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Top 25 flash video sites

Not including porn -- those we'll have to figure out later/separately.

Top Flash game sites

further research

P1 locales

  • Android: US, UK, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Spain
  • Metro: tbd
  • Desktop: tbd


Source: alexa


Source: alexa


List from Gen Kanai...

  1. Google sites (i.e. Youtube)
  2. Dwango co. ltd. (
  3. FC2 Inc. (a leading Japanese blog platform)
  4. Ustream
  5. Dailymotion
  6. Anitube
  7. Yahoo! sites (includes Gyao!)
  8. Tencent Inc. (the Chinese corp)
  9. DMM (largely adult)
  10. VEVO


Most sites, except Acfun and Bilibili, have an advertisement for a minute before the real video begins. Be patient please.

Acfun and Bilibili have "Niconico-styled comment system" which overlays video with comments. This should be rendered correctly too.

Sites such as Youku, Bilibili, Letv, etc provides native HTML5 player for mobile devices but only low-resolution is available.