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I put the android sdk tools in my PATH, if you haven't you'll have to fully qualify emulato, adp, etc.

to launch the emulator:

~/android-sdk-mac_86/tools/emulator -avd android2.1 -memory 256 -partition-size 512 -wipe-data


  • I named my virtual device android2.1, hence "-avd android2.1"
  • "-memory 256" gives you some more RAM to play with, not crucial
  • "-partition-size 512" is crucial to give you enough space on the emulator to copy your files
  • -wipe-data ensures you start with a clean slate. It deletes /data and /system

to push a build:

adb push mozilla-droid/objdir/dist/fennec /data/local/fennec

to launch a test program: note this doesn't work for launching fennec

adb shell LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/data/local/fennec /data/local/fennec/<program you want to run>

to launch a remote debugger: do all the set up stuff in Android

adb shell LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/data/local/fennec gdbserver localhost:1234 /data/local/fennec/fennec

and run gdb it a new shell as described in Android

still trying to figure out how to get gdb to load shared lib symbols correctly, the work around is to load the library you're most interested in directly