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Developer Tools: Console

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ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1299811 -- DevTools console XHR POST tab do not show the arrays values UNCONFIRMED
1195112 -- Repeating messages in console (which have red bubble with number) should have the same height as normal ones NEW
1213427 -- Investigate why browser_webconsole_output_04.js fails on Linux when invisibleToDebugger is true NEW
1319080 -- Web console should not offer JS evaluation on system-privileged pages unless is turned on NEW
1057702 -- Logging primitive constructor's prototypes doesn't give good previews NEW
1411942 -- Revisit self-XSS protection NEW
1327518 -- "Show DOM Properties" deletes all typed text from split console NEW
1092836 -- Warn about TLS 1.0 usage NEW
1419089 -- Have a way to get at event listeners when inspecting an EventTarget in console NEW
1115151 -- CORS: better message in console for mismatches NEW
1346849 -- console.log sometimes doesn't show stack trace from Error NEW
1426663 -- Web console timestamps returns timestamp value for answer earlier than timestamp value for command (incorrect order?) UNCONFIRMED
1151138 -- console.log(someErrorObject) doesn't have a pretty, clickable stack NEW
1164213 -- Reimplement the Closure Inspector (aka ".%") UNCONFIRMED
1171759 -- And a "break here" context menu on exception stack traces in the console NEW
1436118 -- There should be a console message when a script is not run because it has type `application/javascript;version=1.8` NEW
1204728 -- console auto-linking/linkification is too greedy and will include closing parens and probably other stuff, breaking links NEW
1438482 -- logErrorInPage should produce an error log ASSIGNED Jan Honza Odvarko [:Honza]
1221315 -- The 'ID' field in a SW message generated by importScripts isn't fully resolved NEW
1239029 -- Simulate click in browser_webconsole_netlogging_panel.js test NEW
1415501 -- Consider increasing the indent width of the ObjectInspector NEW
1334299 -- Option to disable logging of console messages while the console is closed UNCONFIRMED
1108868 -- Make CSS Errors actionable. NEW
1342048 -- console.log(X) does not give output anymore UNCONFIRMED
1257918 -- Confusing TypeError error in Web Console NEW
1121428 -- Selecting the type of query in the console tab as well as in the network tab. UNCONFIRMED
68951 -- Ability to save output in Browser Console or web console to a file REOPENED
1425538 -- Move the NotificationBox as a sibling of the ConsoleOutput NEW
1350742 -- Console history of executed commands is shared between private and non-private windows UNCONFIRMED
1158478 -- Copying in Browser Console omits the path and severity NEW
1431062 -- NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIInterfaceRequestor.getInterface] network-monitor.js:306 UNCONFIRMED
1280228 -- Async stack trace with multiple promises hides some frames NEW
1166391 -- Migrate web console / hud view source to view-source.js NEW
1434207 -- Clearing innerHTML of the outputNode element can be slow NEW
1291717 -- HTTP log inspection shows JavaScript code as JSON NEW
1182943 -- Variables declared in the web console are configurable which confuses people NEW
1195456 -- Log HTML validation errors ( optionally ) NEW
952848 -- Should be able to put the console into strict mode NEW
1215120 -- Objects logged in a worker come through as [Object object] NEW
1413004 -- Add telemetry for result of evaluating expression in Console NEW
1094708 -- Browser Console not cleared when Private window closed UNCONFIRMED
1337383 -- Add telemetry to measure Security warning & error messages NEW
1116276 -- Join Browser Console and Web Console and create a drop down filter to let the user decide to see chrome or content logging or both UNCONFIRMED
1424159 -- [a11y] Trees presented by console are inaccessible NEW
1134512 -- Support background-image with URLs in styling console NEW
1427087 -- Error in console from another tab UNCONFIRMED
1153647 -- window object in console not same as in scripts on resource:// pages UNCONFIRMED
1429971 -- Console format specifiers on Symbols UNCONFIRMED
1164776 -- Implement Firebug's include(url[, alias]) / include(alias) NEW
1172179 -- Console.jsm dump output should recursively handle objects (e.g. array of DOM nodes) NEW
973580 -- Indicate why Font fails to load from local filesystem (Downloadable font: download failed) NEW
1222447 -- events() helper for DOM Nodes NEW
1239183 -- Use XHTML as the default namespace in webconsole.xul NEW
1410643 -- Display an error in the console when a CSS file’s Content-Type is incorrect UNCONFIRMED
1326732 -- Element highlight from object inspector doesn't disappear NEW
1417245 -- Highlight search result matches in the console UI NEW
1335487 -- console.clear called from iFrame clears logs of parent frame NEW
1109612 -- source code of failed script is not displayed when the failed code was activated through eval NEW
1420381 -- Clicking the script location on a console message do not open the debugger UNCONFIRMED
1258779 -- Browser Console discards query string of URI UNCONFIRMED
1124315 -- Warning message "JavaScript 1.6's for-each-in loops are deprecated; consider using ES6 for-of instead" is displayed with completely wrong source file (RemoteAddonsParent.jsm) NEW
228205 -- Redesign nsIConsoleService and related APIs NEW
1425545 -- Remove variables view related function from jsterm.js NEW
1145783 -- [e10s] Console load perf problem on non-e10s windows NEW
1160854 -- Super lag on autocompletion when typing in browser console NEW
1167757 -- Consider triggering completion on ENTER NEW
1434563 -- keys and values jsterm helpers override global content functions NEW
1216836 -- Blackboxed scripts still show line numbers in console.log UNCONFIRMED
1236868 -- Autocomplete popup causes xul:panel to hide NEW
1060904 -- Black box top N frames when deriving log message source location NEW
1413047 -- Relax multi-line rules for creating a new line when pressing Enter NEW
1331664 -- Browser Console in Web Developer menu has a strange connection to the pref NEW
1096618 -- Could not launch viewsource window from Browser Console if corresponding main window is closed NEW
1419384 -- Rename console.streamlog DAMP test NEW
1337701 -- console.log omits properties of some objects UNCONFIRMED
1118301 -- [e10s] Web console logging disabled when using Jetpack add-on and e10s NEW
1424537 -- Web assembly linker errors don't appear when instantiated from web workers NEW
1347620 -- Open ajax request in right panel in Console tab instead of opening it in Network tab UNCONFIRMED
1136299 -- Move the console input in-line with the logs ASSIGNED Abhinav Koppula
1164882 -- Implement Firebug's monitor/unmonitor commands UNCONFIRMED
1432994 -- When dom.indexedDB.enabled is false, browser console reports InvalidStateErrors on opening NEW
1287694 -- Notify users of stale sources in console logs when persistent logs is enabled NEW
1172337 -- Console error output should handle Error subclasses better NEW
1437567 -- Major jank with dev tools open on Youtube NEW
1191395 -- Investigate a nicer way to represent cyclical references in objects NEW
1209094 -- Blocked CORS requests should be logged to the console NEW
1228388 -- In-flight HTTP transfers are a bit too subtly indicated in the transfer log. NEW
1240203 -- Warnings and errors should be localized with the language of the debugger device and not the language of the debugged device NEW
1410820 -- Console input does not allow await evaluation NEW
1327375 -- Background doesn't apply entirely to long message in console (+ text in other messages is wrapped incorrectly) NEW
1081438 -- Web Console Multi-line input proposal: Add a hidden pref that turn Shift-Enter to Enter, and Enter to Ctrl+Enter NEW
1418850 -- The multiple "Copy" actions are confusing NEW
1335701 -- Allow disabling website messages in browser console NEW
1111089 -- [meta] Console papercuts NEW
1420826 -- Add console.hex() to be able to log binary data to the console NEW
1126858 -- the Browser Console fails to format a certain exception object UNCONFIRMED
435025 -- [meta] Make Mozilla Error Messages Better NEW
1425674 -- Browser stops responding when doing ToString on a large value in the devtools console UNCONFIRMED
1147039 -- Link printed options to the file where that object was created NEW
713398 -- Need a Single, Consistent Entry Format for Errors, Warnings, and Messages NEW
1163688 -- Implement $1..$4 (aka second-last..fifth-last inspected elements) UNCONFIRMED
1169123 -- newline character added to prompt in webconsole NEW
1384227 -- setTimeout callback doesn't fire when run from the console input field UNCONFIRMED
1437737 -- [wpt-sync] PR 9008 - Add format-specifier-applied-to-Symbol console tests NEW
1201479 -- Intermittent failure in opening the web console NEW
1399207 -- Memory leak loading gmail while browser console is open NEW
1217590 -- Variables view 'delete' function doesn't work in worker console NEW
1323478 -- It's really hard to debug rogue addons that violate CSP NEW
1064242 -- Browser console without open browser windows can't open view source windows for files triggering errors/warnings NEW
1244024 -- Visualize error position NEW
1340456 -- Long server messages are cut off after 200000 characters. UNCONFIRMED
1121038 -- Command line interpreter unresponsive NEW
1425519 -- [META] Migrate Jsterm to React/Redux NEW
1262816 -- Poor color choice for Network error in the indent column of the Web Console tool UNCONFIRMED
1137448 -- Webconsole history items should be pushed onto saved stack instead of replacing it NEW
1157697 -- Treat same-site cert errors as identical-to-previous in the browser console. NEW
1430810 -- [Meta-Bug] Remove console.jsm NEW
1278842 -- Middle mouse click on "Learn more" JS Error links should open in new tab UNCONFIRMED
1433373 -- Jump to definition button in console does not handle sourcemap NEW
1176575 -- The console input is operational even if the toolbox is minimized NEW
1212048 -- inspect fails with an exception NEW
1402263 -- JSTerm should work with the Launchpad NEW
1231489 -- Custom properties of primitive prototypes are not autocompleted NEW
1241289 -- Console messages logged from a page aren't shown in Browser Console with e10s if Browser Console is opened after the messages were logged NEW
1327443 -- Split console - not all shortcuts propagate to opened tool (e.g. Ctrl+P in debugger) NEW
1091922 -- Add SHA-1 warnings to web console for intermediate certificates NEW Mark Goodwin [:mgoodwin]
1113954 -- console defines commands that pollute the namespace, can confuse developer during debugging NEW
1345415 -- Missing feature: copy response body from console UNCONFIRMED
1133252 -- SyntaxError styling is unreadible (especially for the color-blind) REOPENED
1265736 -- Refactor the console actors to use protocol.js NEW
1150436 -- CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true and Access-Control-Allow-Origin misleading error message UNCONFIRMED
1428725 -- Crash in `anonymous namespace''::Wrap NEW Andrea Marchesini [:baku]
1164195 -- $x should accept the resultType argument NEW
1432343 -- addMessage in reducers/messages.js has costly by Map constructor NEW
1281996 -- X-Frame-Options warning doesn't show in console after causing load of disallowed site. UNCONFIRMED
1169804 -- JS warnings never show up in the web console NEW
1436109 -- Single backslash inside strings is shown as double backslashes in console output UNCONFIRMED
1204227 -- Console errors are displayed only for first instance of html file, if "persistent logs" and "Net->Log" are enabled NEW
1220690 -- Trimmed links in Web Console shouldn't actually point to a trimmed link NEW
989615 -- Error: 'Debugger.Frame is not live' in WCA_onAutocomplete - actors/webconsole.js REOPENED
1238861 -- Display an error when a page is in Quirks mode NEW
1038850 -- Dev tools console autocomplete flicker NEW
1334130 -- completion bug in console NEW
1105470 -- contentLocation in webconsole.js isn't updated after a redirect NEW
1341462 -- Dev console feature request: Add human-readable output option for JSON objects in console UNCONFIRMED
1121351 -- Use outputted objects in the DevTools console NEW
1425536 -- Create dummy jsterm action and reducer file in Console NEW
1139245 -- Web Console on chrome: URLs allows input even if is false NEW
1427981 -- Add visual indicator in console input to express what pressing "Enter" will do NEW
802543 -- [meta] Some warnings and errors from content appear in Browser Console instead of Web Console NEW
1165639 -- Map string key displayed as number in web console NEW
1433460 -- Give the user a hint on what hitting "Enter" will do in jsterm NEW
1381419 -- [META] Convert JSTerm (Console input) to a Redux/React App NEW
1178577 -- Not all XHR requests are being logged in the console. NEW
1024913 -- Add bash-like reverse search for command history in webconsole NEW
1058130 -- Logging symbols from a worker should work NEW
1327726 -- Errors in console refer to modified arrays instead of original ones NEW
1093953 -- Console CSS errors should give a selector where the error is happening NEW
1337103 -- Console should iterate through asyncParent frames of a stack trace NEW
1116113 -- Developer edition/Browser Console: Turning off Javascript Log hides uncaught exceptions by addon code. UNCONFIRMED
1422711 -- Autocomplete inline hint in jsterm can't handle wide character NEW
1133849 -- Add multiline editor mode to console NEW
1426736 -- Console in browser content toolbox doesn't really work NEW
1153421 -- Can't return an array from a WebConsoleCommands callback NEW
1429805 -- display service worker console messages on related windows in different child processes NEW
1369608 -- Web Console `$0` should autocomplete UNCONFIRMED
1164285 -- Implement Firebug's getEventListeners() NEW
1432775 -- Stack trace is hard to read UNCONFIRMED
1283341 -- Consider script run from the console as user input NEW
1171927 -- Fine tuned logging in devtools code NEW
1437360 -- XHR PUT of JSON comes with a XML parsing error (not on Safari or Chrome) UNCONFIRMED
1204974 -- I should be able to right-click menu on a file name in a console message and copy the full path NEW
1221772 -- Show service worker logs in the webconsole if it's scope matches the scriptURL of a matching Worker / SharedWorker on the page NEW
1239087 -- CSS errors when opening the browser console - Property contained reference to invalid variable. Error in parsing value for 'background-color'. Falling back to 'initial'. NEW
1410470 -- Stop using `rawObj instanceof` NEW
1326655 -- Console looses scroll position if I type multiline command (logs scroll up a bit, so new logs aren't visible) NEW
1068944 -- Meta: Log SSL Errors and Information to the web console NEW Mark Goodwin [:mgoodwin]
1416532 -- All menu names disappear and unable to open new windows if the browser console is the only window open NEW
1109362 -- Show the number of errors in the toolbox NEW
1342259 -- Expose a human-readable message to help debug the failure when creating a script element REOPENED
1122009 -- [e10s] / console.groupEnd in child process corrupts indentation in parent process console e10s NEW
222989 -- Link from Browser Console or web console to source viewer doesn't use cache token (wrong source for POST pages, etc) REOPENED
1425542 -- Move inspectObjectActor away from jsterm.js NEW
1143198 -- Security messages do not display in web console in private browsing mode NEW
1160381 -- Annotate relevant tests for --tag devtools-console NEW
1431067 -- Common error: TypeError: this.sink is null network-monitor.js:527:5 UNCONFIRMED
1280316 -- Stringify or show source of functions in console output NEW
1167086 -- Javascript exceptions from content with chrome privileges don't appear in the add-on console NEW
1293962 -- 'allow pasting' must be typed into the developer tools in every new private browsing session UNCONFIRMED
1199405 -- Exceptions from console REPL doesn't get their stacktrace displayed NEW
1397260 -- Console messages <-> line numbers are hard to follow on wide screens (too much space in between) NEW
1236219 -- Web Console delays (buffers) Network Response display UNCONFIRMED
1026544 -- When developer tools are open, sometimes an element gets highlighted on the page even when the Inspector tab isn't select, and there is no way to make it (the highlight, with element name, dimensions, and blue dotted lines) to go away NEW
1408297 -- [FF56] Developer tools become unresponsive UNCONFIRMED
1060197 -- console.table() output table acts weird while scrolling NEW
1413008 -- Add telemetry on how many lines are executed per expression NEW
1329344 -- Developer console increasing memory consumption on each reload UNCONFIRMED
1096419 -- Can't run things in the console at set js breakpoints NEW
1419358 -- Add a test to ensure navigation markers are not affected by filters NEW
1337585 -- Page reload loop brings down the browser when console is open REOPENED
1116296 -- The Browser console doesn't word wrap at screen width UNCONFIRMED
1424404 -- Photon polish: Remove dotted-line focus ring from Console logs window NEW
1261885 -- Not possible to copy error links from the console NEW
1427416 -- [FF58] Console showing output from other tabs for "blocked mixed-content" UNCONFIRMED
1154359 -- Set $1 ... $n to recent expression results NEW
1277440 -- Intermittent e10s browser_webconsole_bug_644419_log_limits.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW REOPENED
1164880 -- Implement Firebug's debug/undebug commands UNCONFIRMED
1380501 -- [meta] Add ability to open an expanded ObjectInspector in a sidebar NEW
1437538 -- New tab console logs do not persist NEW
930052 -- Autocomplete suggestion in developer console shows at the top of the screen when zoomed in NEW
1208527 -- No view source specific context menu and No highlight of error line when click an error link in Browser Console NEW
1308216 -- Improve performance of bulk logging NEW
1226061 -- Service worker logs coming from nested frames can get wrong value from shouldReportToWindow after a call to getCachedMessages that happens after frame has navigated NEW
1406060 -- [META] Enable browser console tests in the new frontend NEW
1239665 -- HTTP log inspection in the Browser Console NEW
1243978 -- [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_770099_violation.js in e10s NEW
1080210 -- Implement copy helper NEW
1110500 -- browser_webconsole_bug_762593_insecure_passwords_web_console_warning.js fails with new loadTab() helper NEW
1420689 -- Add filter tags to console NEW
1259204 -- Right click on Web Dev tools -> console displays the context menu on secondary screen in multi-monitor scenario NEW
1125822 -- Browser Console throws exception trying to print output when a page runs console.dir() NEW
1425552 -- Move clearOutput from the jsterm NEW
1352508 -- Disable Console logging by Websites UNCONFIRMED
1362936 -- [e10s] console.time and console.timeEnd don't show results in Browser Console NEW
1161214 -- help() helper should take arguments, execute searches on MDN NEW
823662 -- nsOfflineCacheUpdate's LogToConsole doesn't log to the web console NEW
1168736 -- Enable worker console message by default NEW
1438442 -- Empty "styled unit" in console.log renders as a space ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1217198 -- Multiline string autocompletion is not triggered for `foo bar` NEW
1237749 -- Add "close all lists"/"expand all lists" options to Web Console NEW
1031985 -- console reports syntax error for valid json fetched via jquery.ajax NEW
1413050 -- Improve UX for expanding stacks when logging Error objects with console.error NEW
1333131 -- [meta] Speed up web console startup time NEW
1097183 -- Multiple lines can be pasted into Console, but no scrollbar appears. NEW
1136995 -- [e10s] Browser Console fails to logging from page contents console.log(; NEW
1156747 -- [meta] Webconsole is slow NEW
1371032 -- [meta] Add links to an "MDN error reference" from console errors NEW
1278831 -- PermissionStatus.onchange is unreliable NEW
1433169 -- Clearing the console should show the "Console was cleared" message NEW
1174394 -- Convert variables view icons to SVG NEW
1191512 -- developer console not displaying load denied errors on iframes NEW
938119 -- False and Erroneous results of javascript 'delete' in web console NEW
1209353 -- [meta] Worker debugger console do not work NEW
1230194 -- thrown exceptions during console evaluation don't have a stack NEW
1318587 -- Date object API,properties not shown in function list for d. UNCONFIRMED
1081626 -- console.logs from pagehide and unload events don't show up anywhere NEW
1112599 -- [meta] Enable remaining devtools/webconsole tests with e10s NEW
