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Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Personal Information
City: Hyderabad
Country: India
Mozilla-specific Information
Wiki-Userame: Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mentor: User:Shahidfarooqui
Miscellaneous Information
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Website: Ajay Kumar's Website
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IRC: ajay on in
#sumo , #remo , #l10n , #mozillian , #armyofawesome


A Computer Science Graduate, an Open Source Evangelist speaks on FOSS(Free and Open Source Softwares), Mozilla's Projects and Products, specifically Localization, Webmaker, SUMO Project, FSA Program and Firefox OS. Also a Passionate Blogger and interested in learning new technologies. A Webmaker Super Mentor, Webmaker Super Mentor,Telugu Localization Reviewer in Transifex,Firefox Student Ambassador, Club Lead for Jayamukhi Firefox Club,Firefox App Developer. And now a Mozilla Reps too.

Member of Mozilla India Geolocation Task Force Team


From the past two years, i have attended, organized and collaborated many of the events through out the country and one international event Mozilla Summit 2013.

Organized Events

1. Mozcafe @ Warangal

2. Maker Party with my Students

3. Mozilla Awareness Program @ Gram Panchayat

4. Mozilla Community Meetup and Action Plan 2014

5. Jayamukhi Firefox Club – FSA Meetup

6. Mozilla Club Enthusiasts Meetup

7. Mozilla Meetup – A Pre-inaugural meetup for KITS Fox Club

8. Inauguration of KITS Fox Club

9. FSA’s Maker Party

10. Webmaker Session @ JITS

11. Womoz Warangal’14

12. MozCoffee v1.0

13.Mozilla Warangal Community Meetup

14.Maker Faire @ Jayamukhi Firefox Club

15.Maker Party SVCE

16. MozCoffee Warangal

Attended Events

1. Maker Party Bangalore ,Jaaga Space, Bangalore

2. Mozilla Summit 2013 Santa Clara Marriott, San Fransisco, USA

3. Firefox OS App Days @ SNIST , SNIST, Hyderabad

4. Firefox OS App Days at VIT University Vellore, VIT Vellore

5. One and Done

6. Remote Maker Party Calling Off

7. Developer Bootcamp Indore, IIST, Indore

8. Indian Independence Make Day

9.Maker Party @ Gangadevipally, Warangal

10. Maker Fest Ahmedabad, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

11.Mozilla India Taskforce Team Meetup, Bangalore

Blog Posts

1. Womoz Warangal'14 :

2. Firefox OS Tablet :

3. Webmaker India IRC Meetup :

4. Webmaker Session @ JITS :

5. FSA's Maker Party :

6. Inauguration of KITS Fox Club :

7. Mozilla Meetup - A Pre-inaugural Meetup for KITS Fox Club :

8. Mozilla Club BIES Enthusiasts Meetup :

9. Jayamukhi Firefox Club - FSA Meetup :

10. My Experiences as a Firefox Student Ambassador :

11. Firefox OS App Days @ SNIST :

12. Mozilla Community Meetup and Action Plan 2014 :

13. Mozilla Awareness Program @ Gram Panchayat :

14. Moz Cafe @ Warangal :

15. Maker Party with Students :

16. My Start with Mozilla :

17. Developer Bootcamp Indore :

18. Mozilla Warangal Community Meetup :

19. Maker Party @ Gangadevipally :

20. MozCoffee v 1.0 :

21. Indian Independence Make Day :

22. Firefox OS App Days at VIT University - vellore :

23. Maker Party SVCE :

24.Mozilla Stumbler :

25.MozCoffee Warangal :

Contributions Links

1. SUMO:

2. Bugzilla mail:

3. Webmaker Profile:

4. Mozilla Transifex:

5. Badges Profile :

6. Blog Link :

7. Slideshare :

8. Flickr :

9. Backpack :

10.Wordpress :

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