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If you'd like to customize your installation, in http://svn.mozilla.org/addons/trunk/site/app/config/ create a file called config-local.php. In this file, you can define some constants that will affect your installation. A sample file looks like:


define('DEBUG', 1);
define('DEV', true);
define('WINDOWS', true);


The follow is a list of available constants and their values. Default values are italicized.

    • 0 - Production
    • 1 - Development
    • 2 - Full debug with SQL
    • 3 - Full debug with SQL and dump of current object
  • DEV
    • true - Show links to unreleased features
    • false - hide links to unreleased features
    • true - Enable Windows-specific localization. If you want gettext to work on your Windows install, this must be true.
    • undefined - Do not use Windows-specific localization