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Here's some general layout plans for the STEEL library docs.

  • Start Page (STEEL)
    • Docs
      • Object Pages
    • Examples
    • Development Plans

Start Page

Should list:

  • Goals
  • Contributors
  • Links to other pages


  • Explanation
  • FUEL links
  • Application Object
    • Object List (Application.*)

Object Pages

  • Object and it's hierarchy
  • Description
  • Properties
  • Methods

We should list links inline to examples that use each method and property in some way such that people looking up a certain method or property can also see it in action in an example.


  • Docs page
  • List of examples
    • Example Pages

Example pages should link to the relevant docs for different methods they use such that people can go back and forth. See an example using a method in one way, you should go to the docs and see a list of other examples using that same method in perhaps other ways.

Development Plans

  • Current releases
  • Known Bugs and Bugzilla Queries
  • Description of future plans