1421220 -- Polish request/xhr status component NEW
1344482 -- "open in debugger" command doesn't work with minified js files UNCONFIRMED
1259937 -- FF DevEd 47a2 -- lots of 'generic' errors in console on any page load. Where to begin? UNCONFIRMED
1265733 -- Decouple fronts from actors in console. NEW
1150353 -- SHA-1 warnings in web console should mention server name that has SHA-1 leaf/intermediate NEW
1164157 -- Reimplement the Firebug commands UNCONFIRMED
1169553 -- Allow to switch across the different contexts NEW
1437740 -- [wpt-sync] PR 9488 - Add tests that deal with applying number format specifiers on Symbols NEW
1201764 -- "Open URL in New Tab" doesn't work NEW
1219875 -- Need a way to find out including document location/URL/whatever for CSS errors/warnings about unrecognized properties NEW
1315183 -- Console cannot show the evaluated scripts' location UNCONFIRMED
1325997 -- Web console never finishes loading in DEBUG builds on pages with a lot of logs NEW
1064609 -- console.jsm messages get swallowed when called from a content policy in a child process UNCONFIRMED
1414387 -- React's component update is slow for creating Console messages NEW
1244315 -- Highlight DOMRect on page when mouse hover it, just like what we do for a element NEW
1104208 -- Handler function JSPropertyProvider threw an exception: TypeError: aName is not an identifier NEW
1419640 -- Console.log shows HTML tags on bad cert UNCONFIRMED
1121174 -- $0 returns a plain object on elements inside of iframe with sandbox attribute NEW
1137920 -- XHR network requests don't show in the network console. NEW
1165436 -- Tab console shows script actor warning NEW
1177738 -- Vim bindings for the console NEW
1437850 P1 Enable browser_console_nsiconsolemessage.js in new frontend ASSIGNED Mike Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] [:mikeratcliffe]
1395825 P1 Improve filter input ASSIGNED [:Towkir] Ahmed
1405243 P1 Migrate browser_webconsole_bug_1006027_message_timestamps_incorrect.js to a server test ASSIGNED Abhinav Koppula
1362023 P1 Enable new frontend in browser console ASSIGNED Brian Grinstead [:bgrins]
1437854 P1 Enable browser_console_webconsole_ctrlw_close_tab.js in new frontend ASSIGNED Mike Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] [:mikeratcliffe]
1403188 P1 Migrate browser_console_private_browsing.js to the new console ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1405343 P1 Migrate browser_webconsole_input_field_focus_on_panel_select.js to the new frontend ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1375300 P1 When paused, declaring a variable doesn’t work. NEW
1408326 P1 Some object actors are never released ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1435092 P1 Keep a different set of prefs for the browser console and the web console filter state ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1438454 P1 Evaluating `inspect(window)` in the browser console with the new frontend throws in Reps ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1437849 P1 Enable browser_console_hide_jsterm_when_devtools_chrome_enabled_false.js in new frontend ASSIGNED Mike Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] [:mikeratcliffe]
1395759 P1 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_network_messages_expand.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: this.webConsoleFrame is null - stack: null REOPENED Jan Honza Odvarko [:Honza]
1438463 P1 Clicking on the location in browser console with new frontend throws ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1437851 P1 Enable browser_console_open_or_focus.js in new frontend ASSIGNED Mike Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] [:mikeratcliffe]
1438542 P1 logStringMessage() does not work after the Browser Console is opened ASSIGNED Mike Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] [:mikeratcliffe]
1405250 P1 Migrate browser_webconsole_closure_inspection.js to the new frontend ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1437855 P1 Enable browser_console_webconsole_iframe_messages.js in new frontend ASSIGNED Mike Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] [:mikeratcliffe]
1404382 P1 Migrate browser_webconsole_bug_595223_file_uri.js to the new frontend ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
1425521 P1 Put the JSTerm into the Console React app ASSIGNED Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe]
951753 P2 Many reflows attributed to webconsole.xul making my session slow. NEW
1307916 P2 Test print() NEW
1402459 P2 Track usage of console's filtering features NEW
1310630 P2 Console should allow to get the full text of a longString NEW
1336833 P2 Printing a lot of content hangs Firefox unusable and unnavigable NEW
1421659 P2 Console scrolls up when modifying multiline input NEW
1133507 P2 trim data URLs in console NEW
754861 P2 console.log doesn't show objects at the time of logging if console is closed NEW
911145 P2 Scratchpad and Browser Console keyboard shortcuts should work in the Browser Console NEW
1437807 P2 Enable browser_console_addonsdk_loader_exception.js in new frontend NEW
1307875 P2 Clean-up when preffing the new console on for good NEW
1243971 P2 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_1006027_message_timestamps_incorrect.js in e10s NEW
1270892 P2 hasNativeConsoleAPI can have page-visible side-effects NEW
1381819 P2 Polish styling to be more consistent NEW
1387823 P2 Object inspector freezes with huge typed arrays NEW
1307921 P2 Show feedback for invalid consoleApi calls NEW
980025 P2 ReferenceError is never logged in the console, only visible by step debugging NEW
1312180 P2 no source displayed following a source link on "SyntaxError: import declarations may only appear at top level of a module" (ES6) NEW
1026295 P2 browser permanently hangs when logging tons of stuff NEW
1419294 P2 Putting an expanded object in the sidebar should expand the same nodes NEW
1347127 P2 Enable new console frontend in Browser Toolbox NEW
1283363 P2 Hitting a breakpoint in a content script renders the console unusable NEW
1188668 P2 Console log does not reference the correct state of the JS object NEW
1437844 P2 Enable browser_console_consolejsm_output.js in new frontend NEW
1392180 P2 Expanding a big object is slow NEW
1307877 P2 Convert grip structure to RemoteObject structure NEW
1400847 P2 [META] Migrate old console frontend tests to the new one NEW
1307951 P2 Page error locations show up as (unknown) in some cases NEW
1247963 P2 Wrap lines with long data values NEW
1342898 P2 Provide a way to inspect a logged variable in the DOM Panel NEW
897240 P2 Add a security console utils class that will be responsible for creating and sending security related messages to the console ASSIGNED Ivan Alagenchev :ialagenchev
1382606 P2 Fix 45 tests failures on devtools/client/webconsole due the EventEmitter refactoring NEW
1304003 P2 New console frontend: Rewrite e2e tests for new console NEW
1199406 P2 Polish the style of stacktrace displayed on exception in the console NEW
1438118 P2 Don't show "Open in Network Panel" context menu entry in Browser Console NEW
1307925 P2 Add tests for navigation marker NEW
1262793 P2 Preview for images is not shown when raw data is truncated NEW
1156467 P2 Console should use the new API for tracking promises that are rejected and not handled NEW
1370864 P2 Add test for debounce middleware NEW
1437847 P2 Enable browser_console_error_source_click.js in new frontend NEW
1401959 P2 Merge old browser_console_filters.js to the one in the new frontend NEW
1308842 P2 Fix scrolling behaviour when opening stacktraces/groups NEW
1317534 P2 [meta] Top console bugs NEW
1046861 P2 Long wrapping lines in devtools console cause autocomplete to overlap text, and suggest to be misplaced. NEW
1243979 P2 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js in e10s NEW
1390001 P2 browser_webconsole_allow_mixedcontent_securityerrors.js is going to permafail on Win8 when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 NEW
1307928 P2 Support private context exited messages NEW
1405052 P2 Console janks scrolling with large inspected object expanded NEW
1032421 P2 Console broke when used with browser debugger, then debugger stopped working NEW
1372914 P2 Do not emit "new-messages" when not in test NEW
1290074 P2 [ux] Follow "Learn more" scheme for hint "...This may not work well with asynchronous panning; see ..." NEW
1307902 P2 Add tests for the backend NEW
1049009 P2 The console doesn't allow inspecting thrown objects NEW
1411937 P2 Render only messages that fit the viewport until there is a user interaction. NEW
1419081 P2 Open the sidebar when doing Ctrl + click on an ObjectInspector NEW
1250633 P2 Horizontal scrollbar blinks in console when resizing object inspector NEW
739774 P2 untrusted HTTPS connection reported as successful/undefined in web console NEW
1385198 P2 "values" defined in web console is interfering with lexical declaration NEW
1437806 P2 Enable browser_console.js in new frontend NEW
1307765 P2 Allow loading the console individually in a tab NEW Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau]
1067710 P2 console.table() should not have a limit number of columns. NEW
1257842 P2 React warning when opening console with cached messages: 'validateDOMNesting(...): <a> cannot appear as a descendant of <a>' NEW
663370 P2 Advice links in Web Console error messages can't be followed [earlier also couldn't be copied separately) NEW
1307918 P2 Split old console pageError tests into backend and frontend unit tests NEW
1402484 P2 Developer Tools is causing a hang / unresponsive script dialog in Firefox Developer Edition [57.0b2 (64-bit)] NEW
1319136 P2 Make security messages visually distinct from other warnings / errors NEW
1412294 P2 console does not stay scroll to bottom when reloading NEW
1419292 P2 Do not release actor when message is pruned but corresponding ObjectInspector is in the sidebar NEW
1253237 P2 HTTP Inspector: document all properties NEW
755555 P2 console.log messages and webgl verbose errors are not interleaved correctly NEW
1437843 P2 Enable browser_console_clear_method.js in new frontend NEW
1391077 P2 Expanding a big array causes protocol slowness due to large packet size NEW
1307876 P2 Update prefs when the user updates them NEW
1264955 P2 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_1247459_violation.js in e10s NEW
1428078 P2 Enable keyboard navigation in the sidebar NEW
1362381 P2 console.table break the console in launchpad NEW
1271373 P2 Developer Console tab should show in-flight request status NEW
892273 P2 Add SSL failure errors to the Web Console NEW Mark Goodwin [:mgoodwin]
1381834 P2 Remove old Console front-end NEW
1388248 P2 Scroll when expanding last message ObjectInspector NEW
1403448 P2 Migrate browser_longstring_hang.js and browser_longstring_expand.js to the new frontend NEW
1312823 P2 Run mocha tests with TaskCluster NEW
1243957 P2 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_jsterm.js in e10s NEW
1135101 P2 devtools.hud.loglimit.* default limits (200) are way too few on most sites NEW
1189533 P2 Can't see eval'd JS source NEW
1437845 P2 Enable browser_console_dead_objects.js in new frontend NEW
1392760 P2 Console freezes when inspecting deeply nested proxy NEW
1307885 P2 Test prepareMessage NEW
1401189 P2 Console tests should be runnable via mach commands NEW
1046256 P2 console.error() displays a stack trace with no formatting NEW
1281184 P2 console.clear() should only remove Console API messages and not service messages NEW
1397759 P2 Remove JSTerm's sidebar functionality NEW
1313888 P2 Large memory usage after leaving the console open NEW
1408354 P2 Improve showToolbox resolution on console NEW
1419413 P2 Add DAMP test to cover message filtering NEW
1119991 P2 logging stack traces should link to line in debugger NEW
1262796 P2 Support SVG preview for HTTP responses NEW
1437848 P2 Enable browser_console_filters.js in new frontend NEW
1395590 P2 Remove old HTTPi code base NEW
1401963 P2 Migrate browser_console_iframe_messages.js to the new console NEW
1310129 P2 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_output_longstring_expand.js | Test timed out NEW
1020761 P2 Error: invalid 'in' operand preview NEW
1241019 P2 Intermittent e10s browser_webconsole_output_dom_elements_03.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: - at resource://gre/modules/commonjs/toolkit/loader.js -> resource://devtools/server/protocol.js:1125 - Error: Connection closed, pending reques NEW
1354073 P2 Console.log() is capitalizing 'l' characters in a url string NEW
1428520 P2 Repeat count does not appear for uncaught errors NEW Pradeep Gangwar [:pradeepgangwar]
1432232 P2 Implement 'prefix' support on the new console NEW
1436043 P2 Console is missing RequestList.css NEW
1385036 P2 In console, the autocomplete popup's scroll bar click area is only a few pixels at its right edge NEW
1298830 P2 mysterious warning: Ignoring get or set of property that has [LenientThis] because the “this” object is incorrect. NEW
921007 P2 "Permission denied" on inspecting location.href of frames NEW
1438462 P2 Evaluating `inspect(window)` in the browser console with the new frontend throws NS_NOINTERFACE NEW
1307934 P2 Add mochitests tests for scrolling NEW
1257088 P2 Console prevents re-declaration of let and const NEW
1262859 P2 Get rid of unsafeDereference when evaluating js in the webconsole NEW
1158474 P2 First right-click is not enabling the Copy-command NEW
978742 P3 Accel-click / Middle Click should always open source links in view source NEW
1232949 P3 Intermittent test_console_serviceworker_cached.html | received correct number of console calls - got +0, expected 1, Test timed out NEW
1021925 P3 Make frames in stack traces expandable NEW
1407066 P3 Consle's SyntaxError [Learn More] is generic and unhelpful NEW
1242222 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_column_numbers.js | Found expected line:column of 10:7 - Got false, expected true NEW
1243985 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_632347_iterators_generators.js in e10s NEW
1252806 P3 Address on a window object does not show the query string UNCONFIRMED
1260291 P3 Add a way to restore the original Console object NEW
576520 P3 Improve completion algo for the console NEW
1358383 P3 Add a command history list NEW
1266805 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_580030_errors_after_page_reload.js | uncaught exception - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW at | Test timed out - NEW
1368706 P3 Horizontal scrollbar prevents accessing the last message NEW
1274599 P3 Console links totally broken for exceptions in eval code NEW
845315 P3 Display output from Resource Timing API NEW
1282481 P3 Browser Console doesn't handle long error lines well NEW
1390768 P3 Add debugger-like framework stacktrace-collapse NEW
973365 P3 Shorter strings can be displayed longer than longer ones in the console NEW
1307937 P3 Add animation for collapse button (, errors, …) NEW
989624 P3 Console output truncates collections (arrays, objects) too much. NEW
1316072 P3 Links to addon scripts in console don't work when navigating to a disabled addon resource NEW
1039872 P3 I should be able to search MDN for some term from the console NEW
1410369 P3 Provide filter in developer tools to audit secure context warnings NEW
1326586 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_nodes_highlight.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1068448 P3 getProperty threw an exception: TypeError: aObj.getOwnPropertyDescriptor is not a function NEW
1244707 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_632817.js | Test timed out (sometimes preceded by "A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: - TypeError: content.wrappedJSObject.testXhrGet is not a function") NEW
1263260 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_766001_JS_Console_in_Debugger.js | expected source line - Got 0, expected 6 NEW
1142640 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_netlogging.js | Test timed out | leaked 2 window(s) NEW
672733 P3 Web Console auto-complete search should be case-insensitive NEW
1427988 P3 Fix devtools/client/shared/test/browser_toolbar_webconsole_errors_count.js in e10s NEW
803479 P3 pasting very long lines into Console freezes Firefox NEW
891431 P3 Giving a name to objects logged using console.log() NEW
1301398 P3 Add the ability to copy the full URL:lineNumber location of a log entry NEW
1395968 P3 Console in Launchpad: No HTTP details NEW
1235963 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_webconsole_basic_net_logging.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
1407630 P3 Clean support-files in devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/ NEW
1321957 P3 Open source in debugger does not work for ChromePhp log UNCONFIRMED
1243954 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_764572_output_open_url.js in e10s mode NEW
1059646 P3 Don't print result of console.table() to the console's output NEW
1328938 P3 Selection in console sidebars extends outside of scrollable part, so keyboard scrolling doesn't work NEW
1243987 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_show_subresource_security_errors.js in e10s NEW
1253640 P3 HTTP Inspector: preserve tree state across tabs NEW
1260877 P3 Add a 'chrome'/'content' filtering for the Browser Console NEW
592523 P3 Web Console cleanup: Move methods from the HUD Service to the individual HeadsUpDisplay objects NEW
1358821 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_trackingprotection_errors.js | Test timed out - NEW
1267623 P3 console.table steals up/down arrow in console, which breaks navigation through command history NEW Mike Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] [:mikeratcliffe]
762321 P3 When getting value that are enums from the DOM, print the string rather than the integer NEW
1370471 P3 Open all group-tree with Alt+Click on the arrow NEW
1277250 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_597460_filter_scroll.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
871630 P3 Add the collapse/expand button to the Console toolbar to show/hide the VariablesView NEW
915155 P3 Navigating the Browser Console with Tab doesn't completely work on MacOSX NEW
1437469 P3 Migrate browser_webconsole_console_trace_duplicates.js to mocha NEW
925593 P3 Allow developers to define custom jsterm helpers NEW
1207182 P3 Show symbol properties in the object view NEW
995550 P3 Add "Connect Console" to "This Frame" context menu NEW
1316579 P3 Add non-enumerable properties to the grip NEW
1243976 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_bug_862916_console_dir_and_filter_off.js in e10s NEW
1073533 P3 Print dates in local timezone in the devtools console NEW
1351635 P3 Returns ES6 class information in Grip NEW
1265216 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_netlogging_reset_filter.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
696385 P3 remove underline for network requests ASSIGNED Affan
1362830 P3 Closing the browser console janks the browser NEW
1271820 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_1010953_cspro.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
816833 P3 Web Console `print` misbehaving NEW
1280317 P3 Simple way to restore window.console when in "Web Console logging API (console.log,, console.warn, console.error) has been disabled by a script on this page" state NEW
1389033 P3 Developers tools: console options checkboxes are hidden UNCONFIRMED
964727 P3 web console does not allow to inspect redirect request NEW
1397313 P3 Strict-Transport-Security errors spam the developer tools console NEW
982970 P3 Raise warnings on single vendor's prefix on a CSS property without an unprefixed version NEW
1404027 P3 Firefox's DevTools console $0, $1, etc. shortcuts do not work for DOM nodes in JSFiddle output (just produces "Object { }" or "Inaccessible { }") NEW
1312966 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_bug_1247459_violation.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1027879 P3 debug(fn) to add breakpoint from console NEW
1322708 P3 Warnings for video format when a valid <source> is available NEW
1243960 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_console_private_browsing.js in e10s NEW
1243990 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_certificate_messages.js in e10s NEW
1255311 P3 Allow to filter specific log messages NEW
634729 P3 Create API to allow addons to augment the console API NEW
1359578 P3 console.table() compatibility and output differences between Firefox and Chrome NEW
1268271 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_clickable_urls.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output NEW
