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This is a staging version of the upcoming mentorship SOP elements.

After an applicant is accepted as a rep, he/she starts the orientation period. During this period the mentor and the applicant work together to:

  • Sign and return the Mozilla Reps Agreement
  • Create a user profile on the ReMo wiki
  • Grant access to mozilla-reps group on bugzilla
  • Sign up to the ReMo mailing lists
  • Review the ReMo tools and SOPs
  • Answer all the questions the new rep may have

Mozilla Reps Agreement

Explain about the reps agreement, what it covers/why we need it. Also explain about the agreement for minors and that a parent needs to sign that one. The Mozilla Reps agreement enables the applicant rep to understand what are the legal bonds between him or her and Mozilla. The reps is the "face" of Mozilla in his or her area so the importance of this mission and engagement is required to be underlined by a contract.

Creating a ReMo user profile on the wiki

Explain about the remo box and link to the template, explain where to copy the text to and what to replace

Mozilla-reps on Bugzilla

Explain about the group, what kinds of permissions it gives, the mentor has to assign it, how to tell that your mentor has assigned you to it.

ReMo mailling lists

ReMo tools and SOPs