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These guidelines should help determine whether a bug should be included in the Firefox desktop team's backlog.

These are guidelines, not strict rules. Ultimately the decision rests on the judgement of the triage teams, and exceptions are possible. They should however be uncommon.

To be included in the Firefox desktop backlog, a bug should:

  • be in an actionable state
    • for defects, the problem is ready for engineering or UX: diagnosis, measurement, design, or fixing
    • for feature requests or enhancements, it means that there's a clear problem statement or suggestion
  • have a difficulty/user-impact ratio low enough that we can reasonably expect to spend time fixing the bug within the next 6 months
    • this is a judgement call, obviously, and so the triage teams will need to learn to make these decisions over time
  • be within the general area of ownership/responsibility of the Firefox team (engineering and UX)
    • this means e.g. platform bugs that are outside of our area of expertise/ownership should generally not be added to our backlog

Any bug can be nominated for the Firefox desktop team's backlog by adding it as a dependency of the desktop triage bug (bug 981530).