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Misc Notes about Android Build environments

Headless Android SDK Installs

If your a fan of GUIs, installing the base SDK and platforms is as simple as running tools/android from the Base SDK directory.

But if your not, then it's a pain in the tuckus, but I discovered how the GUI gets it's updates :)

The magic is all contained in a manifest file repository.xml which lists all the SDKs and AddOns that are available to download.

2.2 SDK manifest entry snippet
    <sdk:description>Android SDK Platform 2.2_r1</sdk:description>
        <sdk:archive os="linux" arch="any">
            <sdk:checksum type="sha1">eec1e438e39de6d9ef9fad7bc2cb229b73dfea39</sdk:checksum>

if you take the repository.xml url and add the sdk:url item's value you get the download path for the 2.2 SDK zip file.

SDK Install "recipe"

  • Download the base SDK
  • download the platform SDK(s)
  • extract the base SDK and "install" the platform SDK
tar xf android-sdk_r06-linux_86.tgz
cd android-sdk-linux_86/platforms
unzip /path/to/it/
mv android-2.2_r01-linux android-8
unzip /path/to/it/
mv android-2.1_r01-linux android-7