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My little Bio

I Start to use IT Technologies from I was 7 years old, and, from that moment, my life is changed. During my Studies I getting in touch with various Programming Languages. From 2004 I'm a Linux user and from 2006 I'm Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird User.

What do I do?

   I just taked the first level degree in Computer Science (Vote: 106/110)

Actually I'm a Mozilla Contributor in these programs or Project:

   Mozilla Campus Club Program (Regional Coordinator & Campus Advisory Committee)
   Mozilla Learning Network (Club Captain)
   Localization in Italian
   Community Coach for Region 3
   Open Leader Program (Mentor)
   Mozilla Reps (Council Member and Reps Resources)

Speaking interests: Web Development, HTML5, Php, Css and Community participation.

From August to November 2016 I participate at Open Leadership Training (OLT) Round 2 with the Project OpenStudentBook : A guide to Help the Community OpenSource to Grow in the Universities

In the past I worked in these projects and programs :

   Firefox Student Ambassadors Program (Regional Ambassador Lead & Campus Advisory Committee)
   Mozilla Developer Network Localization
   Mozilla Support

Some other informations are in my Website: