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Project pages needed

Where do these fit in the priority list?

  • Improve page load error page
  • Register Firefox as an bookmarking/reading app other apps can "Send" to
  • More add-on hooks in UI

Creative briefs

Proposed P1s

  • Password handling and UX
  • mCommerce optimizations on tablet (focus on Amazon integration to start, and iterate later)
  • Search improvements (talk with Bryan about what he's got in mind for Androi
  • Firefox Messaging (finding the in-browser cupcake)
  • Guided customization & setup experience

Proposed P2s

  • Privacy and security improvements (fka: Stealthfox)
  • Send to device
  • Content discovery
  • Tablet optimizations
  • Location-awareness in Fennec
  • Microformats detection and handling
  • Tab management improvements
  • Webcards as a standard (part of webapps?)
  • Fennec accessibility improvements

Proposed P3s

  • Fennec for Developers
  • Fennec for Enterprise
  • Task lists
  • Content organization
  • Workspaces
  • Social content integration
  • Download improvements
  • How can we better support and protect the user?
  • Frecency improvements
  • Launcher/search widget (android app?)
  • Firefox Home revisited (sep app, also on iOS)
  • User dashboard (FHR++++)

User:Dria/Other stuff/Notes (extra details on some, non-essential just threw them in there so I don't lose them)