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This has been moved to Update:Localizers - Please use that page instead!

One of the big advantages of Remora is support for localization.

Generally, localizations will only be accepted from people who are already active members of a language team which starts here.

Steps to localizing AMO in a new language

This is a comprehensive list of steps to completely localize's interface from English into another language.

  • Search Bugzilla for the words "Remora Localization (xx)" where xx is your locale code.
    • If a bug appears for your locale, then someone is already working on it. This will be a case by case basis depending on how far along the translation is, but if the bug isn't resolved, I'd suggest commenting in the bug and offering to help there.
  • Assuming a bug doesn't exist, create a new bug with a Summary of "Remora Localization (xx)" (replace xx with your locale) and a description announcing your intention to localize Remora for that locale.
  • Translate the main english gettext file
    • If you're not sure what the Plural-Forms are for your language, mention this in the bug and we can help
    • Attach the completed document to your bug
  • When this is all complete, please post a comment in your bug asking for all updates to be pushed to the staging site for review.

An optional (but recommended) aside:

After a locale has been setup, it's possible for a localizer to add/edit translations with little to no help from the admins/developers. We're happy to assist if we can, but once a localizer learns the process, we usually just slow things down, so:

Once everything is setup, when you login to, there will be a link in the left menu that says "localizer tools." It holds links to change dynamic data in the system - if you'd like more instruction here, look us up in #addons on irc.

I suspect most (if not all) localizers already have SVN accounts for (from bug 356627). If you have an account already, and you would like to be able to manage the files in SVN yourself (this is everything that isn't dynamic data), please:

  • Reopen the original bug that was filed to get you SVN access
  • Click "edit" next to the word "Blocks" and add "xxxxxx" to the comma separated list (note: the "give localizers access to remora" bug doesn't exist yet. When it does, replace xxxxxx with whatever it is)
  • In the comments, request SVN access to: