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  • php5
  • mysqli
  • mbstring extension (up2date -i php-mbstring)
  • gd extension (up2date -i php-gd)

Main install

  • Setup a database
  • Extract Drupal 5.1 somewhere
  • chmod o+w sites/default/settings.php
  • Load the drupal installation in your browser
  • Fill in the db info and hit submit
  • chmod o-w sites/default/settings.php
  • mkdir files and make it writable by your webserver
  • (eventually import a db, but for now:)
    • create admin account
    • disable comment,
    • enable locale, path, localizer.*
    • enable module::localizer's "multilingual content support"
    • enable clean urls
    • enable all the locales you want
  • Make sure nothing is red on the ?q=admin/logs/status page
  • cp* to /img/
  • cp* to /js/
  • cp* to /style/
  • Run the script