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1.9.3 Triage: nominations

1.9.3 alpha 1 Status: Open blockers

topcrashes: Windows nightly, Friday, Feb. 5

Lorentz on Windows Alpha: blockers


I'm trying to build a list of what features we want to get Web developer testing on in 1.9.3 alphas and what their current status is.

Description Bug Expected landing Expected ready for widespread testing What we want feedback on
out of process plugins (maybe split this into multiple pieces?) bugs, UI?
WebGL bug 516213, etc. landed yes, disabled by pref, spec still changing nothing specific; perf, bugs, etc.
CSS transitions bug 435441, etc. landed ready bugs, missing capabilities
SMIL Animation bug 482402, etc. landed ready (though work on animating some SVG attributes is still in-progress) bugs
significant changes to table borders bug 452319, bug 43178 landed ready bugs
background: -moz-image-rect() bug 113577 landed ready?  ?
CSS calc() values bug 363249 partial support in February? (as of 2010-01-14) February/March? (as of 2010-01-14) bugs, missing capabilities, syntax
Range.getClientRects and Range.getBoundingClientRect bug 396392 landed ready?  ?
Much faster/smaller canvas imagedata bug 534467 end of jan mostly ready, needs reviews bugs, compatibility
x86-64 jit bug 489146 landed ready bugs, performance
Various ECMAScript 5 features es5 bug tree some landed ready bugs, spec compliance
js-ctypes API additions bug 513788 By Feb 5th Same API & usage
setCapture / releaseCapture APIs from IE bug 503943 landed ready bugs, regressions
HTML5 History.pushState() and History.replaceState() bug 500328 landed  ? bugs, regressions
Turn on HTML5 parser bug 373864?  ?  ?  ?

Other changes

Other changes that need banging on but aren't web developer features:

Description Bug Expected landing Expected ready for widespread testing What we want feedback on
Cloning documents for printing bug 487667 landed ready bugs
Scrolling rewrite bug 526394 landed ready? bugs, performance?
CoreText as default Mac text backend bug 517877 landed ready? regressions, general feedback?
Various frametree architecture changes: double-linking, no more primary frame map, destruction rewrite, last-frame pointers. bug 512336, bug 500882, bug 233463, bug 508473 landed ready bugs
Async visited checks bug 461199 end of jan end of jan bugs, performance
Change {ib} splits to follow spec and be faster bug 501847 landed ready compatibility issues
Doing restyles lazily off the refresh driver bug 528306 landed ready compatibility issues
Async reflow and paint on text control .value changes bug 259636 landed ready compatibility issues

Other Issues

  • 64-bit as supported platform for Windows, OSX and Linux
    • Linux builds have existed for a while, but unsupported
    • Josh has done some work on 64 bit OSX builds
    • No work to date on 64 bit for Windows
  • Can we ship 64-bit Linux for alpha 1?
  • are regressions from setCapture (on sites feature-detecting it) a problem?
  • out-of-process-plugins enabled or not?
    • watch to see how enabling it on m-c goes?


  • go to build (includes version bump?)
  • start page (like this)
  • release notes (like this)
  • bouncer?
  • devnews post (like this) - highlights from release notes
    • should this also get sent to mozilla.announce?
    • also post to