765651 P3 WebSocket connections are listed with the "http:" protocol in the console. NEW
878519 P3 Hard to skim console output NEW
918807 P3 Cleanup web console tests NEW
930647 P3 Console doesn't report missing scripts if referenced by file: URLs NEW
1393914 P3 Console throws when channel.loadInfo is null NEW
975895 P3 add console.assert() method to devtools/Console.jsm API NEW
1004752 P3 very difficult to match line number with console output NEW
1406192 P3 Console truncating log messages NEW
1248273 P3 [APZ] Ellipsis in console become invisible if I focus console messages while a scrollable stacktrace is expanded NEW
1343013 P3 console.time() / timeEnd() do not re-throw exceptions generated by erroneous label.toString() conversion NEW
1259337 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_eval_in_debugger_stackframe.js | Test timed out NEW
1353282 P3 DX: Error in parsing value for ‘...’. Declaration dropped. NEW
1265565 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_752559_ineffective_iframe_sandbox_warning.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. NEW
1363066 P3 Unable to collapse console.error message in console (old frontend) UNCONFIRMED
1272943 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_588967_input_expansion.js,browser_webconsole_cd_iframe.js | application crashed [@ xul.dll + 0x230ee45] NEW
1375752 P3 Visualize console.log empty string output NEW
1281508 P3 Make ErrorDocs module more consistent NEW
903676 P3 Long log messages in Console cause overflow (<file-name>:<line-number> is shifted over) NEW
1298364 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_netlogging.js | Test timed out - NEW
1304794 P3 Make all mochitests work with the new console frontend NEW
972218 P3 Console string substitution doesn't work in addons NEW
986737 P3 Consider raising the limit of messages in the webconsole output before pruning NEW
1314956 P3 backtrace in console is not entirely visible (in 'old' console frontend) NEW
1237828 P3 Intermittent browser_repeated_messages_accuracy.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
1409571 P3 window.eval console links are malformed NEW
1243966 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_jsterm_inspect.js in e10s NEW
1413894 P3 Persistence checkbox isn't centered on OSX NEW
1333213 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/net/test/mochitest/browser_net_response.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: - at resource://gre/modules/commonjs/toolkit/loader.js -> resource://devtools/client/framework/toolbox.js:1460 - TypeError: NEW
1102797 P3 Allow to blackbox files from within the Console panel NEW
1419481 P3 Clicking on Error location does not open the debugger at the correct location UNCONFIRMED
1256017 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_context_menu_open_in_var_view.js | Uncaught exception - at chrome://mochitests/content/browser/devtools/client/webconsole/test/head.js:287 - TypeError: button is null NEW
644412 P3 Export all data from Web Console NEW
1427804 P3 Add a test for the jump to definition button with sourcemapped file NEW
1360447 P3 Link logged JS source URLs (including row and column info) with Debugger NEW
1270015 P3 Smarter suggestions for DOM properties NEW
778766 P3 [meta] Web Console output work NEW
1165138 P3 implement Firebug's monitorEvents / unMonitorEvents NEW
879310 P3 The browser and web console styling makes it very hard to tell when one item ends and the next begins NEW
1380694 P3 Clicking on a thrown Wasm trap in browser page console should lead to showing the offending instruction in wasm debugger NEW
919573 P3 Right click context menu ('Open Link in New Tab' and 'Copy Link Location') on selected log is unnecessary NEW
1192882 P3 Logged errors don't respect //# sourceURL=foo.js pragmas NEW
948878 P3 No option to show full URL in console log and filter by query string context NEW
976715 P3 Scrollbar of dark theme breaks mouse interaction NEW
1310471 P3 Automatically wrap braces, brackets in editor / console in selected text NEW
1021337 P3 Make URLs in LongStrings clickable NEW
1406905 P3 Don't use rawObj to access safe getters NEW
1318994 P3 Implement dev tools support for Payment Request API NEW
1243981 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_output_dom_elements_04.js in e10s NEW
1260287 P3 Display a warning message when console.log (&info, error, etc) are overridden NEW
562356 P3 Report error locations on dynamically created script tags with inline code NEW
1357106 P3 console.log string contain 'http://' or 'ftp://' output additional quote NEW
1363682 P3 Connect each Message component NEW
1274262 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_output_dom_elements_02.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort REOPENED
842995 P3 Add "filter properties" input for console.dir() NEW
1377429 P3 Copy the filename in console shouldn't take the the whole message but the path of the file NEW
921966 P3 Pasting large chunk of code lets the browser console go crazy NEW
1390027 P3 New console confused by __proto__ own property NEW
972530 P3 Object literals / JSON typed directly in web console do not output as expected REOPENED
1399728 P3 Cached time for a resource is more than network time using Resource Timing API NEW
1405096 P3 TypeError: webconsolePanel is null NEW
1315549 P3 Snippet management for web console NEW
1410059 P3 Log with warning emoji fall back to unicode warning symbol NEW
1326182 P3 console.table data is affected by later alterations UNCONFIRMED
1243969 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_property_provider.js in e10s NEW
1415211 P3 XHR label are not aligned ASSIGNED Robert Pirritano
1244362 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_webconsole_bug_618078_network_exceptions.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
1350740 P3 [Learn more] link of console messages should be unselectable UNCONFIRMED
1262914 P3 Add support for Custom Formatters in devtools NEW
1361415 P3 pprint output is quoted and its content is escaped NEW
1270711 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_webconsole_show_subresource_security_errors.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
1158476 P3 Copy copies the occurence-count without spacing to the message NEW
1374775 P3 warn developers when they don't use clearMarks or clearMeasures NEW
1280123 P3 Allow JS developers to attach their own 'Learn More' urls to error messages. NEW
883970 P3 Toolbar claims that messages exist that don't show in the console NEW
1291237 P3 Allows to delete selected messages in Console NEW
1301318 P3 Don't copy invisible portion of logs in Browser/Web Console when selecting 'copy' from context menu NEW
1195417 P3 Characters in the command line of the web console are sometimes jumping between lines UNCONFIRMED
952806 P3 No way to copy the url of the script the error is in NEW
1395967 P3 Console in Launchpad: Layout broken NEW
1214556 P3 Different context menus should have more shared entries UNCONFIRMED
979275 P3 [a11y] Console output links cannot be focused on Mac OS NEW
1311613 P3 Evolution asked : Console CSS error should display the rejected value UNCONFIRMED
1235581 P3 Clicking on a span element in the web console causes a warning to appear UNCONFIRMED
1407181 P3 Fix ESLint failure in devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/ NEW
1243499 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_webconsole_netlogging.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
1243986 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_595350_multiple_windows_and_tabs.js in e10s NEW
1347018 P3 Web Console sometimes doesn't link to debugger NEW
1260822 P3 Additional blank space appears at the right side of Console if I switch to another tab and back (on light theme) NEW
1267140 P3 Allow auto-completing non-enumerable properties and member functions return types of known types NEW
1275921 P3 Intermittent browser_console_variables_view.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
846361 P3 Console autocomplete popup flickers in and out as I type NEW
1378764 P3 DevTools web-console output overflow NEW
914108 P3 Include the number of message duplicates when copy-pasting from the console NEW
1386961 P3 Add a context menu entry to filter similar messages NEW
925267 P3 Remember recently typed values for autocomplete ASSIGNED migueluseche
973370 P3 Limit the output when showing an object in the console NEW
1399902 P3 Investigate white-listing font-* properties for console custom styles (%c) NEW
992594 P3 allow search in console output, as opposed to filtering NEW
1316517 P3 Use more intuitive filename than "debugger eval code" for console input. NEW
1043076 P3 console.trace shows frames that it shouldn't NEW
1243973 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_653531_highlighter_console_helper.js in e10s NEW
1247403 P3 Rename tabActive property in Tab component NEW
1420256 P3 Long strings do not wrap UNCONFIRMED
1258068 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_output_breaks_after_console_dir_uninspectable.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
1351391 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_bug_646025_console_file_location.js | Test timed out - NEW
682447 P3 WebConsole seems to disable slow script popup NEW
812613 P3 Add a NetworkEventClient for the network event actor NEW
1375297 P3 window.crypto errors are harder to debug than in Google Chrome NEW
1187354 P3 Display more informative output when console.logging objects NEW
1302091 P3 Console need to show the type of variable NEW
963530 P3 Cover bug 896523 with a mochitest NEW
1307924 P3 Handle tip-of-tree version of Chrome protocol NEW
1216632 P3 Make console autocompletion work on $0 NEW
981901 P3 "Browser console" should have option to dock to window or always on top NEW
1322102 P3 Console display an number index object as an array NEW
1243989 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_bug1045902_console_csp_ignore_reflected_xss_message.js in e10s NEW
1254255 P3 Should the "error" event be fired for the exception directly thrown from web console? NEW
1347463 P3 Developer tools - expand arrow collapsing instead UNCONFIRMED
623385 P3 message missing (fails to show, is not reported) from the Web Console: Security Error: Content at ... may not load or link to ... REOPENED
1358919 P3 Web Console displays array element with accessor descriptor as an empty slot. NEW
1267856 P3 Console.clear should not clear the console if "Enable persistent logs" is ON NEW
764942 P3 Please add "Save Link As..." to URL context menus in the Web Console REOPENED
1430022 P3 Copy command on cyclic object should display an error message in the console NEW
1370826 P3 Add parameters names in Function grip NEW
1283809 P3 Intermittent test_console_filtering.js | xpcshell return code: 1 NEW
1172314 P3 console.trace should accept arguments ASSIGNED Stefan Yohansson
916706 P3 Use the tooltip widget to preview images in the devtools web console NEW
975780 P3 Value edit/property delete does not work with non writable/non configurable properties NEW
1003107 P3 Remove reflow logging from the webconsole NEW
1410741 P3 Allow inspecting service workers events in the console UNCONFIRMED
1327280 P3 [e10s] Browser console doesn't display objects from content processes (displays <unavailable>) NEW
1418516 P3 Hover style with underline & hand cursor is confusing on Network entries ASSIGNED ctlusto
1335681 P3 ChromeLogger is not support some features of FirePHP UNCONFIRMED
1248111 P3 Intermittent test_network_get.html | Test timed out. NEW
1342976 P3 MimeTypeMismatch should be logged as a security error, not a JS error NEW
342605 P3 IDN URLs in console output are mangled NEW
1265492 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_632275_getters_document_width.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
1146694 P3 file / line links in console are elided, and tooltip only shows path NEW
704252 P3 Allow expansion of grouped-together repeating log messages NEW
1272850 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_notifications.js | Test timed out NEW
1431731 P3 Message about "Image corrupt or truncated." not displayed in e10s NEW
1375328 P3 Use single quotes to wrap strings in reps to require less escaping for JSON / HTML strings NEW
897568 P3 Investigate how invalid sts header message logging is handled when serving data documents NEW
1383688 P3 Console clears when a link with the [download] attribute is clicked NEW
1298048 P3 Webconsole.js skips requestHeaders and requestCookies updates NEW
1389501 P3 Firefox Dev Edition 56.0b1 (64-bit): console.log() no longer allows CSS styles to highlight messages in Browser Console if called from WebExtension add-ons. UNCONFIRMED
1304309 P3 causes "TypeError: body is undefined" error in the browser console NEW
1199629 P3 Intermittent test_nsScriptErrorWithStack.html | has first frame | uncaught exception - TypeError: s is undefined at chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/js/xpconnect/tests/chrome/test_nsScriptErrorWithStack.html:39 | called finish() multiple times NEW
972066 P3 Ability to specify the file and line-number for console.log NEW
983473 P3 Console's input should be a source editor / CodeMirror instance NEW
1323139 P3 [meta] Chrome console protocol support for Firefox and Servo NEW
1243965 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_output_dom_elements_02.js in e10s NEW
1062304 P3 Inspecting a node's attributes in the webconsole leads to [Use of attributes ownerElement/nodeValue/textContent attribute is deprecated] errors NEW
1243994 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_console_dead_objects.js in e10s NEW
1338653 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_bug_1006027_message_timestamps_incorrect.js | console.log message timestamp spread < 2000ms confirmed - NEW
1255945 P3 Intermittent browser_cached_messages.js | Test timed out NEW
1347934 P3 Not possible to expand XHR JSON array/object to show its contents in Console NEW
635504 P3 Create web console customization APIs NEW
1359853 P3 Object with numerical properties logged as Array NEW
1268734 P3 It's not possible to copy selected text in console if I start selection below console messages (focus stays in command line) NEW
766458 P3 Show postMessage activity in console NEW
1165010 P3 Set a breakpoint for errors in WebConsole (like Firebug) NEW
879030 P3 When I select an autocompletion, I should be able to continue typing without confirming the autocompletion with ENTER or whatever REOPENED
1289463 P3 Split webconsole network-monitor.js file into client and server parts NEW
919387 P3 Suppressing of console messages NEW
975936 P3 JS warnings may cause error to disappear NEW
1406321 P3 Repeat bubble is aligned to the bottom on Windows NEW
1048287 P3 Option disable collapsing repeated messages NEW
1243980 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_hsts_invalid-headers.js in e10s NEW
1418904 P3 mozImageSmoothingEnabled warning when printing 2d Canvas context NEW
1336097 P3 Only part of pprint() output is copied to clipboard UNCONFIRMED
1249203 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_clickable_urls.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. NEW
1127836 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_1010953_cspro.js | Test timed out - expected PASS REOPENED
546732 P3 allow advanced users a quick way to clear HTTP authenticated sessions NEW
1363588 P3 Chrome-logger stops outputting if null is an argument ASSIGNED Greg Tatum [:gregtatum] [@gregtatum]
1273738 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_shows_reqs_in_netmonitor.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
842672 P3 WebConsoleUtils: toolkit/ imports from browser/ NEW
1376953 P3 Provide a way to limit CSP error spam in the developer console NEW
1281960 P3 console.log loses track of updates in large loops NEW
905978 P3 Do not show in console warnings and errors for black boxed scripts NEW
1390012 P3 console error stack is too long NEW
1307225 P3 On HTTPS page, form sending to HTTP with HSTS should not raise a warning UNCONFIRMED
972447 P3 Allow stricter substring filtering in the console output NEW
1399436 P3 CSP error output could be better NEW
987920 P3 Reload marker in case of persistent logs does not show up if net logs are disabled NEW
1405067 P3 Long running console input command breaks future input and prevents toolbox from being closed NEW
1238198 P3 Intermittent browser_webconsole_context_menu_store_as_global.js | Uncaught exception - at chrome://mochitests/content/browser/devtools/client/webconsole/test/head.js:247 - TypeError: button is null NEW
1036001 P3 The ArrayLike previewer should just check for the length property NEW
1410048 P3 "Copy object" does not work for long strings NEW
1243967 P3 [e10s] Enable browser_webconsole_bug_1010953_cspro.js in e10s NEW
1334072 P3 CSSProperties do not show the priority NEW
1340608 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_output_dom_elements_05.js | Test timed out - NEW
1350572 P3 Console.dirxml should use format specifiers NEW
660910 P3 [Web Console] The autocompletion mechanism doesn't support "" NEW
1427806 P3 Enhance browser_webconsole_click_function_to_source to test ugglified file NEW
1270325 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_console_copy_command.js | Uncaught exception - at :0 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
792633 P3 Allow users to collapse console.dir() output NEW
1374066 P3 Show the "Browser Console" in a tab NEW
1279743 P3 Intermittent browser_console_filters.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output NEW
879367 P3 Show number of logs since last reload in the tabs for each log type NEW
1381212 P3 No console.time/timeEnd output if WebExtensions OOP turn on NEW
1291192 P3 Console filtering support "-" operator or regex NEW
1386289 P4 logLimit includes filtered-out messages NEW
1379574 P4 Better keyboard navigation NEW
1380502 P4 Can't edit objects in Object Inspector NEW
1307890 P4 Support file activity messages NEW
837774 P4 Provide API for filtering existing and new messages in the web console output NEW
1347986 P4 It's hard to see what filters are active in the new webconsole frontend UI NEW
1336154 P4 Devtools incorrectly reformat function to one line. NEW
1307935 P4 Remove the message container component NEW
1358393 P4 1.64ms uninterruptible reflow at resize@resource://gre/modules/commonjs/toolkit/loader.js -> resource://devtools/client/webconsole/webconsole.js:661:1 NEW
1307943 P4 Move loglimit pref to UI NEW
878364 P4 Report HTML parsing errors in the console NEW
1317076 P4 Make navigation marker more obvious NEW
1307926 P4 consider testing actions with redux-actions-assertions NEW
1307897 P4 Figure out how to handle system messages consistently NEW
720176 P4 WebConsole should be able to log WebSocket messages NEW
1429371 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_jsterm_inspect.js | application terminated with exit code 1 NEW
1432707 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_location_scratchpad_link.js | Test timed out - NEW
1377808 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_log_file_filter.js | Uncaught exception - at browser_webconsole_log_file_filter.js:66 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
922204 P5 [meta] support for DeveloperToolsWG/console-object NEW
1399837 P5 console.table grab the focus if clicked on rows NEW
1419864 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_filters.js | Messages of all levels shown when filters are on. - NEW
1374961 P5 The content of the panel that suggests Developer Edition gets cut off. NEW
1432845 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_network_reset_filter.js | Test timed out - NEW
1438725 P5 Permafailing devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_console_restore.js | Session state false by default - Got true, expected false NEW
1046194 P5 [meta] Make Web Console Accessible [a11y] NEW
1428162 P5 Perma Test-Verify devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_websocket.js | Uncaught exception - waitFor - timed out after 500 tries. NEW
1431411 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_network_messages_status_code.js | Test timed out - NEW
1295964 P5 Add collapse panel button to close object properties view in console NEW
1427428 P5 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_split.js | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output NEW
1430344 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_bug_766001_JS_Console_in_Debugger.js | application terminated with exit code 11 NEW
1278535 P5 Reduce the number of tab stops in the Console's toolbar REOPENED
