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Items that are stricken were resolved in Gecko 1.9


  • tear off tabs
  • enable/disable plugins
  • enable/disable addons without restart
  • cross-platform notification strategy (ship Growl?)

XUL/UI Toolkit Visual Enhancements

  • glow (gradient?) border effect
  • throb effect
  • animation of UI elements
  • smooth sliding
  • zoom/shrink effects
  • gaussian blur effects
  • fade in/out
    • enn: some work done on DOM/CSS manipulation, was slow; SVG?
  • smooth drag and drop w/snapback and "ghost" preview effects
    • enn: this is in nightly builds
  • ability to insert rich formatted & image content in context & drop-down menus
    • enn: see bug 279703, which could enable this, and is already blocking-1.9
  • opaque and transparent XUL overlays that contain active UI
    • enn: <overlay> tag implemented on all but Mac atm

XUL/UI Toolkit Functional Enhancements

  • ability to theme differently based on OS version (ie: XP vs. Vista)
  • ability to change the theme without restarting (bug 134260)
  • Possibly more new XUL controls
    • mfinkle: Maybe I am reaching here, extensions want the same kind of UI's that are possible with modern DHTML toolkits.
    • mfinkle: Perhaps we should treat this as a separate library, like FUEL, but for controls.
  • Integration with Windows systray and OSX dock (bug 325353)
    • mfinkle: patch for systray exists
  • Complete the Growl integration for nsIAlertService on OSX
  • GKO-008c Linking Content/Chrome Frame Trees -
    • mfinkle: This will allow extensions to display chrome over content very easily (bug 130078)
  • drawing on the content area and not having any lag when scrolling the page
    • XUL templates within XUL templates (already possible?)
    • XML/SQLite-backed XUL templates
      • shaver: especially with the advent of cross-site XHR.
      • shaver: could be exposing a scriptable SAX/JSON parser to content, which we could then FUEL-wrap to provide template-like behaviour
      • shaver: Object,encodeAsJSON and String.prototype.parseJSON might fit in there too.

Tracing/debugging support for extdev

  • tracing hooks for: Extension install, update and install process.
  • tracing hooks for: Overlay processing
  • tracing hooks for: Chrome/manifest resolution
  • tracing hooks for: Component registration
  • diagnostics and tracing for XUL template processing