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	This is the user sandbox of User:Jayabharat.
	A user sandbox is a sub-page of the user's user page.
	It serves as a testing spot and page development space for the user.
	It is not an Mozilla Wiki article.

Army of awesome community guidelines


  • Participants should not spam AoA (see definition of spam)
  • In the event that they come across a user spamming they are to report it to a moderator as soon as one becomes available
  • Must be available in #AoA IRC channel in Moznet when replying to the tweets.

What is considered as spam?

  • Replies that are not related to the user's concern
  • Sending irrelevant tweets and posts ##Insert an Example here. ##
  • Replies when somebody has already posted a relevant reply

Despite the word spam being derived from a Monty Python's sketch, spamming is frowned upon and it could lead to a ban.

Work flow

  • Select Unanswered from drop down list, if not selected already. ##pic##
  • Reply only to tweets that require support. ##Insert an Example here. ##
  • Do not reply to tweets mentioning @firefox or @mozilla (Social Media team is running these accounts. They will respond to those tweets.)
  • Identify spam posts and do not respond. If you see a same tweet by many users, it is very likely that it is a spam tweet. Try to avoid replying to those tweets.
  • Wait for at least 30 to 45 seconds between two replies.
  • Check if the user who is tweeting is a member of Mozillians (staff or Volunteer) on their bio in their twitter profile.
  • Remove irrelevant tweets using the remove button.

(If the button is not visible, ensure that you are signed in and force refresh the page)

  • Customise your responses as per individual needs (so that your tweets are unique!)


AoA spamming

In the event of a volunteer spamming the AoA, please follow the guidelines below.

  • If not yet seen by a moderator it is to be reported to one
  • The volunteer must be warned. Share the link to the participation guidelines with the spammer.
  • If the spam continues post three warnings, the account used for spamming must be banned by a moderator. Moderator must email the volunteer explaining the reasons for the ban. Email must also include the procedure to request for the lift of ban, if applicable.

See ##templates##


If you have noticed someone doing a fabulous job in Army of Awesome, refer them to a moderator so that they can be recognized. Send their user name to madalina for swag.


  • Replies must be relevant and customized.
  • Solutions are as much accurate as possible.
  • Replies are comprehensible.
  • Replied to user's follow-up questions, if any / Followed up with the user, if necessary

See ##templates##

Becoming a moderator


  • Volunteer is active in SUMO / AoA for x period of time.
  • Is very consistent in maintaining the quality of replies.
  • Involved in internal communications within AoA.


Recognition template

Hello ##insert username or name##, I am a ##moderator's name##, moderator for SUMO (Army of Awesome). We here at SUMO have noticed that you are contributing to AoA and you are doing a wonderful job. I would like to congratulate you for your work. Keep Rocking.

Warning message template

Hello ##insert user name or name##, I am a ##moderator's name##, moderator for SUMO (Army of Awesome). I have been informed of inappropriate activity on your account and I would like to refer you to the [ ##link here ## participation guidelines]. Please read and understand the guidelines before participating in AoA or SUMO. If you have any doubts or need any clarifications, you may contact me via ##preferred contact method##. Failure to adhere to community guidelines will lead to a ban from the community.

Draft copied from Authors: Madalina, Costenslayer