1428493 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_bug_597136_external_script_errors.js | application terminated with exit code 11 NEW
1431836 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_bug_1010953_cspro.js Automation Error: mozprocess timed out after 1000 seconds running ['/builds/worker/workspace/build/venv/bin/python worker/workspace/build/tests/mochitest/ NEW
1299482 P5 Fix direction of tooltip for frame-link-source-inner in Web/Browser Console with RTL locales NEW
1421248 P5 Intermittent Test-verify devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_show_subresource_security_errors.js | Uncaught exception - waitFor - timed out after 500 tries. NEW
1426662 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_network_messages_openinnet.js | Test timed out - NEW
909803 P5 [meta] Make the web console less noisy by default NEW
1419862 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_filters.js | Messages of all levels shown when filters are on. - NEW
1430832 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_result_format_as_string.js | A promise chain failed ... (The system cannot find the file specified. NEW
592463 P5 [meta] Cleanup for the Web Console NEW
1335176 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/net/test/mochitest/browser_net_response.js | Tab body must exist - NEW
1434418 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_multiple_windows_and_tabs.js | Test timed out - NEW
1432947 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_message_categories.js | Test timed out - NEW
1438979 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_network_messages_expand.js | Test timed out - NEW
1428163 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_webconsole_output_order.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - NEW
1434820 P5 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_logErrorInPage.js | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output NEW
1425118 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_visibility_messages.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1427561 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_repeated_messages_accuracy.js NEW
1430540 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_object_in_sidebar.js | Test timed out - NEW
1380646 P5 Problem with and console.groupEnd with OOP extensions NEW
1437684 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_loglimit.js | Test timed out - NEW
1411278 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser_console_optimized_out_vars.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: 'source' active request packet to 'server1.conn42.child1/source27' can't be sent as the connection just closed. - stack: pro NEW
1327431 P5 There's no way to toggle split console to keep information visible, if console tab is opened UNCONFIRMED
1426046 P5 Perma-failing devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_network_messages_expand.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. NEW
1360725 P5 Intermittent browser_webconsole_console_logging_api.js | Uncaught exception - at browser_webconsole_console_logging_api.js:88 - Error: operation not possible on dead CPOW NEW
1430811 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_nodes_select.js | Test timed out - NEW
1433433 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_location_styleeditor_link.js | Test timed out - NEW

740 Total; 740 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Developer Tools: Debugger

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1131178 -- variable values are not updated in source view NEW
1396523 -- Source file doesn't gain focus after being selected from the list view dropdown NEW
1239473 -- Stepping in debugger gets very slow with complex scripts and deep stacks NEW
1143449 -- Debugger doesn't stop several times NEW
1404113 -- Ctrl+P calls the print dialog not search for a file NEW
1327361 -- Debugger doesn't display anything in "variables" when I navigate to another page and start debugging NEW
1152037 -- Implement a UI for setting column breakpoints NEW
1001477 -- Write tests for isSafeJSObject NEW
1410590 -- 'sourceMaps is null' when opening any file in DevTools NEW
1327711 -- Debugger doesn't show source in a on (Browser pong) NEW
1016969 -- Breakpoint in focus event handler causes Firefox to hang NEW
1417240 -- Breakpoint is hit again after a step, line seems to be executed twice UNCONFIRMED
1327990 -- Debugger doesn't work and devtools are completely broken by specific script (can't reopen toolbox) NEW
1175042 -- Add auto-completion to breakpoints condition editor NEW
1037992 -- Refactor the script actors to use protocol.js NEW
1421781 -- code panel popup cant open drop downs UNCONFIRMED
1191195 -- Setting breakpoint on pretty-printed JS inside IFrame instead puts breakpoint in parent window JS UNCONFIRMED
1064147 -- Debugger shows wrong current line in toolkit/components/places/UnifiedComplete.js NEW
1352580 -- Debugger hover not shown at all if you're not inside a function NEW
1200061 -- Focus not on active element when using javascript debugger after clicking resume UNCONFIRMED
1088258 -- Debugger / events sidebar usability problems NEW
1431400 -- [meta] Very hard to debug gmail with the debugger NEW
1362451 -- let/const variables in block scope change value in Debugger when executing first statement in block UNCONFIRMED
1103841 -- [e10s] Enable the remaining debugger tests for e10s opt builds NEW
1434910 -- Disable Breakpoints Dropdown feature flag NEW
1371918 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-chrome-create.js | Found an unexpected at the end of test run - NEW
1219045 -- conditional breakpoint text box should be a source editor instance NEW
1380647 -- Show values of variables on mouse hover in wasm debugger NEW
1227317 -- Get rid of one of the `unsafeSynchronize` calls in `_addSource` NEW
1122157 -- starting debugger and refreshing with the debugger open is super slow sometimes NEW
1234924 -- When linking to a debugger source, sources view should scroll source in view NEW
1391586 -- Ability to break on endless content JS loops, detect content JS endless loops NEW
1138471 -- GeneratedColumn should be calculated with indentation when adding breakpoints UNCONFIRMED
1242006 -- Add visual feedback when hovering the debugger gutter to indicate that we allow adding breakpoints by clicking the gutter NEW
1146553 -- [e10s] browser_dbg_tracing-03.js causes unsafe CPOW usage warnings NEW
1327704 -- Debugger brings some confusion in the way it shows/handles breakpoints of the same event in different scripts NEW
1157955 -- Breakpoint icon does not appear with HiDPI Linux (layout.css.devPixelsPerPx != 1) NEW
1010288 -- Searching in all files in the debugger should happen on the server side NEW
1416311 -- In the Debugger Breakpoints panel, no UI appears when using "Add condition" or "Edit condition" from the right-click/context menu on a breakpoint. UNCONFIRMED
1327783 -- Unwanted tooltip in Debugger appears if I hover mouse over an empty space NEW
1171174 -- Resuming debugger execution takes two clicks NEW
1419755 -- Formatted code does not respect indent width. UNCONFIRMED
1182564 -- No feedback from search when requested filename filter doesn't match NEW
1049253 -- Chrome debugging causes: "TypeError: this[argument.type] is not a function" NEW
1347826 -- New debugger crashes REOPENED
1195740 -- debuggerUI.sources.prettyPrint is used as a button tooltip but also in the context menu NEW
1429856 -- [Meta] Telemetry instrumentation for Debugger NEW
1360076 -- Anonymous/XUL inspection: breakpoints set in bingings are mistakenly applied to the previous line NEW
1095814 -- Breakpoints set at top level comments don't slide down to next line w/ actual code NEW
1434305 -- Debugger.Script should not delazify scripts NEW Jim Blandy :jimb
1368569 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_worker-console-01.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: [object Object] - rejection date: Mon May 29 2017 20:11:41 GMT+0000 (UTC) - stack: JS frame :: resource://gre/modules/Pro NEW
1438150 -- Debugger source code not refreshing UNCONFIRMED
1224654 -- Pretty printing and syntax highlight don't work on JS files which don't have Content-Type:"text/javascript" and don't end with .js/.jsm NEW
1118152 -- Enable/disable blackbox of source groups by context menu? NEW
1383582 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-tabs.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - REOPENED
1232299 -- TypeError: cm is undefined: Editor.prototype.setOption logspam on browser_toolbox_window_title_changes.js and others NEW
1128967 -- [jsdbg2] Debugger should provide a way to not load frame environment bindings on "frames" request UNCONFIRMED
1235356 -- Wish: enable / disable event listeners easily NEW
1133509 -- For scripts that are introduced by a HTML page, introductionURL should be the URL of the page. NEW
1325195 -- Worker debugging wrapper rules may not be workable NEW
1145460 -- Generate better object previews for FormData objects NEW
1404430 -- Debugger doesn't show any content on NEW
1154005 -- in-content pop-up that controls the debugger NEW
1411888 -- Add telemetry to track debugger update time on page reload NEW
1327714 -- Debugger randomly sets scroll position to newly loaded sources NEW
1167225 -- Debugger should highlight source with current breakpoint NEW
1417526 -- The breakpoint changes its place spontaneously UNCONFIRMED
1175911 -- Jumping to event handler source from "Inspector" tab doesn't jump to correct line when "Debugger" source is prettified UNCONFIRMED
1421867 -- debugger cursor jumps around UNCONFIRMED
1065952 -- Sources not updated when reloading add-on UNCONFIRMED
1427530 -- breakpoints (and watch expressions) in debugger persist, survive closed private windows and 'Clear recent history' calls NEW
1354164 -- Move localized strings to /devtools/shared/locales NEW
1202183 -- Last line in search results panel (in debugger) twitches on DoubleClick NEW
1432051 -- Very high CPU and memory usage with debug tool on Firefox 59 UNCONFIRMED
1363328 -- for-loop variable shown with wrong value in Debugger Scopes/Variables view NEW
1209550 -- debugger doesn't show breakpoint line for break on exception NEW
1106689 -- Error loading XHR addon source NEW
1436022 -- Track parser worker performance on DAMP NEW
1373429 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-chrome-create.js | The remote debugger process didn't die cleanly. - Got 15, expected -15 NEW
1114749 -- Text color of placeholders for empty tab panels in debugger are black in dark theme on Windows NEW
1380670 -- Debugger closes source files when reloading page REOPENED
1227639 -- Worker debugger error reporting misses some cases NEW
1122733 -- The location of the selected blackboxed source is not readable NEW
1389013 -- Source files are displayed outside the dropdown list view NEW
1238606 -- debugger server has wrong source contents for about:home page NEW
1139394 -- Debugger breaks on invisible breakpoints NEW
1147955 -- Link jquery-bound events to the user's code, not the jquery code in debugger panel NEW
1327706 -- Debugger doesn't consistently show search results if input contains uppercase characters NEW
1160373 -- Annotate relevant tests for --tag devtools-debugger NEW
1416393 -- Debugger not loading NEW
1327974 -- Breakpoints set in prettified scripts confuse debugger after reload NEW
1172572 -- debugger will not step in to a function after stepping out of another function NEW
1336670 -- test_promises_actor_list_promises.js fails when collecting code coverage on linux64-jsdcov. NEW
1185217 -- Possibility to activate script tracing in Browser Toolbox UNCONFIRMED
1424298 -- hover above the code view forces file view change UNCONFIRMED
1265823 -- Add a "view sub-range" view to large JS files? NEW
1197303 -- Autocomplete suggestions flicker every time I type a symbol in filter NEW
1361108 -- Debugger hover does not work inside ES6 class methods UNCONFIRMED
1205361 -- Debugging dots in Debugger are not visible on HiDPI screens UNCONFIRMED
1097141 -- Various things that take a breakpoint/location should make a copy, rather than take ownership NEW
1370641 -- Debugger pauses twice at single function call breakpoint UNCONFIRMED
1211514 -- Debugger often doesn't show non-external sources NEW
1112089 -- Debugger does not refresh sources of greasemonkey scripts UNCONFIRMED
1438698 -- Release 17 NEW
1379548 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_chrome-create.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: Invalid process ID: 0 - stack: onFailure@resource://gre/modules/subprocess/subprocess_common.jsm:121:5 REOPENED
1224981 -- [e10s] Pretty printing and syntax highlight don't work if JS file causes 302-response-redirect (debugger doesn't get Content-Type) NEW
1120784 -- Page navigation in debugger seems pretty broken NEW
1233330 -- feature to highlight/copy functions in debugger NEW
1129546 -- Add ability to copy a call stack from the DevTools debugger NEW
1134798 -- Correct line isn't jumped to when clicking the line for a pretty printed source NEW
1397678 -- Horizontal scrollbar is not displayed at all times in the Scopes panel NEW
990137 -- Remove legacy code for conditional breakpoints on the client NEW
1156531 -- "attached" and "resumed" thread state names are confusing NEW
1413872 -- Web Debugger UI for switching to content script contexts UNCONFIRMED
1167405 -- DevTools debugger fonts flicker in and out of anti-aliasing NEW
1418547 -- Programmatically inserted inline JS content scripts don't appear in DevTools Debugger UNCONFIRMED
1044074 -- Nested event loops do not suspend scroll events UNCONFIRMED
1421889 -- debugger: a watched variable only shows when on the topmost level in the call stack UNCONFIRMED
1192763 -- Debugger shows 'loadSourceError' for sources on an IDN NEW
1356247 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_keyboard_navigation.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1203189 -- Breakpoint is skipped after setting a breakpoint, navigating to a different page and then going back NEW
1093535 -- [e10s] nsIRequest.suspend throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE when running debugger tests with e10s enabled NEW
1364837 -- Wrong localization notes for sourceFooter.blackbox and sourceFooter.unblackbox NEW
1209784 -- High CPU usage just opening and browsing in debugger UNCONFIRMED
1436979 -- JavaScript inspector doesn't load script UNCONFIRMED
1374187 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-chrome-debugging.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: Invalid process ID: 0 - rejection date: Sun Jun 18 2017 19:54:25 GMT+0000 (UTC) - stack: onFailure@resource://gre/modu REOPENED
1222208 -- Syntax highlighting cutoff point should be configurable via a pref NEW
1116163 -- In add-on debugger, give access to require function to load sdk module NEW
1230246 -- Breakpoint does not remain on refresh within iframes, only on top level documents NEW
1389091 -- Search Bar results disappears when resizing Firefox's window NEW
1130421 -- double click breakpoint to edit condition UNCONFIRMED
1238934 -- Debugger has no access to const-declared variables in this page NEW
1403760 -- Small breakpoint code health improvements NEW
1327164 -- Debugger displays empty scripts as broken [0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED)] NEW
1148356 -- When sliding a line breakpoint on a non-sourcemapped source, only consider the innermost script. NEW
1409322 -- Make DAMP test for debugger select a source before reloading NEW
1327708 -- Debugger doesn't display source if it was loaded via srcdoc in iframe [0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)] [0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)] NEW
1163537 -- Slow script warning for chrome URLs should allow opening chrome debugger or not show "Debug Script" option NEW
1015545 -- Add-on debugger does strange things to panels NEW
1327987 -- Debugger deletes items from call stack and doesn't scroll current line if I prettified source NEW
1036866 -- JSF postback causes wrong debugger window content NEW
1421770 -- "this" looses context UNCONFIRMED
1337705 -- debugger settings zapped on browser upgrade UNCONFIRMED
1186404 -- Prevent IonMonkey optimizing-away variables when devtools is open NEW
1052072 -- Pause on exceptions not working with reload NEW
1350807 -- [icloud notes] Opening debugger freezes the browser on NEW
1362428 -- variables bound with let/const not shown in Scopes when step out of function UNCONFIRMED
1097866 -- Inline event handler scripts won't have a URL after bug 905700 NEW
1371001 -- Deleted breakpoints reappears after page reload. NEW
1380007 -- Some areas in the debugger can't be accessed with keyboard only NEW
1226005 -- Implement RDP methods for searching JavaScript sources NEW
1122077 -- Changes in source file not visible in debugger on reload NEW
1233407 -- Add-on debugging: after halting at breakpoint, variables and callstack pane/list remain empty (addons, extensions) NEW
1237043 -- IFrame confusion for debugger when iframes injected UNCONFIRMED
1136151 -- Breakpoint in contentAreaClick not hit in new windows NEW
1398064 -- Toolbar buttons are not visible while using High Contrast #1 and High Contrast Black themes NEW
1145752 -- Difficult to anticipate where debugger step functions will step to NEW
991179 -- Broken addon script source taking priority over page sources NEW
1405774 -- f10 developer tools UNCONFIRMED
1327678 -- After I (un)prettify script, debugger shows breakpoints at old lines, but they break in unexpected lines (lies about breakpoints) NEW
1247084 -- Actor methods and events about sources should move from ThreadActor to TabActor-ish parents NEW
1157816 -- [e10s] in ilooping content script, unable to stop execution after continue NEW
1006102 -- Log error messages from add-on scripts to the add-on console ASSIGNED Luca Greco [:rpl]
1414179 -- Ability to debug a poor performanced page NEW
1327728 -- Event listeners tooltip in inspector (in browser toolbox) doesn't switch to exact script and line in debugger NEW
1169394 -- mach mochitest-browser --jsdebugger fails to open the Browser Debugger NEW
1021373 -- Debugger breaks in CSS code on jsbin NEW
1418798 -- Source map is ignored when debugging popup script UNCONFIRMED
1178687 -- Show locations for unnamed eval sources consistently across tools NEW
1421907 -- Welcome message text is garbled if shortcut placeholder is in the middle of a string (localized builds) NEW
1071705 -- RDP docs should describe "one notification until refreshed" pattern NEW
1358354 -- Intermittent browser_dbg-debugger-buttons.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1204138 -- Panel with search results in debugger collapses and shows again when I select text in search field NEW
1094194 -- Add an option for console.table or console printing variables/expressions in the debugger NEW
1433721 -- 58.0 debugger doesn't always show line numbers UNCONFIRMED
1210268 -- [non-e10s] Window becomes "unresponsive" if page gains focus the same moment code is paused at a breakpoint NEW
1437714 -- Fix timeout in browser_inspector_highlighter-keybinding_03.js with the patch for bug 1193394 NEW
918788 -- Add "Break on CSS change" NEW
1231016 -- File in debugger becomes stale UNCONFIRMED
1124727 -- Browser Toolbox: Debugger source pane flickers NEW
1131046 -- Browser debugger shows wrong source for nsHelperAppDlg.js NEW
1395466 -- Developer Tools' commands shadow scope variables when the debugger is paused UNCONFIRMED
1239064 -- Figure out how to add and use redux devtools panel NEW
1142571 -- Display asynchronous stacks in the debugger REOPENED
982539 -- Debugger.Script should not use document fragment from URL NEW
1403925 -- Breakpoints context menu is not using localized accesskeys NEW
1327334 -- Debugger suddently stops when I open new url in tab NEW
1149835 -- Developer Tools: JavaScript debugger sends wrong cookies when requesting inline JavaScript source UNCONFIRMED
1000814 -- Remove module boilerplate from transport.js once marionette server loads it as an SDK module NEW
1410584 -- The editor pane of debugger is not cleared (1px line remained) when the file is closed UNCONFIRMED
1164667 -- Browser debugger never hits for scripts in new windows after open NEW
1016561 -- Breakpoint in blur event handler causes Firefox to hang NEW
1417196 -- Cannot set breakpoints at some operators UNCONFIRMED
1327989 -- Debugger doesn't show return object if I set watch expression NEW
1421780 -- "this" is optimized away UNCONFIRMED
1191191 -- Setting Javascript breakpoint in pretty-printed JS file within IFrame causes browser hang NEW
1057031 -- Reloading with a breakpoint set causes: "TypeError: info is null" NEW
