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Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
784519 Enforce State Transition Rules in SIPCC P1 VERIFIED
797516 Implement correct state transitions for JSEP methods in SIPCC -- RESOLVED
797534 Add JSEP APIs getLocalDescription and getRemoteDescription -- VERIFIED
803318 Improved handling of constraints and more tests -- RESOLVED
810220 WebRTC setLocalDescription fails when offer has only G.711 codec P1 RESOLVED
814038 Incorrect, inconsistent handling of initial offer with c=IN IP4 -- RESOLVED
817065 Clean up codec identification in VCM and SIPCC P3 RESOLVED
817431 Accept extensions for ICE P1 RESOLVED
817432 Use correct ICE ufrag/passwords. -- RESOLVED
818293 Unchecked memcpy in nr_stun_msg_create2 P1 RESOLVED
818714 Offer for peer connection always contains video and audio stream even if only one of those has been requested by gUM -- VERIFIED
820410 Audit/Clean up buffer handling in nICEr STUN code -- RESOLVED
821003 There are 258 snprintfs in signalling that should be replaced -- RESOLVED
821071 WebRTC crash [@lsm_open_rx] P1 RESOLVED
821884 When WebRTC mochitests are run Firefox quit with: "Shutdown | Exited with code 11|-11|-1073741819 during test run" P3 RESOLVED
823056 Intermittent hang in test_peerConnection_basicAudio.html | Failure: 'application timed out after 330 seconds with no output' P1 RESOLVED
824220 Constraints should be passed from calling thread to SIPCC thread using a pointer P1 RESOLVED
824919 PeerConnection instances not GC'ed until page gets closed (failure '0x80004005' in IPeerConnection.initialize) P2 VERIFIED
824956 OfferToReceiveAudio/OfferToReceiveVideo constraints not handled correctly P2 RESOLVED
825086 Bad free in fsmdef_ev_create_answer() P1 RESOLVED
825106 Media negotiation fails when ISAC is present and ahead of Opus P1 RESOLVED
825336 Add constraint to suppress data channel -- RESOLVED
825480 crash when quitting firefox after completing the peer connection test page [@ nsTimerEvent::'scalar deleting destructor'] P1 RESOLVED
825570 Calling setLocalDescription on a PeerConnection object with a valid SDP - localDescription does not change P3 VERIFIED
825927 Audit/Clean up buffer handling in nICEr STUN code P3 RESOLVED
827843 check PeerConnection.js to make sure functions act correctly after close() P2 VERIFIED
828235 PeerConnection.localDescription is not correct P2 RESOLVED
829461 WebRTC crash [@nsDOMMediaStream::GetHintContents] P1 RESOLVED
829761 WebRTC should accept stated direction for ip=, port != 0 P1 RESOLVED
831342 warnings about rollups (rollupWidget) too noisy (OS X) -- RESOLVED
831756 PeerConnection should implement WebRTC state machine, signalingState attribute P1 RESOLVED
834038 SDP renegotiation should re-use existing streams when possible P2 VERIFIED
834153 Queue CreateAnswer in PC.js -- RESOLVED
834270 Align PeerConnection error handling with WebRTC specification P1 VERIFIED
834383 WebRTC doesn't necessarily shutdown properly, crashes when GC isn't run at certain point: Shutdown | application crashed [@ std::_Tree<std::_Tmap_traits<std::basic_string … P2 RESOLVED
835476 Intermittent test_peerConnection_basicAudio.html | application crashed [@ linked_ptr<CSF::CC_Device>::depart()] P1 RESOLVED
836349 WebRTC Assertion failure: !assert_ice_ready || (mIceState != kIceGathering), at media/webrtc/signaling/src/peerconnection/PeerConnectionImpl.cpp:1075 and crash [@ sipcc::PeerConnectionImpl::CheckApiState()] P1 RESOLVED
836391 fsmdef.c sends back the wrong error for create answer P5 RESOLVED
837523 Crash in gsm_sdp.c:4602 due to assertion failure: pc_stream_id == 0 when having a local PC call over two different PCs P1 VERIFIED
839411 NS_ERROR_FAILURE on addStream on modified simple peer connection test case to use audio and video P3 RESOLVED
839647 Intermittent ASSERTION: Unsupported Signaling State Transition: 'Not Reached', file media/webrtc/signaling/src/peerconnection/PeerConnectionCtx.cpp, line 224 -- VERIFIED
