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I volunteer (OR) about:volunteers


It's not a secret that most of contributors to the Mozilla projects are volunteers.

So do I.

I am working almost every days on different tasks as L20n, QA, Mozmill, Marketing, Army of Awesome, SUMO, writing e-mail, engaging the community in my country and in Europe, responding to blog post, writing articles, etc.

Why I am doing that and how everyone can do the same(from my point of view).

Yes, there are a lot of websites and resources that can show people how to do that and probably why to do that, but I think an opinion from a community member can be the most important prove for our marketing strategy - to engage people and to help them to be a part from an open community like Mozilla. How easy is to start contributing to Mozilla?



Building the Community.

The other thing I will share is how being part of several (open) communities can be useful and even more than welcome. I think FOSSDEM is the place we (I) can show that everyone can be part of Mozilla, because we (all) are Mozilla.

Top of the cream

Since being part of community is to find and test some nice features,I will show how I can control Firefox with my voice using simon-listens project and a Firefox add on.