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TLD Applicants Who Have Gone Public

Urban Communities

Cultural and Linguistic Communities

Continental Communities

Semi-public TLDs

  • dotLOVE .love (and related, strictly positive, almost biblical? domains) - endorsed by Dr. Masaru Emoto of What the Bleep? fame

Other Proposed TLDs

  • .health (United Nations)
  • .union
  • .gprs
  • .lib / .bib / .arc (archives and libaries)
  • .bank/.giro/.barcode/.stock TLDs (proposed by CORE in Jan 2006)
  • other regional TLDs (.nrw, ...)
  • other city TLDs (.tokyo, .london, ...)
  • .kid / .kids
  • single letter TLDs (.y, .g, ...)
  • .ianal ("I am not a lawyer") - dot IANAL proposal by Google employee Douwe Osinga