839677 (bad message queue pointer) Intermittent /tests/dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_peerConnection_basicAudio.html | Test timed out P1 RESOLVED
839679 Intermittent /tests/dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_peerConnection_basicAudio.html | Test timed out WITH CRASH -- RESOLVED
840045 Intermittent test_peerConnection_bug827843.html | This test left crash dumps behind, but we weren't expecting it to! | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output (ASSERTION: Wrong thread!: 'NS_IsMainThread()') P5 VERIFIED
840344 Assertion failure: !other->mOtherDirection with multiple createAnswer() calls P2 VERIFIED
841150 Intermittent test_peerConnection_basicAudio.html, test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideo.html, test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideoCombined.html, test_peerConnection_basicVideo.html, test_peerConnection_bug827843.html | Unexpected error callback with 0 P5 RESOLVED
841457 Convert stream logging to non-stream when stream operators are not used P2 RESOLVED
841566 Turn on testserver logging for WebRTC-related systems -- RESOLVED
842531 Need to be able to target real events at RTCPeerConnection P1 RESOLVED
842549 We should emit trickle ICE candidates -- RESOLVED
842716 Should report Gecko version in SDP -- RESOLVED
843595 WebRTC crash [@nr_ice_candidate_pair_destroy] P1 RESOLVED
845144 Intermittent 812785.html, test_peerConnection_bug835370.html | Exited with code 1 during test run | application crashed [@ libSystem.B.dylib + 0x3c00] -- RESOLVED
845283 Intermittent dom/media/tests/crashtests/799419.html | Exited with code -1073741819 during test run | application crashed [@ msvcr100.dll + 0x7d101] P1 RESOLVED
845523 TSan: Thread data race in sipcc::PeerConnectionCtx::onDeviceEvent() vs. sipcc::PeerConnectionCtx::ChangeSipccState() P5 RESOLVED
845538 Intermittent test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideoCombined.html | Test timed out | Exited with code 1 during test run | application crashed [@ gsmsdp_negotiate_media_lines] P2 RESOLVED
846071 "OOM abort in test_peerConnection_basicVideo.html (preceded by assertions in test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideo.html ?) P5 RESOLVED
846368 Add number of bytes requested to OOM last-gasp -- RESOLVED
846942 Add thread names to WebRTC signaling system log messages -- RESOLVED
848173 Further WebRTC logging tweaks -- RESOLVED
848423 Convert select WebRTC objects to use nsRefPtr<> instead of linked_ptr<> P2 RESOLVED
853858 Intermittent test_peerConnection_basicAudio.html, test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideo.html, test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideoCombined.html, test_peerConnection_basicVideo.html, test_peerConnection_bug827843.html, test_peerConnection_bug | Test timed out P1 RESOLVED
853998 Use SyncRunnable in WebRTC P1 RESOLVED
855400 Intermittent Windows mochitest-2,3 "command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed, attempting to kill" after "[|WebrtcVideoSessionConduit] VideoConduit.cpp:633: mozilla::WebrtcVideoConduit::SendRTCPPacket Failed" -- RESOLVED
855880 SDP parse error callbacks for setRemoteDescription handled on wrong thread P1 RESOLVED
856425 onicecandidate fails to fire in simple local to remote peer handshake with custom STUN server (see testcase) P2 VERIFIED
856848 Move PCMedia ctor to after thread acquisition in PCImpl -- VERIFIED
857894 Rename readyState attribute on PeerConnection object to signalingState -- RESOLVED
860012 Finish plumbing PeerConnection error codes P1 VERIFIED
860143 WebRTC assertion failure: sizeof(server-> > host_.size() and crash [@mozilla::NrIceStunServer::ToNicerStunStruct] P1 RESOLVED
860952 PeerConnection mochi test failures should indicate the calling site P4 RESOLVED
