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Road to great justice for schedulerdb!

Test cases

Description Manually tested? Automated test in place? Notes
Builds should happen after a checkin [DONE]
Nightly en-US build should trigger repacks after build is done [DONE]
Change to locale repo should trigger a single repack [DONE]
Nightly builds should get fired [DONE]
Release l10n repacks should get fired
Queued changes / builds are restored after restarting buildbot master [DONE]
Multiple masters can share the same database for the same builders [DONE]
Test that sendchanges between masters is working [DONE]
Test that nomerge changes aren't getting merged (e.g. talos runs, unittest runs, l10n repacks) [DONE]
Test that builds that get abandoned because of a failed master get re-run [DONE]
Test that new buildbot code can work with old master
Test that builds,repacks produced are valid
Test mobile master code



  • March 1st-April 6th
    • deploy new python, twisted toolchain on staging master
    • deploy current buildbot tip on staging master and slaves, start testing current patches (see test cases to exercise above)
  •  ??? Buildbot 0.8.0 release or choosing some stable revision prior to release
    • not all issues blocking 0.8.0 release affect us
  • April 5-7 Deploy buildbot 0.8.0 on staging build/unittest master
  • April 12 Deploy buildbot, python, twisted onto production build masters and slaves
    • pm01, pm03 to start. pm01 will be the 'scheduler' master, and possibly handle one builder pod as well.
    • One low-traffic branch to start. Places?
    • Will need to steal slaves from other masters. Could impact wait times.
    • Slave upgrade isn't strictly necessary to do, but feels right thing to do.
      • has the potential to break builds (if e.g. part of build doesn't work with python 2.6). If needed, we could isolate build tools from system tools.


  • TBD
    • deploy new python, twisted toolchain on talos staging master
    • deploy current buildbot tip on talos staging master and slaves, start testing current patches
    • blocked on access to staging env?
  • TBD Deploy buildbot 0.8.0 on staging talos master
  • TBD Deploy buildbot onto production talos masters and slaves
    • Python / twisted upgrade on production talos masters (going to python 2.6.4, twisted 9.0.0 or 9.0.1).


  • The current try server code doesn't need to be touched, since all that code is going to be integrated into the main configs, which should "just work".
  • Talos can be handled later if required. Its scheduling is pretty straightforward. It's also a good piece to test in parallel with the build bits.
  • Release configs can be handled later as well. We're going to be rolling out onto a few branches at first. Until all the current masters are moved over, releases can be done on the old masters.