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Please note: these user stories are currently more for discussion
than a thing we're necessarily going to v3 as a whole is "TBD"
  • As a user, I would like to use Firefox to subscribe to and read webfeeds, so I do not have to rely on another service or application.
  • As a user, I would also like to have the option of using other services or apps for webfeeds, so Firefox should be added as an option on the available services & apps list and treated the same (removable, automatic if last item on the list, etc.)
  • As a user, I would like my subscribed feeds to be available as a panel on my about:home screen, akin to the Reading List screen.
  • As a user, I would like to be able to quickly add an item from my subscribed webfeeds to my Firefox reading list, so I can easily find and read it later.
  • As a user, I would like any item I add to my reading list to be downloaded completely so I can read items on that list while I am offline, such as on a subway or in an airplane. (Technically a Reading List user story, I suppose.)
  • As a user, I would like any item I add to my reading list to be automatically converted to "readable" mode, so I don't have to toggle it on when I go to read the article.
  • As a user, I would like to be able to access the original (non-readability-reformatted) url/source of an item I have saved in my reading list. It is OK if I have to be online for this to be possible. I do not expect the content at the original URL/source to necessarily be the same as it was when I originally saved the page.
  • As a user, I would like there to be a "magazine" or "newspaper" format for the most recent items in my subscribed webfeeds, so there's a more aesthetically-pleasing way to page through and view this content. Similar to Feedly or Flipboard, with pictures where available and lovely fonts & design.
  • As a user, I would like Firefox to sync my subscribed feeds (and the read status of those feeds & items) between instances of Firefox where I have Sync enabled.
  • As a user, I would like to be able to search my subscribed feeds for particular words or phrases, and have those words or phrases highlighted in the resulting items.
  • As a user, I would like to be able to look at the feeds I am subscribed to individually or in aggregate.
  • As a user, I would like unsubscribing from a particular feed in Firefox to be as easy as subscribing.
  • As a user, I would like to tag my subscribed webfeeds with one or more keywords so I can separately look at the items from feeds with a particular tag. For example, if 4 of my 10 subscribed feeds are tagged as "photography", I should be able to select the "photography" tag and see only items from those 4 feeds. (Google Reader feed folders are similar.)
  • As a user, when I open an item from one of my subscribed webfeeds, I want that item to be automatically displayed in "readable" mode.
  • As a user, I want to be able to open the original format of any item that is displayed in "readable" mode. Likely this will involve simply opening the page in another tab.
  • As a user, I want to be able to display only unread items from my webfeeds.
  • As a user, I want the option of displaying all of the items in my webfeeds from the past day, 3 days, week, 2 weeks, month, or 3 months.
  • As a user, I do not expect more than 3 months of my webfeed history to be saved and synced between devices (unless I specify otherwise, via the about:config page).
  • As a user, when feed items are displayed in the a list view, I want the site favicons to be displayed wherever possible.
  • As a user, I want to be able to display feed items in a simple list view (headlines only), list view (favicon, headline, two lines of text...), or magazine format (staggered tiled layout, images where available, headline, and the first 50 or so words of text).