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  • Lv - Linux VM
  • Wv - Windows VM
  • Wm - Windows Machine
  • Mm - Mac Machine

bugs found:


  • private browsing intermittent failure - bug 464942 (resolved) Wv Wm Mm
  • necko unit test failures - probably noise on Wm never recreated anywhere else, there only one of these failures has an associated bug: test_default_index_handler.js encounters strict warnings - bug 448863


mochitest chrome

mochitest browser

  • browser_ctrlTab.js issue - bug 468389 needs [orange] mark, but not exactly same issue, Lv
  • browser_privatebrowsing_findbar.js no bug, Lv
  • browser_privatebrowsing_urlbarfocus, no bug, Lv
  • fuel/browser_Browser timeout bug 458688 Lv
  • browser test crash with exit code -1073741819 Wv (search for bug)
  • lots of leaks on macM, search for bug
  • browser_bug431826.js - bug 478241 Mm
  • leaks on windowsM as well. Same leaks as mac? bug? (todo)

mochitest a11y

  • linuxvm doesn't appear to have built a11y getting nsIAccessibleEvent undefined on every single run I thought that was on by default :(
  • intermittent failure on Wv (no bug) test_events_caretmove.html Wrong caret offset for textbox
  • leaks on mac (todo)



  • 399712-1 Lv (no bug) timeout waiting for onload
  • 232095-1.xul Mm(no bug) timeout waiting for onload
  • 406904-1.html Mm(no bug) timeout waiting for onload
  • 446328.html Mm(no bug) timeout waiting for onload
  • 151054-1.xml Wm, Mm(no bug) timeout waiting for onload
  • 391898-1.html Wm, Mm(no bug) timeout waiting for onload
  • 395335-1.xhtml Wv(no bug) timeout waiting for onload
  • 382376-1.xhtml Wm (no bug) timeout...
  • 432561-1.html Wm bug 472159 (maemo, no orange mark)
  • 265986-1.html Wm no bug timeout
  • 50395-1.html Wm no bug timeout
  • 441360.html Wm bug 455463 (no orange mark)
  • 438509-1.html
  • 322436-1.html
  • 364407-1.html
  • 368276-1.xhtml
  • 325967-1.html
  • 397844-1.xhtml
  • 336074-1.xhtml
  • 385852-1.svg