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The decision was made that only add-ons from should be able to be automatically upgraded on AMO. Steps to get there:

Tracker: bug 697863

  • [bug 685378] Adjust SDK to allow us to send the builder key/value in package.json
  • [bug 699509] Add builder identifier to package.json (in reality, add to jetpack_package table)
  • [bug 699519] AMO should pick up on the builder identifier in the package.json
  • AMO should only send "builder" add-ons to be repacked via the admin tool
  • AMO should only send the necessary data to builder (no longer the file URL)
    • What data does builder need?
      • <em:id> (AMO calls this the GUID, Builder calls it the jid)
      •  ??
  • Builder should only require the necessary data from AMO (no longer the file URL)
    • see above
  • Builder should use its knowledge of the add-on to build a new package instead of trying to repack one that AMO sends