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Review Checklist.


hg import --no-commit "<patch url>"

Does it apply?

make -f 

Does it build?

cd ..\<objdir>
make mozmill
make xpcshell-tests
make check

Does it pass all the tests?
  Sometimes you can run a subset with one of the following:

make SOLO_TEST=folder-display mozmill-one
make SOLO_TEST=folder-display/test-message-window.js mozmill-one
make SOLO_FILE="test_attachmentChecker.js" -C mail/base/test/ check-one

Make sure there's a test included which fails without the patch, but passes with the patch.

Since there's a test, make sure the test uses "accelKey" in place of "ctrlKey".


Does it pass<patch url>&file=

Check function arguments (start with 'a', documented in header).


To be filled in.


To be filled in.