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Part of AMO v3.2 scope is to update the existing search engine plugins from Sherlock to OpenSearch format.


  • Gather up the source for these search plugins
  • Review the contact info
  • Used Gavin's conversion tool to package up Sherlock+Image to new OpenSearch format. 22 engines are ready
  • Draft email about project
    • Include info about the OpenSearch format, what the new page looks like, info about categories, what happens if we don't hear from you, launch timing
  • Ensure Sherlock-to-OpenSearch tool exists
  • Invite other search engines to be included - ongoing


  • Many of these are not owned by the corporation - should we upload them anyway? Do we contact the authors and make them owners of the search plugin?
  • What should the update source be? AMO, mycroft, other?

Search Engine Status

Search Engine Contact Comments
A9 Contributor
Ask.com Corporation
BBC News Contributor
Business.com Corporation
del.icio.us Contributor
ESPN No contact
Expedia No contact
Flickr Contributor
Hollywood Contributor
IMDB Contributor
LinkedIn Corporation (no contact)
Live.com Unknown
Lonely Planet Contributor
MarketWatch Contributor
Merriam-Webster Contributor
Technorati Contributor
USA Today Contributor
Weather Channel Contributor
Wikipedia Contributor
Yahoo! Answers Corporation
Yahooligans Contributor