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Project Blueprint


Short description: Filmmaking is inherently collaborative with systems and processes that have developed over the past 100 years to tell stories through images and sound. Creating courseware that facilitates sharing and learning can move the focus to the stories as the cooperative framework is established.

Audience: Filmmakers and storytellers who are emerging and established.

Goals: The main goals are to have a series of resources that can be used in the creation and planning of the production of short films. A secondary goal is to provide an online connection and collaborative environment to share and build upon the knowledge of other filmmakers. The main benefits for participants are to increase their knowlege of filmmaking practices, to connect with other filmmakers, and to collaborate in the planing and production of films.

How does it work?: Initially I will set up things using Moodle to start things off.

Similar projects: Need to research this

Open Technology

The materials will initially be organized using the open source Course Management System Moodle. The Celtx media pre-production application will be used as a key tool for planning productions. Celtx is built with the XUL Mozilla application framework.