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Short description: Creating and optimizing the microlecture format for online education.

Audience: The microlectures I develop will eventually be utilized in a core Quantitative Reasoning course at CSU Global Campus. Most students in this course are considered non-traditional, and are returning to complete their college education after many years. Some are returning to obtain second degrees. It has been firmly established that most of the students experience math anxiety, and thus, generally feel intimated by mathematical and statistical concepts. To be most effective, it is important to be sensitive to the issue of math anxiety when constructing the microlecture.

Goals: Simplify fundamental statistical concepts for students in an online course whom experience math anxiety. (Expand Upon Further)

How does it work?: (Coming Soon)

Similar projects: Write about similar projects or initiatives, how your project can learn from them and extend what the have done - or how you could collaborate. Know what others are doing! (Coming Soon)

Open Technology

I will employ the following operating system and applications, with the goal of using open source tools to the furthest extent: Linux Mint as the desktop operating system, Audacity as the podcasting application, Impress as the presentation application, Slideshare for posting online and syncing audio with presentation (Expand Upon Further)

Open Content / Licensing

What types of content are you using or producing, and how are they licensed. Do you need to clear copyright for any of them? Are there institutional policies that affect what you can (or cannot) do?

Open Pedagogy

How do participants learn? What forms of assessment are you using?

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