1426467 -- step in accidentally lands in worker.onmessage ASSIGNED Jim Blandy :jimb
1352089 -- Error occurred while processing 'resume: TypeError: can't access dead object UNCONFIRMED
1199780 -- Stack traces point onload handlers to the first line of the document NEW
1082612 -- Debugger hangs when stepping quickly through source while watching variables NEW
1431244 -- Files from "file://" scope do not show up in developer tools searches UNCONFIRMED
1362439 -- Cannot remove breakpoint set after last valid JavaScript statement UNCONFIRMED
1103839 -- [e10s] Enable the debugger tests for e10s debug builds NEW
1434868 -- Intermittent leakcheck | tab process: 460 bytes leaked (BackstagePass, XPCNativeInterface, XPCNativeMember, XPCNativeSet, XPCWrappedNative, ...) NEW
1371295 -- Notification without checkbox throws error before callback when breakpoint is enabled UNCONFIRMED
1380642 -- Hide ordinals in wasm debugging NEW
1226285 -- Extend the debugger protocol to obtain a ServiceWorkerActor from a given registration. NEW
1122155 -- debugger pauses "debugger;" statement, but no callstack, variables view is empty NEW
1234426 -- [Debugger] When Javascript is disabled, debugger panel is empty NEW
1237107 -- Paused warning glitches when breaking and jumping from inspector to debugger NEW
1137296 -- Expander widgets in variable hover pop-ups in JavaScript Debugger no longer expand UNCONFIRMED
973879 -- Sources don't update after being edited when reloading an iframe NEW
1146161 -- Content of JavaScript file in Developer Tools missing or displayed wrong. UNCONFIRMED
1407971 -- Debugger functionality broken or radically altered in 56.0.1 UNCONFIRMED
1327700 -- Ctrl+C copies current source url to clipboard if item in "Variables" tab was focused NEW
1157871 -- Switching to another window shouldn't collapse "search scripts" results NEW
1007133 -- Toggle tools stays checked when quitting toolbox while debugger is paused NEW
1327769 -- Search results in debugger are delayed and appear even after I change query in filter field NEW
1170745 -- add tests for using the debugger on XBL pages NEW
1027047 -- Debugging an add-on causes: "ReferenceError: DevtoolsUtils is not defined" NEW
1180838 -- Need to be able to re-start and debug initialization of a remote target NEW
1046389 -- Breakpoint slides to wrong line NEW
1423009 -- popup in code panel fails to find variable UNCONFIRMED
1346884 -- [prettify] Performance degradation for minified code in firefox developer edition UNCONFIRMED
1359826 -- The scroller in the Debugger tab of developer tools becomes unusable UNCONFIRMED
1204567 -- [debugger] Autocomplete suggestions for filter field are sometimes duplicated NEW
1095156 -- Twisties not visible anymore in the global search pane NEW
1434081 -- webpack-generated source maps have incorrect line numbers when page is force-reloaded NEW
1367479 -- Viewport scrollbar not working while debugging UNCONFIRMED
1211035 -- Keep service workers alive while debugging NEW
1108695 -- Searching in the debugger in all files an occurrence and pressing enter should select the next occurrence NEW
1438039 -- Debugger is not showing up to date code UNCONFIRMED
1224279 -- WebInspector Debugger is *not* invoked for events selected in Events tab NEW
1117940 -- debugger statement in the eval'ed scripts does not work on page reload NEW
1126904 -- Firefox native Dev Tool Debugger with firebug merged stop showing the source when using breakpoint UNCONFIRMED
1391240 -- Another, unwanted, breakpoint is created while holding ctrl + B NEW
1396841 -- Some breakpoints remain disabled after choosing the "Enable Breakpoints" option from the breakpoints pane NEW
986586 -- Do something sane when stepping into code into global not shown in the add-on debugger NEW
1327388 -- Debugger doesn't show anything when I switch between 2 cached pages NEW
1153644 -- Debugger not show scripts loaded before tool opened on resource:// pages NEW
1411696 -- Debugger breaking causes music to sound distorted UNCONFIRMED
1327712 -- Debugger doesn't switch to correct script from inspector NEW
1166933 -- debug build of firefox reliably crashes when debugging pageinfo.js UNCONFIRMED
1017285 -- Custom data visualisation NEW
1417385 -- Update Debugger Frontend (11-15) NEW
1327991 -- Debugger replaces original source if I try to cancel pretty-printing while it's loading NEW
1038730 -- Variable previewers collapse object inspector expansions NEW
1421865 -- debugger: call stack is limited to what you see UNCONFIRMED
1341463 -- DevTools Debugger Panel re-fetches JavaScript and can show fake source, frustrating debugging NEW
1191555 -- SourcesView.prototype.addSource and callees taking ~900ms NEW
1064573 -- Ignore all breakpoints at given location NEW
1427231 -- Cannot set breakpoint in Web tools debugger with multiple script tags UNCONFIRMED
1353564 -- Add stepping and resume buttons to the PausedDebuggerOverlay NEW
1271627 -- Debugger: Text in variable popup cannot be selected and copied NEW
1200448 -- Debugger code pane in Dev Tools doesn't update X Primary Selection (for middle-click paste) UNCONFIRMED
1092863 -- Blackboxed sources do not persist across toolbox close/reopen NEW
1363325 -- number of steps at for-loop depends on whitespace UNCONFIRMED
1208183 -- Focused buttons in Debugger panel can't be pressed with Spacebar NEW
1104838 -- Fix test_breakpoint-19.js to test breakpoints on non-existent sources NEW
1435519 -- Breakpoints at the start of "if" expressions are not hit NEW
1373127 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_variables-view-popup-09.js | Test timed out - NEW
1220741 -- Extend the debugger protocol to get the installing/waiting/active worker for a given service worker registration. REOPENED
1380651 -- Resolve the implicit operand stack concept in Wasm debugging NEW
1227417 -- `setBreakpoint` RDP request returns an `actualLocation` field with a source instead of source actor NEW
1122222 -- Allow to debug scripts injected via document.write NEW
1388798 -- Source files are not accessible from the list view if the right hand pane is resized NEW
1392277 -- File location is not always revealed in the Tree menu NEW
1238104 -- Profile startup time and investigate optimizations NEW
1138796 -- ASSERTION: Double-freezing?: '!IsFrozen()', file /dom/base/nsGlobalWindow.h, line 1338 NEW
1243313 -- Do not localize "Global" scope type in debugger for consistency NEW
1408434 -- Allow to temporarily skip all 'debugger;' UNCONFIRMED
1327705 -- Debugger can't prettify scripts from sourcemap NEW
1013379 -- Automatically allow remote debugger connections for Browser Toolbox NEW
1416357 -- Update Debugger Frontend (11-10) NEW
1327791 -- [e10s] Debugger stops at two event handlers at the same time when I only choose one event NEW
1171326 -- Break on function name NEW
1348670 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_search-sources-03.js | There should be 3 items present in the sources container. - Got 1, expected 3 NEW
1265717 -- Decouple fronts from actors in debugger. NEW
1430007 -- File name display in developer tools is unusable UNCONFIRMED
1360077 -- Breakpoints set in debugger in browser toolbox change behavior of inspector in normal devtools UNCONFIRMED
1097089 -- Should auto-blackbox interposing code NEW
1434386 -- debugger random breakpoints UNCONFIRMED
1369972 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_break-on-dom-06.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: [object Object] - rejection date: Sat Jun 03 2017 04:04:11 GMT+0000 (UTC) - stack: JS frame :: resource://gre/modules/Promi NEW
1211397 -- ClojureScript has no syntax highlight NEW
1110276 -- Event tracing NEW
1438387 -- Need the functionality to reload debugging temporary extension on debugger window NEW
1224657 -- Breakpoint can't be set with Ctrl+B if it was canceled by unchecking breakpoint checkbox NEW
1384675 -- Pretty print is offered but breaks on JS inlined inside an HTML doc [TypeError: lastToken is undefined pretty-print-worker.js:535:1] NEW
1232750 -- Find all places that do a parse of source file in debugger and make sure they don't try on very large JS files NEW
1128982 -- Debugger should provide a way to not remove object actor (pause) on clientEvaluate UNCONFIRMED
1397560 -- insane parent process memory use after debugger search NEW
1240186 -- Scrolling performance in large JS files in the debugger NEW
1145648 -- Breakpoint on an input event after clicking the arrows of a <input type="number"> makes the page hang NEW
1404837 -- Update debugger frontend ASSIGNED Jason Laster [:jlast]
1327498 -- Firefox hangs and consumes 25% CPU if I black-box script in debugger and click Resume NEW
1327715 -- Debugger suddently stops in black boxed script NEW
1167303 -- debugger's smart search shouldn't try parsing non-JS files as JS NEW
1018454 -- Stepping disabled after breakpoint is hit REOPENED
1418312 -- Javascript Debug with NVDA screen reader for blind people UNCONFIRMED
1176791 -- NaN shown for breakpoint in Devtools Debugger NEW
1040314 -- Script files not showing in the debugger NEW
1421879 -- when code window popup opens variable pane closes drop downs UNCONFIRMED
1343017 -- unpredictable behavior of ctrl+g to find next match in source open in debugger (different from Enter) NEW
1191802 -- Break on add-on NEW
1427536 -- Keyboard shortcut on about:devtools to open developer tools doesn't use localization NEW
1354679 -- Automatically display the PausedDebuggerOverlay when the debugger is paused ASSIGNED Patrick Brosset <:pbro> (away until Feb. 22nd)
1272115 -- scroll wheel does not work in some views NEW
1202507 -- Collapsing the panel with search results in Debugger by click on code area moves target element from under the mouse cursor NEW
1363534 -- debugger js source file line number code doesn't match file line number's code UNCONFIRMED
1106706 -- Implement jump to introduction site for eval scripts NEW
1436604 -- Search in file not updating when moving between files. NEW
1221892 -- Extend the debugger protocol to get the matching service worker registration. NEW
1115991 -- Debugger hides scripts loaded via jQuery.getScript NEW
1380677 -- Make Wasm debugger follow "all operations have a visible effect" paradigm with an Autos window? NEW
1122734 -- Cmd+F in debugger results in beach ball for several seconds NEW
1389075 -- "Results" text from the search bar overlaps the search results NEW
1238745 -- Should set temporary BPs in generators so you can "step over" yields NEW
1139440 -- infinite loop from parser error NEW
1400859 -- [sourcemaps] When using sourcemaps defined in eval-ed scripts, breakpoints do not work NEW
1147972 -- Write tests for the breakpoint code. NEW
1327707 -- Debugger doesn't display source if it was loaded into an empty iframe [0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED)] NEW
1014940 -- Proxying some URLs for fixing code. NEW
1416396 -- Debugger does not list Javascript source of WebWorker UNCONFIRMED
1327985 -- Debugger call stack disappears when pretty-print ( NEW
1172876 -- Debugger: Breakpoints are not hit / only hit partially UNCONFIRMED
1032917 -- Changing js source file in html disables debugger UNCONFIRMED
1421610 -- exception looses context UNCONFIRMED
1337278 -- suggestion to update debugger cache files "touch" on new or replacement files UNCONFIRMED
1051676 -- DOM events should be queued when a break point is triggered. NEW
1425300 -- cant debug with get params UNCONFIRMED
1350596 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_auto-pretty-print-02.js | The source shouldn't be pretty printed yet. - NEW
1361271 -- unminification of script not available NEW
1206389 -- Addon Debugger Not Showing Breakpoint Hit UNCONFIRMED
1097635 -- Debugger doesn't jump to right line when clicking button in inspector event popup on about: pages UNCONFIRMED
1370655 -- Debugger steps in only once at while loop UNCONFIRMED
1112293 -- Need a notification event when the Browser Toolbox is initiated NEW
1225492 -- Emit paused/resumed events on threadClient, not the target NEW
1121131 -- Refactor ThreadSources.prototype.source away NEW
1233332 -- Wrap unwrap icons in the gutter NEW
1130046 -- Clicking on errors in the console creates a new window instead of jumping to the debugger tab UNCONFIRMED
1136108 -- Searching with cmd-f in browser.js produces exception: TypeError: this[aNode.init.type] is not a function NEW
1397697 -- Methods tooltip panel is dismissed while scrolling inside of it NEW
1145747 -- Debugger step functions are sensitive to whitespace NEW
990256 -- Debugging scripts loaded with loadSubScript from an add-on NEW
1405402 -- Expanded variables are collapsed again after every step UNCONFIRMED
1156535 -- Allow browser toolbox to remotely debug a different Firefox instance NEW
1327720 -- Disabling auto Black Box reloads all scripts but keeps leaves them in black box NEW
1167415 -- Stop combining inline HTML sources into a single fake source NEW
1019930 -- Invalid punycode in the debugger NEW
1418643 -- Clear Devtools Cache (Debugger source) UNCONFIRMED
1178027 -- Firefox caches scripts built with TypeScript even if caching is disabled NEW
1421895 -- debugger: break points stop breaking UNCONFIRMED
1192896 -- Worker debugger doesn't work on NEW
1428607 -- Search icon duplicate in search box when use previous debugger NEW
1356734 -- Don't open a debugger for browser.xul in the same window! NEW
1204100 -- Debugging emscripten example breakpoints show no visual indication NEW
1093776 -- Select Debugger tab on user interested pauses (breakpoints, exceptions, etc) NEW
1433317 -- Re-queuing worker runnables when debugger resumes parent window can reorder worker messages NEW
1365200 -- Support Unity game developers to debug Wasm web exports NEW
1210076 -- Clicking on a function created from the console after the debugger is activated is wrong NEW
1437712 -- Fix timeout in devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_break-on-next.js with the patch for bug 1193394 NEW
1375036 -- The Javascript debugger does not follow the container tab session UNCONFIRMED
1222758 -- [non-e10s] Pausing the Debugger doesn't stop onmouseout event handlers UNCONFIRMED
1116496 -- Debugger watch/variables pane scroll poition should favor user control UNCONFIRMED
1124122 -- Event suppression doesn't seem to work with postMessage NEW
1389522 -- Error message is displayed outside the search results panel NEW
1394478 -- debugger can show wrong script source NEW
1239008 -- Change ChromeDebuggerActor to protocol.js NEW
1142148 -- Avoid using the thread pool in TabSources NEW
981976 -- Get rid of line limit in debugger NEW
1327322 -- Debugger should select script and scroll line into view, when I click on a script in call stack/breadcrumbs NEW
1149467 -- Provide a "stop on every script" feature NEW
1410394 -- "pause on exceptions" button is weird tri-state but just looks broken NEW
1327709 -- Debugger doesn't prevents events in some cases NEW
1163854 -- Debugger can cause layout to be recursively entered NEW
1016046 -- Debugging content scripts is confusing NEW
1416916 -- Debugger does not highlight .es6 file extensions UNCONFIRMED
1327988 -- Debugger doesn't scroll to current line if I prettify source during debugging NEW
1173058 -- Use a different visual representation for pending breakpoints. NEW
1421779 -- conditional breakpoint does not work UNCONFIRMED
1338558 -- Debugger fails to load blob js files UNCONFIRMED
1191188 -- Debugger does not show sources that have been reclaimed by GC UNCONFIRMED
1054055 -- Make "ignore caught exceptions work" with C++ exceptions NEW
1426097 -- javascript sourcemap not loading when behind htaccess password protection UNCONFIRMED
1351952 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_keyboard-shortcuts.js | Test timed out - NEW
1075416 -- Don't delete/remove out of scope watch expressions NEW
1362432 -- repeated function parameter is shown with wrong value in Scopes UNCONFIRMED
1103284 -- Firefox UI becomes unresponsive upon hitting a breakpoint in an onchange handler UNCONFIRMED
1371235 -- Breakpoint in pretty printed source not hit UNCONFIRMED
1214326 -- Use Breadcrumb widget in debugger NEW
1113046 -- Opening the debugger causes websockets to be closed NEW
1226007 -- Use RDP protocol to run a search across all files in the frontend NEW
1122151 -- Browser unresponsive when browser toolbox is open, but browser toolbox's debugger isn't paused NEW
1136353 -- debugger statement in XBL constructor does not trigger NEW
1145843 -- Stop calling findScripts in onNewScript NEW
991688 -- Breakpoints not properly restored when thread is detached/reattached NEW
1406774 -- Debugger broken outside safe mode UNCONFIRMED
1327695 -- Canvas requires page reload when it isn't necessary for it to function normally NEW
1157820 -- [e10s] could the Debugger UI work for an ilooping content script before the 'Debug Script' button? NEW
1414315 -- Developer tools in private browsing uses accounts from non-private window NEW Jim Blandy :jimb
1327729 -- Exception disappears from variables tab when I [auto]prettify script NEW
1169466 -- Debugger pauses somewhere, but not on the only breakpoint i've set NEW
1419082 -- Debugger can't open files UNCONFIRMED
1180427 -- Promise-backend.js registers an observer and never removes it NEW
1045594 -- Need better UX for multiple sources with same base name NEW
1422577 -- Developer tools console/debugger sometimes will not show code line UNCONFIRMED
1346791 -- Missing common functions to search something into a script file UNCONFIRMED
1429101 -- [meta] JS-Devtools Collaboration NEW
1359535 -- Debugging xml files indicates current line is one or two lines from where it actually is NEW
1204142 -- Clicking breakpoint in debugger moves click target (e.g. checkbox) from under the mouse NEW
1094763 -- ThreadSources.prototype._sourceForScript dominates profiler UNCONFIRMED
1211025 -- Interpreter unresponsive when execution paused UNCONFIRMED
1108681 -- Searching in inspector panel changes number of files in debugger panel NEW
1438015 -- _findSafeGetterValues doesn't make much sense for Promise-returning attributes NEW
1377059 -- Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-chrome-create.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: Invalid process ID: 0 REOPENED
1117212 -- Remove code handling " -> " from debugger frontend NEW
1231389 -- "Watch Expression" does not work in webIDE while debugging an app in a FxOS device NEW
1126273 -- Add-on debugger doesn't pick up frame-script loaded by add-on NEW
1248631 P1 The definition of "safe getter" in DevToolsUtils.hasSafeGetter broken NEW
1251453 P1 Browser Toolbox (formerly: Browser Debugger) doesn't stop at "debugger;" from Toolbar handlers UNCONFIRMED
1251986 P1 Debugger doesn't show dynamically created inline script NEW
1074448 P1 [meta] Run to completion bugs NEW
1145201 P1 Promise then-handlers can still be executed while the debugger is paused. NEW
1003097 P1 [meta] Worker debugging NEW
1272558 P1 Crash when continuing after breaking in a dragenter event handler NEW
1279993 P1 ThreadActor can crash the browser (debug build) when attaching to a page with worker NEW
1241964 P1 Debugger runnables should be able to interrupt running scripts. NEW
1250623 P2 Setting breakpoint in Fennec bootstrap.js add-on file results in broken state NEW
821610 P2 Break on XHR NEW
1258830 P2 Debugger can't pretty-print script used several times on the page NEW
1340971 P2 Use proper plural form in editor.searchResults and sourceSearch.resultsSummary NEW
1279541 P2 Developer Tools Hang on Breakpoint during onblur UNCONFIRMED
1208131 P2 Consider automatically blackboxing node_modules NEW
994092 P2 Breakpoints don't always trigger in AJAX requests NEW
1252945 P2 Extend Debugger.Object with a function to obtain a string representation of its referent. NEW
1027072 P2 Debugger fails to discover scripts when they are added to body tag NEW
940537 P2 Remove the deprecated-sync-thenables from the debugger frontend NEW
1397311 P2 Browser Toolbox keeps bringing back old breakpoints NEW
986707 P2 Highlight debugger search box more clearly when using cmd+f NEW
1262313 P2 Return value really looks like it could be changed, but it couldn't NEW
1312112 P2 Using "Select an iframe..." to pick an MDN live sample to debug results in an empty debugger pane NEW
1392869 P2 Loading new scripts is slow when the dev tools debugger pane is open UNCONFIRMED
1320241 P2 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-breakpoints.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - REOPENED
1244177 P2 Fuzz debugger breakpoints NEW
1254658 P2 Inline variable preview while paused NEW
1349956 P2 Debugger fails when debugging popup windows NEW
1274309 P2 Disable debugger while a performance profile is actively recording NEW