861048 crash in sipcc::PeerConnectionMedia::ShutdownMediaTransport_s -- RESOLVED
861190 Intermittent failure to stop WebRTC conduits (repeated SendRTCPPacket Failed errors until shutdown) -- RESOLVED
864982 Remove legacy err_msg/buginf/notice_msg logging in SIPCC -- RESOLVED
866120 WebRTC Error phrases are incorrect mid-session P1 RESOLVED
867361 Intermittent test_peerConnection_bug834153.html,test_peerConnection_bug825703.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output | command timed out: 1200 seconds without output, attempting to kill -- RESOLVED
872013 SIPCC fails to start if it can't mkdir the directory it wants in /tmp -- RESOLVED
874008 Check format strings for r_log -- RESOLVED
874306 Add PC identifier to ICE logging -- RESOLVED
878082 Move handle generation to after PSM setup -- RESOLVED
879477 PeerConnectionImpl should use consistent identifiers in logging P4 RESOLVED
879999 crash [@ fsmdef_ev_setremotedesc] Fix null deref in SetRemoteDescription -- VERIFIED
880067 Generate rtcp-fb in SDP (appears to break interop) -- RESOLVED
885523 Perform tree clobbers in the background on OS X -- RESOLVED
885640 sdp_unittests has a shutdown race resulting in PROCESS-CRASH | sdp_unittests | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort(char const*)] P1 RESOLVED
892594 Fix LIR-Common.h to work with clang++ 4.1 -- RESOLVED
892911 WebRTC crash [@gsmsdp_negotiate_media_lines] -- RESOLVED
899485 Have SDP handling return sensible cause codes -- RESOLVED
901706 IPeerConnectionObserver may need IID revved -- RESOLVED
901707 IPeerConnection may need IID revved -- RESOLVED
904108 js/src/vm/PropertyKey.cpp won't compile under Apple clang 4.1 -- RESOLVED
906843 Investigate and address signaling inefficiencies in WebRTC signaling -- RESOLVED
917619 RFC 4572 negotiation doesn't work if answer contains no a=setup line (can't call pre-26 browsers from 26 and later) -- VERIFIED
917980 OfferToReceiveAudio:true constraint on createOffer causes video not to be sent P3 RESOLVED
919767 SIPCC CallInfo objects don't get cleaned up until browser closes -- RESOLVED
921656 onicecandidate not being invoked if ICE gathering finishes before SetLocalDescription does -- RESOLVED
922245 SDP longer than 4k in length is truncated, causing errors -- RESOLVED
924543 CreateOffer doesn't call onError callback when limit is reached -- RESOLVED
935038 Danish Localization of Mac platformKeys is broken -- RESOLVED
962589 Attempting to close a PeerConnection more than once throws an exception -- RESOLVED
971987 Evaluate whether to continue using social API for client -- RESOLVED
972079 Client access contact information from Google P3 VERIFIED
975548 make MV* infrastructure choice P1 RESOLVED
976358 Hook start of Loop client into Desktop Firefox system P1 RESOLVED
978446 Update README to reflect registration step -- RESOLVED
994131 Loop client needs to use HTTPS when communicating with TokBox servers P2 RESOLVED
1011472 Desktop client needs "incoming call" visual and audio (ringing) notification (alerting) P1 VERIFIED
1017206 Update TB.js to 2.2.5 P1 VERIFIED
1017257 Need to add CSP restrictions to Loop client context P1 VERIFIED
1017755 DTLS 'Would have blocked' messages are too noisy -- RESOLVED
1017861 ensure that our library license documentation / approvals are in order -- VERIFIED
1018372 Intermittent 408431-1.html, 863929.html | application crashed [@ sipcc::PeerConnectionImpl::CheckThreadInt() const] -- RESOLVED
1019924 Update license.html for Loop-related third-party licenses P1 VERIFIED
1020540 Include only those components we need from SJCL -- RESOLVED
1021036 Using grey default buttons is confusing -- RESOLVED
1022772 SJCL should be unminified, versioned -- RESOLVED
1029426 Decide what to do about handling incoming notifications whilst client is disconnected/offline P4 RESOLVED
1031025 Update .hgignore to ignore Loop unit test files -- RESOLVED
