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These are projects I am managing for Firefox2 (listed with significant subcomponents):

  • Places (page, search, subscriptions, browser UI, tags) — bugs
  • In-Page RSS (sniffing, content conversion, UI) — bug
  • Browser Window Update (ui organization) — bug
  • Search (back end, apis, ui, discovery) — bug
  • Inline Spell Check (dictionary distribution) — bug

Groups where discussion about these projects takes place:

  • (subscribe to the mailing list before posting otherwise your message may be held for moderation indefinitely)

Contributors on the critical path for the features I am managing:

  • Brett Wilson (FT) (places, spell check)
  • Annie Sullivan (FT) (places)
  • Joe Hughes (FT) (places, browser UI)
  • Pam Greene (FT) (places, ???)
  • Brian Ryner (MT) (places)
  • Gavin Sharp (PT) (search: bug 317107, new search service)
  • Robert Sayre (PT) (rss: bug 325080, feed parsing service)
  • Christian Biesinger (PT) (rss: bug 324985, first chance at content sniffing)

FT = Full Time, MT = Majority Time or 50%, PT = Part Time.

These are projects I am contributing to:

  • Visual Identity Refresh

These are projects I am monitoring:

  • Tabbed Browsing Enhancements
  • Session Restore

Milestone Objectives

Firefox2 Alpha1 Objectives

  • places dogfood enabled
  • core component requirements for feed handling checked in (biesi, sayrer)
  • search service back end (gavin)

Firefox2 Alpha2 Objectives

  • places front end content-complete
  • browser front end content-complete
  • search service front end content-complete
  • rss front end content-complete
  • spell checking enabled for us-english


Pointy haired stuff

Daily To-Do List

  • triage Bugs for each feature: places, feeds, search
  • checkpoint for blockers
  • engineering work!

Weekly To-Do List

  • checkpoint global milestone progress
  • summarize status