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About me

  • My name is Jesus Christian Cruz Acono. I'm are a Open Web and Mozilla Technologies evangelist for Mozilla México community
  • I'm User of Mozilla's Products from 2004 and mozilla volunter from 2008.
  • I'm a regular speaker on Free Software event on the country, Freedom Fighter and PHP enthusiastic.
  • Count whit more Than 4 years of experience in free software community and projects.
  • I'm live in Apizaco Tlaxcala

What am done?



  • Monologos de la cantina PODCAST [6]


I am Programing in PHP, JS python (for mathematics).

Whit knowled in CSS, XHTML 1 strict y WCAG, XUL coding.

specialized on debugging and fine tuning for php web apps.

Whit skill on accessibility and usability tester.

Amateur GUI designer.

Convinced MVC and SOA developer.

Frustrated poet (half time).

Cheess player (only on the free time).

Taekwondo Artist.

And Fake web user.


  • Jesus(dot)christian(at)cruz(dot)acono(dot)name
  • compermisos on channel #mozilla-mexico
  • compermisos on channel #mozillamexico
  • Jesus(dot)christian(at)cruz(dot)acono(dot)name on gtalk
  • Jesus(dot)christian(at)cruz(dot)acono(dot)name on msn
  • Jesus(dot)christian(at)cruz(dot)acono(dot)name on aim
  • Compermisos on Twitter
  • Linkedin



Mozilla México community website

Personal website