1241958 P2 We should have a windowless debugger UI for web workers. NEW
830822 P2 Implement backend support for forcing evaluation on untrusted getter properties NEW
1260239 P2 Worker debugger fails to attach, followed by a browser crash. NEW
1313542 P2 Run full set of debugger unit tests on treeherder NEW
1322180 P2 Debugger context menu with vertical line in background (xul style for html menu?) NEW
1249514 P2 Intermittent DevToolsUtils.assert threw an exception: Error: Assertion failure: threadActor should exist when creating sources. NEW
815537 P2 Nested pauses triggered by watch expressions and conditional breakpoints are broken NEW
1172931 P2 Breakpoint not hit after reload when set on pretty-printed source NEW
1261837 P2 browser_dbg_break-on-dom-01.js has unhandled promise rejections NEW
1276650 P2 Crash in shutdownhang | __psynch_cvwait | PR_WaitCondVar | <name omitted> | nsThread::ProcessNextEvent | NS_ProcessNextEvent | mozilla::layers::CompositorThreadHolder::Shutdown NEW
1385430 P2 Searching in large scripts in debugger hangs browser NEW
1241963 P2 When a worker thread pauses, the main thread should be paused as well. NEW
832983 P2 Break on XHR (backend) NEW
1261134 P2 Specific script isn't pretty-printed automatically if Auto Prettify Minified Sources enabled NEW
1045237 P2 Event listeners popup "Open in debugger" doesn't work for prettyprinted scripts NEW
1344823 P2 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sources.js | Test timed out - NEW Jason Laster [:jlast]
1288493 P2 Opening devtools (any panel) causes big JS slowdown test page with evals NEW
1382580 P2 Fix 140 tests failures on devtools/client/debugger due the EventEmitter refactoring NEW
1389818 P2 enable smooth scroll on DevTools code editor NEW
1245069 P2 Debugger switches to a paused script when I accidentally hover variable in another script NEW
1250373 P2 [WebIDE] Cannot persist the breakpoint for videocontrols.xml while debugging Fennec NEW
1258006 P2 Add test for edge case with top-level sourcemapped breakpoints NEW
1037983 P2 Focussing a tab with a paused, but not focused debugger disables all keyboard input. NEW
859084 P2 Add "Evaluate in Console" to the source editor's context menu NEW
1278310 P2 Use @@toStringTag rather than Debugger.Object.prototype.class for object previews NEW
1294685 P2 `viewSourceInDebugger` doesn't fall back to view-source: tab NEW
1388099 P2 Removed watched expressions reappear NEW
1241965 P2 Workers should not start running until registration is complete. NEW
805769 P2 Unify the weak maps for pause and thread-lifetime actors NEW
1419352 P2 Stop doing React updates while debugger is in background NEW
871489 P2 Debugging scripts loaded with loadSubScript in the browser debugger NEW
1262803 P2 Debugger does not stop if breakpoint is in minified sources that are auto-prettified UNCONFIRMED
893696 P2 Sources don't update after being edited NEW
1377475 P2 dev tools not clearing cache UNCONFIRMED
939688 P2 Make sure the local transport actually freezes the packets NEW
1404245 P2 Source map requests don't use stored HTTP basic auth credentials UNCONFIRMED
1245819 P2 Breakpoint doesn't work in Browser Toolbox UNCONFIRMED Jason Laster [:jlast]
1175550 P2 Add support for shared and service workers to the worker debugger. NEW
883931 P2 DebuggerClient.prototype.connect may never call callback NEW
903183 P2 Debugging scripted proxies can cause debuggee code to run NEW
1279615 P2 The debugger should have "logging breakpoints" aka logpoints NEW
1285780 P2 Addon Debugger 48.0b6 problems UNCONFIRMED
1311424 P2 Sourcemap retrieved files in debugger use wrong URL when a hyphen exists in the URL UNCONFIRMED Tom Tromey :tromey
977972 P2 Breakpoints not working inside callback functions NEW
995872 P2 Accept both variants when searching quoted strings in the debugger NEW
1249022 P2 [e10s] Pretty printing in debugger replaces script from google jsapi NEW
1254615 P2 browser_dbg_worker-window.js has unhandled promise rejections NEW
895446 P2 Break on DOM events fired in iframes NEW
1280737 P2 debugger does not always trigger break points in service worker scripts NEW
923802 P2 Break on event listeners set from a blackboxed library NEW
1290938 P2 Debugger right panel auto-expands when the variable-bubble-view- is displayed NEW
1246299 P2 Sources aren't listed if Debugger is the selected tool when toolbox first opens on a testcase with a script in html NEW
1004678 P2 Break on DOM mutation NEW
1328328 P2 when using debugger, ctrl-f5 doesn't do full refresh page must click on refresh button UNCONFIRMED
1093390 P2 Show a tooltip with the full name of truncated properties in the variables view NEW
904191 P2 Remote debugger can't load files after page refresh NEW
1279903 P2 Full-page reloads while debugging leaks plenty of memory - detatched window objects hanging around NEW
1209640 P2 Debugging worker inititialization and debugging workers across page loads NEW
917963 P2 Break on introduction of new source NEW
1373632 P2 "Step out" steps to the end of the calling function when debugging minified scripts with client-side source-maps UNCONFIRMED
1286850 P2 Addon Debugger/Toolbox does not update script file (48.0b6) UNCONFIRMED
1313044 P2 Stack error whilst searching debugger NEW
1244337 P2 Pressing F5 on a breakpoint reloads the debugger scripts REOPENED
1249178 P2 Panel with search results in debugger shows again when I cancel search and toggle sidebar NEW
1161278 P2 Debugger source should not be loaded by second HTTP request UNCONFIRMED
814298 P2 Start Firefox with the browser debugger attached, and breakpoints pre-set NEW
1275723 P2 Re-enable/implement the "Debug Script" option in nightly [e10s]'s slow script notification bar. NEW
1212099 P2 Debugger fails to stop for breakpoints in migration.js NEW
1291419 P2 Investigate the ability to load huge wasm sources NEW
1385320 P2 Debugger devtools tab displays JS only from a Polymer component NEW
1313768 P2 Devtools' own CSS triggers Browser Console errors for invalid variables, like "Property contained reference to invalid variable. Error in parsing value for ‘color’. Falling back to ‘inherit’. styles.css:368:6723" NEW
1241961 P2 When the main thread pauses, all workers should be paused as well. NEW
801084 P2 Implement Debugger.Object.prototype.hostAnnotations NEW
1251903 P2 It's possible to accidentally open unwanted popup in Debugger if you hover part of a word under scrollbar (dark and light themes) NEW
1262654 P2 (debug remote protocol) 'environment' references may not exist on second break; NEW
1382578 P2 Fix 4 tests failures on devtools/client/debugger/new due the EventEmitter refactoring NEW
1300934 P2 Provide an option to ignore debugger statements when the debugger panel is not active. NEW
1322663 P2 Add Code Coverage endpoints to Debugger Server ASSIGNED Jason Laster [:jlast]
1403799 P2 Debugger - Breakpoints not working with source maps UNCONFIRMED
1261838 P2 browser_dbg_terminate-on-tab-close.js has unhandled promise rejections NEW
910696 P2 Further expand the variables view when appropriate NEW
1283587 P2 content process worker debugger window leaks compartments NEW
925269 P2 Enable/disable individual debugger statements NEW
1308045 P2 Search function/variable name, text and goto line etc. is missing in Debugger Nightly52.0a1 NEW
1248498 P2 Debugger shows stale HTML files if toolbox disabled caching NEW
802051 P2 Remote debugger hangs when making multiple connections NEW
1261475 P2 Debugger breaks if I try to pretty-print anonymous script NEW
892368 P2 Make the host/hostPort checks in getSourceGroup more robust NEW
1280320 P2 canplay event on AUDIO fires and event handler runs while debugger is stopped at breakpoint NEW
936671 P2 ObjectActor#getPrototypeAndProperties can cause debuggee code to run NEW
1383209 P2 Debugger doesn't scroll to the right line when clicking errors in the console NEW
1302441 P2 Hit MOZ_ASSERT(preconditionForWriteBarrierPost(owner, kind, slot, target)) from DebuggerFrame.environment getter NEW
964710 P3 Parser.jsm: support <![CDATA[...]]> NEW
1323739 P3 [Non-e10s] breakpoint in resize event handler cause mouse pointer deadlock NEW
986166 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_variables-view-edit-click.js | The expression should indicate it is still being edited after a click. - Got false, expected true NEW
794078 P3 Actors should return a response promise instead of sending reply packets directly NEW
1164911 P3 Never block when a sourcemap is needed NEW
860312 P3 DOM properties emit deprecation or other warnings when debugger tries to enumerate them NEW
1261971 P3 Syntax of all functions following "switch" is pushed to the left (broken) after pretty-print NEW
879408 P3 Move the debugger prefs into the options panel NEW
1271270 P3 JS Debugger: Tooltip for variables should be like Firebug UNCONFIRMED
902152 P3 Investigate not selecting and displaying any source by default on debugger startup NEW
914425 P3 Disable individual scripts (for testing) NEW
1114553 P3 [meta] Debugger tests NEW
925784 P3 Break on DOM events for browser debugging NEW
1298111 P3 Cannot toggle breakpoint in debugger if it is on current line UNCONFIRMED
947258 P3 Investigate hiding the [Sources | Call Stack] tab bar when there is no call stack NEW
1388364 P3 Stop using Promise.jsm in debugger NEW
1309904 P3 Syntax highlight in debugger mismatch NEW
958209 P3 Move RDP docs from wiki into toolkit/devtools/server/docs NEW
1317165 P3 New debugger twisties don't have enough contrast NEW
1237593 P3 Breakpoints for source maps with sections are not hit UNCONFIRMED
975003 P3 Investigate gzipping packets on the remote transport NEW
1399064 P3 Cleanup duplicated logic to set contentType of debugger eval code NEW
775608 P3 Debugger cannot distinguish multiple inline html scripts on the same line NEW
806775 P3 Group scripts by globals using hostAnnotations NEW
836298 P3 Conditional pause on exceptions ASSIGNED Rob Wu [:robwu]
1334397 P3 Evaled + Compiled scripts debugging (break on fist line/no break) UNCONFIRMED
1261712 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_worker-source-map.js | Test timed out NEW
871985 P3 Make safe getter value descriptors more like regular data descriptors NEW
1264989 P3 Debugger search box should show Ctrl+f instead of Crtl+P UNCONFIRMED
1074488 P3 [meta] Control flow NEW
894997 P3 Make it possible to create/edit sources in the debugger NEW
1274123 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_worker-console.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up NEW
1204582 P3 [meta] Debugger UX work NEW
1280728 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_step-out.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output NEW
1211079 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_watch-expressions-02.js | application terminated with exit code -11 NEW
1108711 P3 Add bytecode disassembler to the debugger NEW
923613 P3 Merge _startDebuggingTab and _startChromeDebugging NEW
1378808 P3 Column Breakpoints should be available for member expression NEW
1289616 P3 No "find next" in devtools debugger NEW
1303836 P3 Web Replay debugger/frontend changes NEW
965147 P3 Searching for function definitions sometimes doesn't work in the browser debugger NEW
1239578 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_variables-view-popup-08.js | Test timed out NEW
1327408 P3 Prettify in debugger, scratchpad and style editor shouldn't change lexemes (tokens) UNCONFIRMED
1246043 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_dbg_event-listeners-02.js | Test timed out NEW
1003428 P3 Make generators inspectable NEW
799070 P3 Breakpoints set on a script that is not yet present in the server should move to their actual location asap NEW
1250896 P3 Change SourceActor to protocol.js NEW
828242 P3 Instrument actors with GCLI (for testing) NEW
1327992 P3 Debugger spends twice as much time to prettify long scripts (with 738839 symbols) - 100% performance regression UNCONFIRMED
1259324 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_source-maps-03.js | Test timed out NEW
1039795 P3 F8 in debugger does not completely stop the world NEW
863078 P3 Wrong line highlighted in the source editor when paused on a debugger statement NEW
1342750 P3 [firebug theme] Debugger icon disappears when selecting debugger tab NEW
887506 P3 Remote debugger connection times out, NEW
1271954 P3 prettify source in service workers gets the debugger in a inconsistent state NEW
1092922 P3 "Pause on exceptions" forces you to unwind the stack manually NEW
903578 P3 Clean up the code for converting to/from value grips NEW
1279826 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_sources-eval-02.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output NEW
916439 P3 Breakpoint in dragenter/dragleave event handler causes Firefox to hang NEW
1286469 P3 Firefox not sending the sessions cookie in JS Debugger UNCONFIRMED
1220970 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_worker-window.js | application terminated with exit code -11 NEW
1298695 P3 Toolbox Debugger - Expand panels icon disappeared UNCONFIRMED
949723 P3 Should show code coverage in the editor while executing NEW
958752 P3 Breakpoints don't trigger when closing/reopening panel NEW
978167 P3 Navigating files in the search dropdown via arrow keys is slow NEW
1400856 P3 [sourcemaps] Sourcemaps defined in inline scripts are not displayed NEW
1326947 P3 pretty-print doesn't work if +- before function NEW
997119 P3 Decouple ThreadActor from TabActor NEW
784112 P3 Debugger cannot distinguish multiple instances of the same file in different iframes NEW
1249117 P3 Debugger lists about:neterror pages for iframes with domains prohibited via hosts (Win7) UNCONFIRMED
1013941 P3 Error after porting debugger frontend to Task.jsm: aItem is null NEW
812765 P3 Display actual errors instead of strings on watch expression evaluations REOPENED
1421177 P3 Jump to line from Console to Debugger is not scrolling to the correct line NEW
843720 P3 Organize scripts by module instead of URL NEW
1261733 P3 It's impossible to switch to found string by clicking global search results in Debugger - [TypeError: sourceResultsItem is null] NEW
1051632 P3 Breakpoint triggers on code that doesn't run (eg. if(false)) NEW
1074526 P3 [meta] Debugger client NEW
895514 P3 Make widget inheritance clearer via abstract type NEW
908452 P3 Requests should be processed in order for each actor NEW
923975 P3 Having to step out of a function twice so we can inspect its return value is confusing NEW
1291027 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_variables-view-popup-10.js | The popup has got unexpectedly hidden | The editor scrolled back to the breakpoint location | Test timed out NEW
943342 P3 Hovering over array accessor expressions should display the array element, not the array itself NEW
1304682 P3 Worker is no longer shown in debugger NEW
1235952 P3 Intermittent test_frameactor-02.js | Test timed out NEW
966254 P3 Bigger conditional breakpoint input field NEW
1145715 P3 Undo needed in debugger step functions REOPENED
746626 P3 Make bound functions inspectable NEW
1327600 P3 No way to pretty-print and debug Loops (e.g. "for" and "while") if brackets {} aren't used NEW
1246457 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_dbg_navigation.js | Test timed out NEW
1005274 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_addon-console.js | Test timed out followed by 30+ more failures NEW
800858 P3 Break on specific functions NEW
1327716 P3 Debugger vs iframe - debugger is empty, can't inspect event handlers in iframe set from parent frame NEW
1018559 P3 Conditional break when function is on stack NEW
1331613 P3 devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_bfcache.js has invalid JavaScript code NEW
1177730 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_promises-chrome-allocation-stack.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output REOPENED
868174 P3 Rejected, unhandled promises in devtools code should cause test failures NEW
1262315 P3 Breadcrumbs and pause/resume button blink when I cancel editing of watch expression NEW
1070868 P3 [meta] Browser debugging NEW
888811 P3 Re-enable browser_dbg_on-pause-raise.js on Linux REOPENED
1272499 P3 debugger only pauses once on breakpoint inside XBL handler NEW
904291 P3 Implement recursive sourcemaps NEW
1279944 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_breakpoints-contextmenu.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: - at resource://gre/modules/commonjs/toolkit/loader.js -> resource://devtools/client/debugger/content/views/sources-view.js:409 - TypeError: bp is null NEW
1107763 P3 Add a "pause on coerce to NaN" option to the debugger's options dropdown NEW
918416 P3 Jump to definition for event listeners NEW
1288209 P3 Don't use different blackbox icon in Debugger with Firebug theme NEW
932822 P3 L10N string "eventNodes" needs pluralization REOPENED
1382302 P3 The WorkerTarget should attach to the console when it is created NEW
952093 P3 Debugger cannot inspect XPCWrappedNatives (i.e. Components.utils) NEW
963112 P3 Automatic prettyprinting should not set the editor source twice ASSIGNED Hubert B Manilla
1139592 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_pause-exceptions-01.js | Test timed out REOPENED
980532 P3 Prefetch sources on the client NEW
1244339 P3 Add ability for debugger to show where a messageManager message was sent from NEW
999497 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_file-reload.js | The generated number seems to be created correctly. REOPENED
788585 P3 Pause on exceptions probably interferes with 'step', 'next', and 'finish' NEW
1257080 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_variables-view-override-01.js | Test timed out NEW
848503 P3 Use floating scrollbars for the SideMenuWidget NEW
876271 P3 Move common code to WidgetMethods NEW
1268269 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_sources-webext-contentscript.js | Test timed out - | Found a tab after previous test timed out: about:blank - NEW
1199073 P3 [promise-dbg] Display promise resolved value NEW
1074592 P3 [meta] Debugger frontend NEW
898470 P3 Display last debugged script in debugger instead of first loaded script when possible NEW
1206391 P3 Viewing source of .js code loaded from a blob gives various errors. NEW
910619 P3 Include function parameter values in stack traces and web console NEW
1212468 P3 [meta] Gaming-related debugging support NEW
1112348 P3 Disabling pretty-printing doesn't remove sourceMapURL on source NEW
1438930 P3 Update Debugger Frontend v17 NEW Jason Laster [:jlast]
925183 P3 Cannot drag scrollbar in debugger editor on OS X NEW
1291978 P3 If disable all breakpoints manually, the checked attribute of toggle-breakpoints is still "true" NEW
945916 P3 F3 should jump to next result when doing text search in the debugger NEW
1306854 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-breaking.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - REOPENED
1313861 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_searchbox-parse.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: - at chrome://devtools/content/debugger/views/filter-view.js:788 - TypeError: aSources[Symbol.iterator](...).next(...).value is undefined NEW
970546 P3 Flash window (Windows) / Bounce icon (Mac OSX) when breakpoint is hit NEW
1326774 P3 Conditional breakpoint displays error unrelated to the condition itself when I change it NEW
771339 P3 Live function editing NEW Thaddee Tyl [:espadrine]
801304 P3 Nested event loops do not suspend XHR events NEW
1332308 P3 A few "TypeError: this._panel is null" errors in debugger-view.js during devtools mochitest runs ASSIGNED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes][:julian]
868358 P3 Allow definition search to show methods of objects you type NEW
1262696 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_breakpoints-disabled-reload.js | Test timed out NEW
1194822 P3 [promise-dbg] List all the promises on panel startup NEW
891679 P3 Only include type fields in notification packets, not reply packets NEW
1272559 P3 Can get null event.dataTransfer for dragenter event if mouse left the window during breakpoint NEW
905263 P3 Implement a blackbox pragma NEW
1365603 P3 Search results should have a yellow background NEW
1280315 P3 Feature request: auto-pilot "Step until" feature NEW
1108132 P3 Optionally wrap long lines in the debugger NEW
1375813 P3 Devtools should not detach on refresh UNCONFIRMED
1223439 P3 Developer tools does not list javascript sources that are loaded using system js NEW
1116853 P3 Stop using DevToolsUtils.update and start using Object.assign instead ASSIGNED Nick Fitzgerald [:fitzgen] [⏰PST; UTC-8]
936379 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_host-layout.js | Test timed out REOPENED
