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AIM: bentrem ICQ: 6518338 Jabber: hfxbenATnureality.ca EMail: bernard.d.tremblayATgmail.com

2NOV08 - back after ?what? almost 2.5 years away

Profile at https://developer.mozilla.org/User:BenTrem MozDev and google.

ParDelib Project Journal MozDawg on DAV & Docs c2.com UserProfile

HomePage (perenially beta) Wiki

In reply to Phil Pearson's "OK Ben, your turn! Who are you?  :-)", I wrote this:

"Looking at what you just added to your user page moves me to answer BenTrem is a) a Pearson-era bus-hippie who ended up ComRsch 291 and DewLine, eventually raising 5 kids in the hills of Cape Breton Island, and b) ferr shurr not Phillip Pearson. But to be a bit more self-revealing, I'm variously a tech_docs specialist (MIL-SPEC / FMECA spoken here) and ummm a ?what? activist siddha."

Earlier today I replied to something from FFII and asked for KWiki write-access; by way of introduction I included this set of links:

OMG I just remembered the resume I wrote ... prolly one of the first things I published ... when, fall of 1994? Only slightly revised from time to time. heh sooooooo Web1.0!

My newest: BenTrem at AimPages