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Feature Pr Stage Roadmap Roadmap 2 Lead Engineer Feature status
Simple options for add-ons embedded in the main UI P1 Shipped Add-ons ` Geoff Lankow `
FlightDeck as a Client-side App P1 Draft Add-ons Jetpack Sean McArthur `
Ensure user accepts add-ons installed by third-party apps P1 Landed Add-ons ` Dave Townsend `
Silent Update: Add-ons Default to Compatible P1 Shipped Add-ons Firefox Desktop Blair McBride (client), Wil Clouser (AMO) Done
Confirm add-ons on upgrade P1 Landed Add-ons ` Dave Townsend `
Improve Add-on Installation P2 Design Add-ons ` ` `
Allow uninstalling third-party installed add-ons P3 Definition Add-ons ` ` `
Expose add-on impact information at AMO and in Firefox P3 Definition Add-ons ` Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro, Dave Dash, Justin Dolske `
Icons or text tags instead of color tags P3 Feature Inbox Thunderbird Add-ons ` `
Integrate search engines into the Add-ons Manager P3 Definition Add-ons ` ` `
Tagged emails name and count after the foldernames P3 Feature Inbox Thunderbird Add-ons ` `
Improved themes and Personas selection P3 Definition Firefox Desktop ` Dave Townsend add-ons
Chrome-only plugins Unprioritized Feature Inbox Add-ons Plugin Interactions ` `
Async Jetpack Unprioritized Draft Jetpack Add-ons ` `