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This Week

Most of the week was travelling to and participating in the Foundation team meeting in Toronto. I also had one day in the Mountain View office.

  • Have a workable plan for dormant accounts; requires small log analysis app to be written
  • Have a workable plan for commit access harmonization; need to write up and circulate
  • Still working on a plan of what to do, and how to attack it - lots more to find out
  • Firefox 3.5 Launch Party, Toronto
  • Useful chat with Johnath about CAs and related topics
  • Discussions on the next version of IDNA have kicked off again
  • Face-to-face chat with Sid and Jonas on CSP - very helpful in resolving issues
  • Also met with reed, Julie Martin, dwitte, lilly, cbeard and others in Mountain View
  • Mentored SoC students:
    • Pedro is still going very well; he and I are participating in protocol design discussions
    • Have not heard from Seulki; am chasing up

Next Week