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Draft strategy for a newly arrived Lightning hacker

  • set up IRC client to auto-join #education, #calendar, and #maildev
  • use #education as a first place to ask for help (especially on stuff not specific to Ltn or Tb)
  • pull Thunderbird and Lightning from comm-central, make a build that works
  • find a few [good first bug]s and do them
  • find a bug with a student-project keyword, discuss with humph/Fallen and do it
  • talk to Fallen to find next project

Straw-man plan to make above happen

  • find a reasonable set of lightning bugs (10?) to give student-project keyword
  • review existing [good first bug]s to ensure that they're still relevant and make sense
  • start directing newbies to #education and humph
  • draft/publish Lightning near-term roadmap
  • draft blog post asking for help, with links to the ramp-up process above and the various buglists
  • send version of blog posts to various folks who have expressed interest in the past (dmose has a partial list)
  • Make documentation more appealing, provide landing page for new developers