1301705 P3 Update tests that directly interact with current debugger frontend to support the new frontend REOPENED
952648 P3 Should be able to blackbox a source while in the Tracer tab NEW
964205 P3 Pressing cmd+p while a string is selected should not display 2 popup panels UNCONFIRMED
1323098 P3 [meta] Chrome debugger protocol support for Firefox and Servo NEW
792320 P3 Highlight the current function when a stack frame is selected NEW
1327710 P3 Debugger doesn't show document event listeners NEW
818842 P3 Make the timeout for the slow script dialog configurable NEW
1261970 P3 It's possible to accidentally deform panels in Debugger, so some buttons become invisible NEW
876655 P3 Watch expressions for non-toplevel frames NEW
1269919 P3 Stop emitting duplicate newSource events NEW
899971 P3 DebuggerServer.onSocketAccepted should take an async allow callback NEW
1206896 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_pretty-print-06.js | Test timed out NEW
912600 P3 Prefetch sources on the server NEW
1283792 P3 Wrong file selected after page reload NEW
1113935 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_bfcache.js | Found the expected number of sources. - Got 0, expected 1 | Found the single source label. NEW
925569 P3 Console errors shouldn't trigger "pause on exceptions" NEW
947144 P3 Inspection bubble panel is sometimes misplaced NEW
1308972 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/aboutdebugging/test/browser_service_workers_start.js | Uncaught exception - at chrome://mochitests/content/browser/devtools/client/aboutdebugging/test/head.js:345 - TypeError: name is undefined NEW
1398911 P3 Improve web extension eval script URLs NEW
1326811 P3 Global search in debugger doesn't work if at least one source is broken NEW
1248533 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_variables-view-large-array-buffer.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. NEW
1252818 P3 Expose fetch to the worker debugger NEW
835037 P3 Remote debugger can attach to local Firefox with same process id NEW
1333381 P3 Formatting a JS file does not work when disabling sourcemaps UNCONFIRMED
1261476 P3 Debugger opens popup with properties for irrelevant objects if I scroll after stopping mouse NEW
1194828 P3 [promise-dbg] Search list of promises NEW
1273097 P3 Cyrillic URLs are not loaded in Web Developer Tools due to the broken encoding NEW
905859 P3 Implement a blackbox HTTP header NEW
1280616 P3 Breakpoints not caught on refresh, race condition. NEW
922753 P3 Change "notDebuggee: cannot access the environment of this function." warning when inspecting function NEW
1288824 P3 Add context menu to append expression into watch panel UNCONFIRMED
1383576 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-breakpoints-reloading.js | Test timed out - REOPENED Jason Laster [:jlast]
956288 P3 Debugger panel displays garbage characters using SJIS encoding NEW
1235247 P3 Some scripts are not properly indented when prettified NEW
1132375 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_search-symbols.js | The correct label (anonymousExpression) is currently selected. - Got arrow(), expected anonymousExpression() NEW
965141 P3 Support ES6 syntax for prettyprinting NEW
1324902 P3 actors/script.js hacks Debugger symbol without using it NEW Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau]
1239555 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_interrupts.js | Test timed out NEW
795916 P3 Support evaluating multiple client expressions at once NEW
1250777 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_dbg_debugger-statement.js | Test timed out NEW
821829 P3 Break on reflow NEW
1258951 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_variables-view-popup-09.js | Test timed out NEW
860955 P3 Component files not appearing in browser debugger NEW
1261972 P3 Debugger's sidebar sometimes isn't animated if I toggle it the second time NEW
915854 P3 Watch expressions should wrap to show result NEW
1114573 P3 [meta] Debugger break on DOM events NEW
925786 P3 Fix value editing in closures NEW
1298693 P3 Toolbox Debugger - left column of information blocks view UNCONFIRMED
947292 P3 Colors of simple values in the variable inspection popup should match the current theme NEW
958498 P3 Notify user if remote debugger port is already in use NEW
1318951 P3 Intermittent Automation Error: Received unexpected exception while running application after Assertion failure: mPtr >= aOther.mPtr, at RangedPtr.h:281 NEW
1400352 P3 Update the debugger frontend (9/15) ASSIGNED Jason Laster [:jlast]
1326926 P3 Debugger doesn't respect option "tab size", requires user to reopen devtools NEW
1147750 P3 Pretty print fails with error on long WP script UNCONFIRMED
775924 P3 Intermittent devtools/server/tests/unit/test_dbgsocket.js | Test timed out REOPENED
1158768 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_search-symbols.js | Test timed out - expected PASS NEW
809348 P3 Filtering scripts by default is confusing NEW
1027958 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_stack-05.js | Test timed out | Found a tab after previous test timed out: about:blank REOPENED
1419783 P3 Add an option in the prefs panel to turn on off auto pretty printing NEW
842937 P3 Display scripts that no longer exist in the debugger when accessed via the console NEW
1334987 P3 [debugger.html] Can't adjust the assets panel's width when the devtools are docked to the right NEW
1261732 P3 It's impossible to see context of found string in long global search results in Debugger NEW
1183863 P3 [meta][promise-dbg] Implement v1 of the promise debugger panel NEW
1050165 P3 Pausing on exceptions should not pause on failed QI calls NEW
872390 P3 Make the font size of the source view in the debugger configurable NEW
1196089 P3 Debugger does not show the js source which include a endless loop NEW
1074503 P3 [meta] Debugger inspection NEW
1274261 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_variables-view-edit-getset-01.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort NEW
1204770 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_scripts-switching-01.js | Test timed out NEW
906232 P3 Remove all "diagnostic messages" from xpcshell tests NEW
1379293 P3 "Copy Source Url" should be changed to "Copy Source URI" NEW
1119897 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_search-global-01.js | There should be one line result for the first url. - Got 2, expected 1 NEW
942899 P3 Fetching event listeners causes: "Error getting function definition site: conn3.pausedobj56 has no Debugger.Script" NEW
1304144 P3 `fetch` does not in xpcshell tests that run with the worker server NEW
1235719 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_breakpoints-contextmenu.js | Test timed out NEW
966198 P3 Allow breakpoints to resume automatically and play sounds NEW
986773 P3 Show preview when hovering over variable containing canvas element NEW
740548 P3 Watchpoints NEW
1156474 P3 Break on unhandled promise rejection NEW
1412334 P3 [meta] DevTools debugger bundle updates NEW
799198 P3 Need a way to fetch file:// and http:// resources from the server NEW
1251128 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_dbg_event-listeners-01.js | Test timed out NEW
830699 P3 Scripts added to a page via createElement and appendChild do not appear in the debugger UI NEW
1260006 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_server-conditional-bp-01.js | uncaught exception - allocation size overflow at NEW
865289 P3 Can't open exception source from the console NEW
1262314 P3 Debugger displays different sources than view-source NEW
888161 P3 ability to save local copy of scripts from sources list NEW
928108 P3 Batch keystrokes when doing full-text search in current file in debugger (Ctrl-F) NEW
1229092 P3 [meta] Debugger fixes for very large files NEW
950879 P3 Move debugger source utils to a common file NEW
959090 P3 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/toolkit/devtools/webconsole/test/test_cached_messages.html | property 'level' - got info, expected log NEW
1320325 P3 Search in all sources using the script filter (Ctrl + Alt + F) shortcut be gone NEW
980022 P3 Enable automatic prettyprinting by default NEW
1327011 P3 It's too easy to accidentally pause debugger and let it switch scripts and slow down debugging process for a minute UNCONFIRMED
997127 P3 Breakpoints not working when remote debugging global code NEW
786832 P3 Load sources on the client in chunks based on how much is visible in the scripts pane NEW
1256397 P3 Change ThreadActor to protocol.js NEW
846323 P3 Watchpoints for typed arrays NEW
1261734 P3 Clicking global search results in Debugger highlight wrong string after Pretty Print NEW
1186119 P3 [promise-dbg] Add a svg icon for the toggle promise debugger button NEW
875561 P3 Browser debugger should not update Firefox NEW
1267518 P3 Change names in Debugger to make it easier to read (deobfuscate) NEW
1198491 P3 [promise-dbg] Add a clear button to clear the list of promises NEW
1074538 P3 [meta] Debugger server NEW
908956 P3 Don't clear the searchbox when focusing with cmd+f NEW Léon McGregor
1282057 P3 Intermittent /browser_dbg_server-conditional-bp-03.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output NEW
924360 P3 Collapse duplicate entries when breaking on events NEW
1379998 P3 JS files opened empty in debugger NEW
944642 P3 Add a "hover" style on the variable that will be inspected NEW
1306029 P3 Unable to show inline JS source in data URI document NEW
1236241 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_variables-view-popup-06.js | There should be one variables view container added to the tooltip. - Got 0, expected 1, and more NEW
967759 P3 Remove unnecessary eval calls from frontend tests NEW
755493 P3 Remote debuggee hangs if breakpoint is hit when debugger connection is interrupted NEW
1327676 P3 "Step out" isn't equal to "step in" in the end of function (return value; need 1 pressing vs 2 pressings) NEW
1246666 P3 Consider using BrowserTestUtils instead of our own message-manager-based mechanism to simulate clicks in debugger tests NEW
1005469 P3 Using :# as a search query causes "TypeError: query is undefined searchcursor.js:27" NEW
832733 P3 'Connect' menu item for remote debugging doesn't show/expose accesskey NEW
1331747 P3 [a11y] Navigate to debugger editor tabs NEW Nancy Pang [:npang]
1260627 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_sources-labels.js | Test timed out NEW
1044985 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_clean-exit.js | Test timed out NEW
868357 P3 Edit completion values for search in the debugger NEW
1344199 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-returnvalues.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - REOPENED
1070885 P3 [meta] Pause on exceptions NEW
890269 P3 Frontend should be able to handle duplicate scripts NEW
904716 P3 Updates needed for debugger docs NEW
918715 P3 Highlight event listener targets NEW
1288348 P3 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_split-console-paused-reload.js | Test timed out - NEW
933950 P3 Resolve memory leak in browser_dbg_clean-exit-window.js NEW
952612 P3 Preserve breakpoint when prettyprinting NEW
1131012 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_search-global-02.js,browser_dbg_search-global-05.js | Test timed out - expected PASS NEW
963215 P3 Should not refresh entire variables view when adding or updating watch expressions NEW
698841 P3 Refactor all actors/fronts to use protocol.js NEW
1244993 P3 Intermittent e10s browser_dbg_search-global-06.js | The global search pane should have some entries from the previous search. - Got 1, expected 2 NEW
1000317 P3 UI for attempts to use variables that are optimized away NEW
789027 P3 Global search sometimes doesn't highlight the matches in the debugger editor NEW
1250320 P3 Debugger's sidebar inconsistently performs animation when I switch from vertical to horizontal mode NEW
816988 P3 Can't debug scratchpad scripts in the browser debugger NEW
1257238 P3 Remove the experimental badge for wasm sources NEW
1037365 P3 Railroad diagrams for regular expressions NEW
857451 P3 Breakpoints not working in browser debugger NEW
876643 P3 Should probably stop showing the description arrow panel after a few counts NEW
1269866 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_pause-warning.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. NEW
1199076 P3 [promise-dbg] Display promise state status NEW
1277802 P3 some javascripts files are invisible both in inspector and firebug UNCONFIRMED
1206403 P3 Unhelpful error message "not well-formed 1:1" NEW
1294036 P3 TypeScript files do not show up in the debugger when relative sourcemap paths are provided UNCONFIRMED
1234195 P3 Intermittent browser_dbg_blackboxing-04.js | Test timed out NEW
1314057 P3 [debugger.html] remove the old debugger NEW
1237073 P3 sourcemap.allGeneratedPositionsFor returns incorrect source mappings NEW
971973 P3 Displaying browser "location" accessor causes: "TypeError: descriptor is undefined" NEW
1398089 P3 convert uses of "defer" to "new Promise" in client/debugger/new/ NEW
1326786 P3 Setting breakpoint cancels trap mode in debugger NEW
771490 P3 The first line is always referenced in the stack trace for HTML / XUL documents NEW
1006785 P3 Improve prettyprinting performance NEW
1252277 P3 Setting breakpoint on function call NEW
1026455 P3 Some properties are missing from the locals view when expanding objects NEW
834506 P3 We need step into callback button NEW
1333282 P3 Cannot debug scripts injected into the document UNCONFIRMED
868378 P3 Break on page load NEW
1262761 P3 prettify source gets confused on this sample UNCONFIRMED
1194825 P3 [promise-dbg] Filter list of promises by promise state NEW
1074182 P3 [meta] Debugger breakpoints NEW
1272663 P3 about:debugging reload cannot reload add-on because it is disabled by the application UNCONFIRMED
905450 P3 Blackbox individual functions NEW
1366745 P3 The order of the breakpoints added changes after reloading the page NEW
918920 P3 Collapse the search box when it is unfocused NEW
1288697 P3 Addon Debugger - simplify search and in file navigation UNCONFIRMED
1224078 P3 script tag using sourceURL doesn't appear in debugger sources pane NEW
953414 P3 Can't debug content scripts NEW
1390582 P3 [Scopes] keys gets the global value NEW
738965 P4 Going back in time with the debugger NEW
1245374 P4 Debugger worker panel should have a smaller height UNCONFIRMED
1326816 P4 Debugger doesn't show anonymous event listeners NEW
740277 P4 Support code coverage analysis NEW
926794 P4 Reloading page with console open triggers strict warnings in the debugger server NEW
676602 P4 Multiple breakpoints per line NEW
717985 P4 Set breakpoints from View Source NEW
1174715 P4 3-5% Linux 64/win8 damp regression on Fx-Team-Non-PGO on June 12, 2015 from push b93a5e3d522d NEW
738970 P4 Make scope chains inspectable NEW
1134566 P4 Improve the performance of the source-map library by rewriting parts of it in asm.js. NEW
1380522 P4 Debugger fails to load source when stepping in NEW
946228 P4 Manually rename variables when inspecting minified code NEW
1427222 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sourcemaps3.js NEW
1285617 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_auto-pretty-print-02.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1408274 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-reload.js | undefined assertion name - Got 2, expected 6 NEW
1423030 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_keyboard-shortcuts.js | application crashed [@ MOZ_CrashOOL] NEW
905863 P5 Implement a blackbox source map directive NEW
1017938 P5 Implement a button to toggle sourcemaps in the toolbar NEW
1191558 P5 TabSources.prototype.fetchSourceMap taking ~900ms NEW
1408809 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-pretty-print-console.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1029545 P5 Intermittent browser_dbg_variables-view-popup-14.js | The popup is opened (and more) NEW
875034 P5 [meta] Debugger blackboxing NEW
1430407 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_scripts-switching-02.js | Test timed out - NEW
1434537 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sources-named-eval.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - NEW
1281838 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_console-named-eval.js | Test timed out REOPENED
1385304 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_blackboxing-05.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1326667 P5 Debugger can't prettify some built-in scripts and scripts in extensions NEW
1405283 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-asm.js | Test timed out - NEW
1343060 P5 Setting breakpoint at line X slides to wrong location if a previous breakpoint was slided to that line X UNCONFIRMED
1428388 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-minified.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - NEW
1433114 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-tabs-pretty-print.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - NEW
1300911 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_listworkers.js | Test timed out - NEW
1122748 P5 [meta] Debugger Performance NEW
1393299 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-search-project.js | undefined assertion name - Got project, expected null NEW
1416428 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sources.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - NEW
1425777 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-breakpoints.js c:\users\genericworker\appdata\local\temp\tmp3d_afp.mozrunner\bookmarkbackups\bookmarks-2017-12-16.jsonlz4 NEW
1430922 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-chrome-create.js | The remote debugger process didn't die cleanly. - Got 1, expected -15 NEW
1434727 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sourcemaps-reload.js | Test timed out - NEW
1282269 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/framework/test/browser_browser_toolbox_debugger.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output NEW
1429099 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-navigation.js | 5 sources are loaded. - Got 3, expected 5 NEW
1340518 P5 Pausing JS stops in blackboxed sources NEW
1214439 P5 Intermittent browser_dbg_split-console-keypress.js | Test 4: DebugPos at line 19 - REOPENED
1316954 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sources.js | undefined assertion name - Got 6, expected 7 NEW
992268 P5 Manually define sourcemap paths NEW
771597 P5 [meta] Debugger source mapping NEW
1414587 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-search-file.js | Test timed out - NEW
1429739 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_variables-view-03.js | application terminated with exit code 11 NEW
1302856 P5 Intermittent browser_dbg_reload-same-script.js | The preferred source url wasn't set correctly (2). - Got undefined, expected REOPENED
1232083 P5 Intermittent browser_dbg_search-global-01.js | There should be matches found in two sources. - Got 1, expected 2, | uncaught exception - TypeError: item1 NEW
1431884 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_blackboxing-02.js | Test timed out - NEW
1424154 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-content-script-sources.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. REOPENED
1326630 P5 Events in debugger's sidebar aren't highlighted when I click checkbox NEW
1070862 P5 [meta] Debugger pretty printing NEW
1432141 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-editor-gutter.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: Win error 2 during operation move on file c:\users\genericworker\appdata\local\temp\tmpeonu2b.mozrunner\bookmarkbackups\ NEW
1299560 P5 Event Tabs of Watch expression from the Debugger panel is missing padding to the right NEW
1393247 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_break-on-dom-07.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1409122 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-wasm-sourcemaps.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: Debugger.Frame is not live - stack: step@resource://devtools/shared/base-loader.js -> resource://devtools/client/debu NEW
1430583 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/browser_dbg_breadcrumbs-access.js |Error: cross-process JS call failed - stack: initDebugger<@chrome://mochitests/content/browser/devtools/client/debugger/test/mochitest/head.js:570:7 NEW
897594 P5 Reduce number of sourcemap lookups when setting breakpoints NEW
1434605 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sources-named-eval.js | Test timed out - NEW
