sidebar
  • In Remora, I have to show the people my real name? Why? Why do I have to provide it?
  • Add-ons in categories are sorted per page.


  • During uploading an extension, the RSS item is already created after step one or two and the add-on name is missing. Screenshot
  • Logging out redirects me to the login page. If the page isn't part of the dev CP, the page should not be changed, else the user should be redirected to the home page.
  • It is currently not possible to save the preferred language. Log out, open a new tab and visit the preview, log in. It is always the useragent locale.
  • Uploading a different add-on by another developer should only be possible if add-on name is different.
  • de-DE home page: MicroHunter is called "Microjäger" here, but the "ä" is replaced by "?" - encoding problems?

zeniko's comments

  • Font size of the menu and the "Popular/New Extensions" list is awfully small. What about using 10pt or even 12pt as a minimal size for everything (except maybe the small print at the botton - although you'll want people to be able to read that as well).
  • The main menu doesn't stick out at first glance. I'd actually expect it to be place more towards the top of the screen and have a more notable background. Suggestion: move the title image slightly to the right so the menu always starts at the same height right below the breadcrumbs.
  • On the extension pages as well as on the version history pages, the supported application versions should still be indicated so that you can see which releases actually apply to what you've got (important for non-browser applications).
  • Hide the "See all preview images" link if there's only the one preview image shown anyway.
  • If you right-click on "Install Now" and try to save the extension to disk, the file name defaults to "Install Now" because we're now downloading a directory and no longer a file. Please revert to adding a descriptive filename (e.g. extension_name-version-supported_apps.xpi).
  • Please make sure that Console² is actually written that way everywhere - I've already [spotted] the first "Console& sup2;".
  • Following the link to a sandboxed extension from an author's page results in a log-in form without any further explication.
  • The fine print in the footer is even more difficult to read because there's no border between the last line and the bottom of the page.
  • And what about changing "Recommended Add-ons" to "Recommended Extensions" unless we actually recommend themes or plug-ins as well?

nasano's comments

  • I can't login to AMO preview site. I registered my account, but I coudn't get an e-mail to confirm. So I used Password Reset, but AMO send me noting. My e-mail address is asano [at] po [dot] jah [dot] ne [dot] jp.
    • Sorry -- this was a problem recently fixed in trunk. Once the next update to the preview is published, you'll be able to have the email resent, and you'll also be able to login correctly after clicking the link in the email. --wenzel 13:16, 8 February 2007 (PST)
      • Is this fixed now? I can't login yet. Please see bug 369715.

gekacheka's comments

Separating Add-ons by Application
What are plans for separating add-ons by application (for applications besides Firefox)? The current (non-preview) AMO supports However, it looks like the current preview of Remora removes this support (links on home page, application pages, search by application, application in add-on URL for download referrer). (Gekacheka 07:49, 10 February 2007 (PST))
Related bugs:
  • bug 367574 Ability to filter search of an Add-ons by application
  • bug 369194 Track add-on download counts per application (most popular...)

Alpha Feedback

See the announcement on the Mozilla webdev blog.

The feedback (bugs, suggestions) that we fixed/dealt with were moved to a reference page.

If your comments/name has been removed from this page, your comments have either been fixed, or moved to bugzilla. Thanks. --clouserw, 2006-02-28

wenzel's comments

  • Search algorithm is improvable: The binary matching creates many hits with the same score in spite of their obviously different relevance.

RenegadeX's comments

  • On an Extension(or Theme)'s page, you have the Extension Name followed by Version# on the same line (good to see it back, thanks - v2 was not good). Further down the page you have Version# and timestamp, which is thus partially redundant & a waste of space. Suggestion: go back to something closer to v1's implementation (screenshot) which put it all at the top. Clean it up a little by putting the 'released on..' on its own line.

Dolske's comments

Overall it's looking good! Here are my comments:

  • The little orange arrow in the green "install now" link looks too much like a UI element, implying a dropdown menu there.
  • "Mozilla is providing links to these applications as a courtesy, and makes no representations regarding the applications or any information related there to." Given the legalese disclaimer, is "We Recommend" ok to say? The disclaimer in the footer also seems to be forced to 3 centered lines. Can this be flowed like normal text, non-centered, so it doesn't take up so much space?
    • I reduced the margin so that looks a little better there! --wenzel 16:32, 2 February 2007 (PST)
  • Can "Recommended Addons" be things other than extensions? If so, things at this level should be identified as to why type of addon they are.
  • The "Search Engines" page is inconsistent with the other top-level addon-type pages (should be a list of categories). Will Remora be incorporating the Mycroft content?
  • Plugins... Oh boy. Entries should look like other addons (formatting, download button, etc.). Can we do OS detection here (like extensions?) and provide a single appropriate link? The links to plugindoc.mozdev.org should go elsewhere (wiki.m.o?). Mozdev isn't the right place for this kind of content. It might be worth considering giving each plugin its own page, and have the top-level plugins page list them (in a format similar to the categories on other top-level addon-type pages). Not to be a Suite hater, but the Mozilla Suite doesn't need to be mentioned here.
  • s/Add a review/Add your review/? If there are no reviews, be a little more verbose, eg "No reviews for this addon -- add your review". (Doing this on a single line avoids a bunch of white space for unreviewed addons).
  • Ditto the above for comments. The difference between comments and discussions isn't very clear. A better format might be (ignore Wiki's whitespace):
This thing is awesome
(2 replies, last by SomeGuy on December 3rd)
This thing sucks
(no replies, posted by SomeGal on January 4th)
View all (14 topics)
Add a new topic <--- remove this link?
  • If no discussions exist for an addon, don't show "See all discussions (0)". Just make it a single link (ala my previous reviews comment)

Juan's comments

  • Show the extension image while browsing. The image conveys a lot of information. Having to click on the + sign to see it is not good enough. Use a thumbnail if the provided image is too big.
  • It is nice to have the search box at the top. But it is hard to find. It looks part of the Mozilla site chrome. Give it a more prominent position.
  • Too much white space.
  • A *lot* depends on how "relevance" is determined when sorting the extensions.

Archaeopteryx' comments

  • Nickname is now surname, so you made me Mr Archaeopteryx
  • Add possibility to undo expand information in list view ("No, this isn't something for me")
  • Add a list of application categories (only add-ons for application A and so on) under the current navigation at the left (with icon would be good)
  • Add expand/reduce function to developer page (user info)
  • "Adobe" vs. "Adobe Systems" on plugins page
  • Maybe add the two (1, 2) extensions which are able to convert input fields to search engines to the search engines home page - it's faster than writing the search plugin on his own.

dikrib's comments

Example: http://preview.addons.mozilla.org/en-US/addons/browse/type:1/cat:4

  • Url could be prettier, like http://preview.addons.mozilla.org/en-US/addons/extensions/devtools
  • The element "Browse" in breadcrumbs should be leaved out
  • Last element in breadcrumbs should not be linkifyed.
  • When you click the + you cannot go back. There should be a -
  • The +/- makes no sense unless there is a difference in size for the two views. Why should I have to click the + to see a screenshot instead of a blank space? The idea of folding the items is great, but when they are folded, they should take up much less space. Two lines max.
  • Include links Fold all/Unfold all.
  • Will the search engine list be a full list like mycroft or a recommended list like on current AMO? If it is a recommended list, it should be localizable. The list at AMO right now is somewhat US centric.