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Feature Proposal For Multi-Lingual Firefox

Rational: Multi-Lingual Firefox users curently have to rely on third-party addons (QuickLocaleSwitcher) or edit the configuration files (about:config) to switch Firefox locale. They have to search and install language-packs as well.

Solution: Enhance Tools>Language to provide searching, installing and switching locales workflow similar to Addon Manager.


Features Change

  • Default Language Switch button "Default Language is 'English (US)', Do you want to change the language of Firefox?"
  • Make Tools > Languages visible on single locale firefox installations. Currently Firefox hides this dialog when no language packs are installed.
  • List available Locale packs on the main screen
  • Provide a search feature. Users can search locales in addons.m.o
  • Provide Switch Locale toggle button next each installed language pack
  • Allow users to switch locale for this session only.

Use Case

  • Name: Joe
  • Age: 25
  • Profession: Software Tester

When I first became familiar with Firefox localizations (which was probably about 3 years ago) I was so lost when it came to how I could use Firefox in different languages. It took me forever to learn about Quick Locale Switcher and even then I didn't understand how it was relevant. I ultimately settled with installing 4 different single-locale builds of Firefox and using them separately (en_US, pt_BR, es_MX, and sv_SV).