1438778 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-quick-open.js | Test timed out - NEW
1326714 P5 Debugger always highlights the 1st line during debugging, if script src was deleted UNCONFIRMED
1414124 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-toggling-tools.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1107815 P5 Setting a breakpoint in a CoffeeScript file causes the debugger to hang UNCONFIRMED
1230441 P5 Intermittent e10s browser_dbg_reload-same-script.js | The selected source isn't the correct one etc. NEW
1431206 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-content-script-sources.js | Source is focused - NEW
899054 P5 [meta] Add-on debugging NEW
1434792 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-sourcemaps-reload.js | No breakpoints - Got 2, expected 0 NEW
1386518 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-tabs.js | Test timed out - REOPENED
1433732 P5 Intermittent devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-chrome-debugging.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: Invalid process ID: 0 - stack: onFailure@resource://gre/modules/subprocess/subprocess_common.jsm:121:5 NEW

929 Total; 929 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Developer Tools: Netmonitor

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1015193 -- Please provide a label on hover or a legend with what each color in each request chart represents NEW
1068546 -- HTTP header casing not preserved NEW
1110806 -- Selecting text with mouse in DevTools -> Network -> Params -> Request payload does not copy the text (Linux) UNCONFIRMED
1172031 -- Add tooltip for elided header values NEW
1424997 -- Network panel shows requests in the order they're finished, not in the order they're done. UNCONFIRMED
1199976 -- Tooltip for image in Netmonitor flickers when I move mouse from icon to file name and back NEW
1218635 -- Disable Cache (When toolbox open) isn't working with SWF files NEW
885508 -- [meta] Allow developers to inspect websocket connections NEW
938085 -- Let the user block some requests (based on URL fragment) to test third-party failure NEW
1438625 -- Please log Flash Player Requests inside the Network monitor on Developer tools ! UNCONFIRMED
1370860 -- Netmonitor parses url-encoded parameters incorrectly UNCONFIRMED
984122 -- Option to set persistent custom headers for all requests. UNCONFIRMED
999992 -- [netmonitor] bogus load times for resource types in pie chart analysis of loading page with/without cache (huge numbers compare to real time) NEW
1046495 -- Manually Add Header NEW
1095273 -- Duplicate HTTP headers are concatenated in network view UNCONFIRMED
1126933 -- Netmonitor request inspection pane should never be displayed on the side if the tools are docked on the side NEW
1157281 -- The 'Preview' tab is visible for redirects that contain 'Content-Type: text/html' header NEW
1163611 -- Consider exposing whether a load was upgraded from http: to https: due to HSTS NEW
1423175 -- The network request list (Developer Tools -> Network) does not show my image from cache. UNCONFIRMED
1427256 -- connection header http2 UNCONFIRMED
1206924 -- FF dev tools wont add Access-Control-Request-Method in 'edit and resend' NEW
1430765 -- [meta] HAR Improvements NEW
1356868 -- [meta] Add more network monitor columns NEW
1227913 -- DELETE type ajax request not allowed in preflight response doesn't logs any error in console or netmonitor NEW
918293 -- loading favicon not included in webdeveloper-console NEW
1436269 -- Streaming resources are roughly blank in the netmonitor until they’re finished; they should instead show as much as is available immediately UNCONFIRMED
1363663 -- Add product column NEW
975987 -- https not distinguished from http in logs NEW
1020281 -- Ability to create and send NEW requests in netmonitor. NEW
1080890 -- for PUT / POST requests we should try to display the payload partly NEW
1115415 -- Allow developers to change the content-type of a request's body to force preview NEW
1149190 -- Record Filmstrip in Network Panel NEW
1160611 -- No way to see total request size for POST / PUT requests NEW
1174445 -- Network monitoring tab get stuck when monitoring HTTP 2 requests UNCONFIRMED
1200865 -- Links opened from Network Monitor should open in the same window where target document is opened (not the last active win) NEW
1003153 -- Add keyboard shortcut to hide sidebar NEW
1390156 -- Crash in JS::CaptureCurrentStack while reloading site when opening Network tab in Dev tools UNCONFIRMED
1049511 -- Show count of form data and query string NEW
1097455 -- Developer tools network tab with many requests causes UI freeze (multiple seconds) UNCONFIRMED
1129197 -- JSON.parse error on Response tab in netmonitor on large request NEW
1157813 -- We should show data uris in the netmonitor NEW
1166123 -- network summary flashes "0KB" and doesn't seem to increment size NEW
1195839 -- Review use of icons in netmonitor NEW
1427720 -- network panel should display blocked request as failure UNCONFIRMED
1208128 -- Network panel will wipe results if you close/open the tools. NEW
1432311 -- network monitor cannot show network requests form a service worker running in a different process NEW
1228391 -- HTTP transfer speeds, and current progress, are not displayed in the Network panel either for currently running or finished transfers. NEW
921535 -- Videos do not show up in network monitor when they are embed inside an HTML page REOPENED
978206 -- Display "JSON" with for (;;) and while (1) prefixes in the response tab NEW
989614 -- Netmonitor's timings are out of view when many requests logged. NEW
1116060 -- Network inspector shows the base64 encoded response body for response with content-type "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8". NEW
1151255 -- Network monitor returns misleading content on Unauthorized pages UNCONFIRMED
1162641 -- Netmonitor sometimes doesn't stay pinned to bottom NEW
1203832 -- WS Application Layer Event Correlation with WS Network Inspection NEW
1354446 -- Keep context menu for toggling Network Monitor columns visible NEW
1222618 -- Fonts pixelated for a few seconds and then clear NEW
970817 -- Figure out better styling for the malformed json message NEW
1057131 -- Network panel seems to misreport sizes of output.js and for Unity DT2 demo NEW
1097908 -- "Copy as cURL" incorrectly escapes strings for Windows command prompt NEW
1135430 -- Clicking "value" in key/value pairing in JSON rendering response breaks view NEW
1159078 -- Display a useful message when a response body is truncated NEW
1170908 -- Weakly malformed HTTP response line is silently interpreted as 200 OK NEW
1197903 -- Protocol independent payload parsing of websocket traffic NEW
1350969 -- [meta] [Performance] New netmonitor can be slow when a lot of requests are happening in the same time NEW
1210147 -- Inspect WebRTC Data Channels (@Transport level) in a tab NEW
1432973 -- Dev tools network tab: requests list renders behind details panel UNCONFIRMED
925340 -- Typical "right click menu" options hidden in Network requests. NEW
1438125 -- Filtering Request Parameters in the network monitor of dev tools does not work. UNCONFIRMED
983296 -- [netmonitor] align numeric values at comma position NEW
994749 -- Network statistics view is not responsive *enough* when tools are docked to the side REOPENED
1093269 -- [tracking] Netmonitor filtering NEW
1124698 -- "Edit and Resend" changes request method from GET to OPTIONS NEW
1154709 -- Cleaning up pipe work in network-monitor.js and make it more e10s compatible NEW
1162770 -- Reduce content animation jank while the netmonitor is open NEW
1190213 -- Group requests per page when 'persistent logs' is enabled NEW
1348737 -- [meta] Load Net Panel In Launchpad NEW
1206061 -- Display message in Params and Response tabs in case request and response body logging is turned off NEW
1430690 -- "Task cancelled (unknown)" is logged when start performance analysis NEW
902490 -- Replay XHR sequence after adjusting the order and timing. NEW
972599 -- Performance analysis "Back" button takes too much vertical space NEW
1058668 -- Network monitor request footer can be out of view if devtools size is reduced NEW
1142427 -- Network response doesn't match console output NEW
1424797 -- Predictive prefetch makes duplicate HTTP requests still causing duplicate ad impressions UNCONFIRMED
1217140 -- Make netmonitor's insecure connection icon use a shared utility for determining secure connections NEW
1433112 -- DevTools: "Copy" not working after "Copy All As HAR" UNCONFIRMED
930313 -- CMD+Option+Left / Right broken when netmonitor list is focused NEW
1438531 -- Remove leftovers of mocha test from netmonitor NEW
983961 -- Should be able to see my page as it was during any moment of page load NEW
998211 -- Firefox Developer Tools Network Panel cannot catch the http request of new popup NEW
1037489 -- [meta] Netmonitor papercuts NEW
1094732 -- Beautify jsonp response UNCONFIRMED
1126093 -- Toggle performance analysis view without reloading if analysis has already been done NEW
1418262 -- Request end time shown as timestamp in minutes instead of duration in seconds UNCONFIRMED
1163191 -- Mouse over over rows in tables highlights the hovered row. NEW
1190647 -- CSP report body is not captured by 'copy as cURL' UNCONFIRMED
1206868 -- Headers component of an item in network tabs details is blank UNCONFIRMED
1362997 -- The Network monitor doesn't display all requests NEW
974808 -- Network redirects don't get logged in the Web Console. UNCONFIRMED
1376267 -- SVG causes layout shadow glitches in netmonitor UNCONFIRMED
1072450 -- Frequent "Handler function NM_observeActivity threw an exception" spammed to the browser console NEW
1113293 -- Represent failed resource fetches from security events NEW
1144627 -- Devtools do not indicate a file was pushed from the server via HTTP2 NEW
1160449 -- inspect element -> Networks -> "headers" tab not be changed when select another file in list UNCONFIRMED
1428942 -- Net Console not showing cached calls UNCONFIRMED
956287 -- Developer Tools: Network Monitor: webm request disappears from the request list NEW
986452 -- browser_net_timing-division.js leaks 1 window until shutdown NEW
1046559 -- SVG responses don't appear in image preview tooltip NEW
1396943 -- Setting preview images slows down list rendering NEW
1127077 -- The response pane beachballs on large JSON files NEW
1157336 -- "Disable Cache (when toolbox is open)" option doesn't always work for localhost NEW
1164239 -- Re-fetch network requests with no response. NEW
1194777 -- Support "json" or "data" as one of the network request filters NEW
1207338 -- IDNs into Web Tools -> Network NEW
1356870 -- Add Local IP column NEW
1228110 -- Network Transfer view could be clearer in differentiating between HTTP requests that are open and ones that are closed. NEW
921282 -- network (developer tool) missleading timing details for failed connects UNCONFIRMED
1436484 -- Firefox JSON view in DevTools shows [] as {} UNCONFIRMED
1363983 -- Last used filter type should not be applied automatically in network monitor. NEW
1242098 -- HTTP inspection should understand semantics of OPTIONS requests UNCONFIRMED
976823 -- sale flyer page slows Firefox to a crawl with netmonitor open NEW
1080900 -- Netmonitor doesn't show all requests NEW
1115943 -- Lag when quickly shifting through requests with arrow keys NEW
1150655 -- The 'response' and 'preview' tabs in the netmonitor side panel are not useful for html documents NEW
1203308 -- US: websocket connections discovery across a tab NEW
1429824 -- Scroll to bottom feature forces many reflows and slow down the netmonitor REOPENED Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau]
1354054 -- Network panel could display request priority NEW
1222551 -- Netmonitor should use shared 'is origin potentially trustworthy' check to determine if broken lock icon should show up for a request NEW
956992 -- Link shows no entry, not even 404, in Console or Network Dev-tools. UNCONFIRMED
1003872 -- Add visual indicator for first 14KB of content NEW
1054602 -- Empty headers not listed NEW
1097836 -- Give users on Windows the choice between POSIX and Windows escaped "Copy as cURL" commands NEW
1307743 -- [meta] Migrate Net panel to HTML NEW
1134749 -- Allow user to drag files that appear in network monitor onto desktop NEW
1167454 -- Ctrl+L should clear the netmonitor, like it does for the console NEW
1197900 -- Protocol parsers for protocol upgraded websocket connections NEW
1428022 -- Web Developer console doesn't shows POST fields UNCONFIRMED
1210127 -- WebRTC Monitoring NEW
1432724 -- Developer Tools -> Network -> Request -> Edit and Resend closes the request UNCONFIRMED
922280 -- Requests made by flash don't show correctly in the monitor NEW
982807 -- get-request json/xml 60 seconds receive time on wrong encoding UNCONFIRMED
991870 -- Network performance view NEW
1088603 -- 404 JavaScript files are reported as html files in the network panel in the devtools UNCONFIRMED
1116439 -- Add a way to inspect full certificate chains from the security tab ASSIGNED Sami Jaktholm
1151368 -- Block some specific resources in Network Panel across reloads NEW
1162746 -- Network waterfall shows blocked requests starting too early. NEW
1421961 -- Developer Tools > Network > Security incorrectly states that HSTS is disabled UNCONFIRMED
1182013 -- [netmonitor] Copying request or response headers sometimes fails with: TypeError: selected.requestHeaders.rawHeaders is undefined netmonitor-view.js:720:9 NEW
1426206 -- DAMP tests don't allow waterfall to render NEW Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau]
1204933 -- DevTools Network Panel counts prefetch resources tripled instead of once UNCONFIRMED
1430359 -- Disable HTTP Cache does not work after use performance analysis NEW
1354509 -- Add filter option for network requests checking whether they got blocked due to mixed content issues NEW
1223480 -- Make negative filtering more obvious and more discoverable NEW
972284 -- Remove the "→" from networkMenu.totalMS NEW
1005757 -- A way to pause the HTTP traffic after a certain resource in Network Monitor View. NEW
1399292 -- add network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS as devtool option UNCONFIRMED
1098392 -- "Copy as cURL" incorrectly includes a "--1.0" option. NEW
1135964 -- image thumbnail in request table not anchored properly NEW
1171227 -- Show progress of request in Network monitor NEW
1424208 -- Receiving is 0ms when timing a small TLS page UNCONFIRMED
1199230 -- Display keyboard shortcut when hovering over the filter input of network panel NEW
929874 -- Always show the object inspector at the bottom when the netmonitor is docked to the side NEW
1438457 -- Autocomplete popup should autoselect the first element of the list NEW
1366983 -- Chart pie displays "Loading" for a few seconds if Firefox is resized NEW
1093346 -- Developer Tools cause web fonts to load NEW
1126028 -- STUN requests don't show up in Developer Toolbar network requests UNCONFIRMED
1155483 -- Netmonitor search input should be focused immediately NEW
1190216 -- Show request summary per page when 'persistent logs' is enabled NEW
1206512 -- Don't animate image previews NEW
1430698 -- Performance analysis does not complete when start it before perform a request NEW
1223896 -- Cache graph should use --theme-graph-* colors NEW
972821 -- Data URI's not listed anywhere in network monitor UNCONFIRMED
1376253 -- Add indicator to failed 200 OPTIONS preflight CORS request in netmonitor UNCONFIRMED
1414728 P1 [Experiment] Implement RequestList with fixed-data-table-2 NEW
956452 P1 Network monitor is janky on sites with a ton of requests NEW
1423868 P1 An example of typical Network panel test NEW Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau]
1430723 P1 Using fixed width of waterfall column NEW
1401741 P1 Some network loads show up incorrectly in devtools when RCWN enabled NEW
1416714 P1 Netmonitor perceived performance enhancement NEW
1434848 P1 StatusBar tries to updates on every state update and its render is slow ASSIGNED Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau]
1358414 P1 Introduce column resizer in request list NEW
1265278 P2 Optionally hide passwords from URLs in the net monitor NEW
1406314 P2 Netmonitor request/response data are copied 3 times NEW
1308695 P2 [Performance] Rewrite request waterfall graph with canvas NEW
1143416 P2 Network tool not giving error for file not found in local directory NEW
1160254 P2 Network panel doesn't seem to show upload sizes very well NEW
1420291 P2 RequestListContent could instanciate RequestListContextMenu lazily NEW
1428758 P2 Some tree nodes have wrong direction in Security tab in RTL locales NEW
1353335 P2 Shrinking the Request Details panel makes the content disappear into the right margin NEW
1272740 P2 No way to check HTTP2 Server Push resources REOPENED
1292752 P2 Don't scroll horizontally by selecting a row on Network Monitor in RTL locales NEW
1419327 P2 Run DAMP open/reload/close tests against a document specific to netmonitor NEW Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau]
1329575 P2 Move input filed support to Properties View NEW
1193811 P2 Show a message to the user that network monitor doesn't work with file:/// protocols NEW
1349559 P2 Introduce UI for network throttling in the Net panel NEW
1238345 P2 Export all page requests when 'persistent logs' is enabled NEW
1267110 P2 Show whether a request is coming from the main thread or a (service) worker in the network panel NEW
1283059 P2 Console netlogging code leaks the NetInfoBody React components NEW
1407515 P2 "Open in New Tab" under Developer Toolbar\Network doesn't send POST parameter ASSIGNED Abhinav Koppula
1336485 P2 Add option to copy request with post parameters as URL REOPENED
1346300 P2 "Enable persistent logs" leads to unexpected behaviour in network tab NEW
1429296 P2 Show MDN link of filter properties when hover the filterbox ASSIGNED
1373307 P2 network monitor is extremely slow UNCONFIRMED
1248878 P2 json string response shown as array in Netmonitor UNCONFIRMED
1274957 P2 Network Monitor: 'Response' tab gives SyntaxError for valid JSON request NEW
1293144 P2 Don't broken browser window style and current content after starting performance analysis in the Network Monitor on the Browser Toolbox NEW
1307667 P2 [UX] Unifying HTTP inspector UX between netmonitor and the new web console NEW
1436665 P2 WE: onRequestFinished event should be sent even if the Netmonitor UI isn't initialized NEW
1242259 P2 Media requests from inner iframe not captured REOPENED
1027122 P2 Fonts loaded from cache are missing from DevTools network tab UNCONFIRMED
1085481 P2 "Copy as cURL" misses out a bunch of request data NEW
1408355 P2 Improve showToolbox resolution on netmonitor NEW
1179250 P2 NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIInterfaceRequestor.getInterface] (network-monitor.js:94) NEW
1426069 P2 Netmonitor Performance Analysis does not work in Firefox 58 NEW
1373558 P2 Intermittent devtools/client/netmonitor/test/browser_net_statistics-01.js | Test timed out - NEW
1257883 P2 Suggest WebSocket Monitor add-on from Network Monitor Panel NEW
1294460 P2 XHR requests sent with text/xml Content-Type should get XML syntax highlight in the Network tab of the dev tools UNCONFIRMED
1308441 P2 [Performance] Use react-virtualized for RequestList in NetMonitor panel NEW
1419415 P2 Add DAMP test to cover request expand NEW
1332655 P2 Browser toolbox is retaining all sources ever visited NEW
1342178 P2 HTTPS Strict Transport Security incorrectly shows as disabled when using 'private browser mode' or 'private window' REOPENED
1268489 P2 HTTP/2 Push requests appear to get treated as cache hits NEW
1287475 P2 Edit and resend will incorrectly resend modified querystring params NEW
1303577 P2 Can highlight, but not then copy, in HTTP Response window NEW
1338214 P2 network inspector does not show parameters after POST with JSON NEW
1434885 P2 Netmonitor devtools-toolbar-bottom background is transparent in portrait mode NEW
1280024 P2 Improve handling of responses with incorrect content type NEW
1317711 P2 Remove the remaining notions of appId from the network monitor code NEW
1160249 P2 We should clear the netmonitor's stats when we move back in history NEW
859050 P2 Add the ability to reset DNS cache NEW
1353258 P2 DevTools network inspector hangs (unresponsive script) when inspecting a large upload to Google Drive UNCONFIRMED
884125 P2 Add support for console.timeStamp to netmonitor UI NEW
1270546 P2 show *all* resource fetchs that happen during page load in netmonitor UNCONFIRMED
1157260 P2 Previously selected request timings are shown if a request without timings is selected NEW