1033573 Update Loop calling API to include calling party release channel -- RESOLVED
1038716 Add a LoopContacts class to handle contact mutations P3 RESOLVED
1052850 Firefox uses remote PT instead of local PT for received RTP -- RESOLVED
1055139 Loop client needs to provide hook for load balancing Simple Push servers -- RESOLVED
1055319 Add soft-start mechanism for Loop in release builds -- RESOLVED
1056918 LoopContacts should allow distinguishing between 'not found' and 'database error' programmatically -- RESOLVED
1060610 Loop Client shouldn't note URL expiration time before it can be used -- VERIFIED
1060809 Update soft-start client to point to final DNS record -- VERIFIED
1060812 TypeError: contact is null: onContactRemoved@chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/components/loop/test/mochitest/browser_LoopContacts.js:120:7 in mochitest-bc runs -- RESOLVED
1066816 Allow OT toolkit to set GUID for analytics -- RESOLVED
1072525 Interfacing with Google DAV services over HTTP/2.0 Fails with "400 Bad Request" -- RESOLVED
1073859 Various Loop mochitests will perma-fail when Gecko 35 merges to Beta -- VERIFIED
1079959 Google import fails if a contact contains a physical address -- VERIFIED
1080094 Google import fails if a contact contains an org but no title -- VERIFIED
1102841 Choosing "cancel and block" on a direct call doesn't work P1 VERIFIED
1129507 Honor DNT for Loop analytics -- RESOLVED
1197366 Suppress 404 errors for missing CSS -- RESOLVED
1266571 Add telemetry to measure incidence of non-TLS use of HTTP AUTH -- RESOLVED
1279065 Implement DTLS Handshake in SDP P3 RESOLVED
1395928 [Form Autofill] Form autofill doesn't always generate events web content expects P2 VERIFIED
1428269 On, credit card autofill doesn't work P2 VERIFIED
1429322 Show credit card logos in credit card autofill UI P1 VERIFIED
1604807 Clear form dropdown menu appears right after telephone or credit number are filled P2 VERIFIED
1624646 macOS OS re-auth string for credit card autofill has a redundant prefix provided by macOS P1 VERIFIED
1628188 browser/extensions/formautofill/test/unit/ tests fail in unpackaged builds with NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE when importing from resource://formautofill/ P1 RESOLVED
1639795 Use a friendlier name for the OSKeyStore Keychain item P1 VERIFIED
1642058 Add expiration date in card list view under Preferences P1 VERIFIED
1642059 Credit card autofill dropdown only appears on the 2nd click P1 VERIFIED
1644637 Attempt to improve performance by reducing contention in jemalloc deallocation code -- RESOLVED
1645487 Update Form Autofill Preferences "Learn More" link for Credit Cards P2 VERIFIED
1645501 Enable sync support for credit card autofill in 79 P2 RESOLVED
1645735 [] Exp date format is incorrectly auto-filled and highlighter overlaps CC logo placeholder P2 VERIFIED
1646531 Open credit-card autofill pop-up when user clears a credit-card field P2 VERIFIED
1647292 The credit card image placeholder is not displayed in the doorhanger when no cards are saved P2 VERIFIED
1647944 Add Bitwarden matching rules to autofill heuristics P2 RESOLVED
1648187 User is prompted for OS-level authentication to fill credit card information even if `extensions.formautofill.reauth.enabled` is false P1 VERIFIED
1648551 Firefox fails to capture on Stripe checkout for P2 RESOLVED
1653162 Add credit-card form telemetry for Credit Card A/B testing P1 VERIFIED
1654341 Use of unknown property Ci.nsIAutoCompletePopup.TEXTVALUE_REASON_COMPLETESELECTED P3 RESOLVED
1656922 Address field is not filled by autofill in BestBuy -- VERIFIED
1657581 Payment form is not autofilled if the tab is unfocused or Firefox is minimized while filling in the OS auth prompt -- VERIFIED
1657590 [] CC autofill does not work anymore P3 VERIFIED
1658086 Fix regressions caused by Bug 1604807 P1 VERIFIED

161 Total; 0 Open (0%); 114 Resolved (70.81%); 47 Verified (29.19%);