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Short description: There will be two parts, (1) a course about open education and «openness» in general and (2) a system to aggregate different blogs and information from the University.

Audience: Students and staff of the University


  • Students learn about open movement-
  • Students learn to use technologies of colaborative creation
  • Students participate in a community or open project

How does it work?: The Faculty in which I studied doesn't have specific courses about openness neither new information technologies. The first goal is create a course to begin discussion about this topics. In this course I plan to create a first small network that aggregate blogs and sites of other courses. In long term this network could be the network of the entire Faculty.

Similar projects: This project has easy connections with Mary Washington project and with Open Education course. I'am interested in some relationship with communities like Seneca project has, as well. But I have to think with which community a Faculty of social science could make a relation. I suppose that I could work with Joss Winn project.

Open Technology

Possible technologies available

  • Wordpress MU or Elgg
  • Moodle
  • Modified Weave?

Open Content / Licensing

I don't be in any Institution right now, that make it easy to choose a license. Right now, the content created by myself will have a Creative Commons Attribution License of Argentina. The students will could choose between differents Creative Commons License.

Open Pedagogy

My faculty doesn't have online courses. I will make a mix between classes at classroom and different technologies. Every student will have to write a blog and there will be a wiki to write colaboratively the next course.

I will write a text for every class and students could make comments to it (maybe using commentpress and a wordpress blog). There will be a planet to read all the blog post of the students.

I really like David Wiley approach at Brigham Young University

Diagram / Sketch