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I am GerardM and typically active on Wikimedia projects. The project that I am best known for is the OmegaWiki project. This project aims to become a relevant resources for lexicology, terminology and thesauri. In short "Definitions with Stings attached".

One of my biggest worries are the right to left languages and having bidirectional content. The reason is that we intend to have all words in all languages .. People will have the option to include the languages that they are interested.. This means that we will have all scripts, all languages.

We are serious about these issues; we have a programmer that we pay to fix parser errors and the bidirectional issues that have to do with Mediawiki.. Yes, MediaWiki is what runs this site .. and Wikipedia .. :)


  GerardM 11:51, 22 March 2006 (PST)